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As a creative, one of my favorite things in the world is to step into the creative space of another. I love when an artist shares their space, how they use it, a peek into their favorite tools and even what they are currently working on. I hope you will join me for the brand new An Artist Studio series! I will kick off the series and then each month a different artist will welcome us into their space!

I hope it will encourage you to cherish your own creating space.  I started on the kitchen table, built our business in an unfinished basement, filmed our first courses in a transformed dinning room, create now in a big space and know that I will find a creative space no matter where we go next. The space you have is perfect if you are showing up and creating in it!














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  1. Dianne Winters

    Thank you for sharing! What a wonderful space for so many uses. I look forward to this series.

  2. jennifer hartsfield

    Beautiful studio!! I remember taking a class when you were in your dining room!! I remember seeing your piano close by! Such fond memories. I’m so happy you have this huge space now, you’ve come a long way!!! You’ve worked hard and you deserve this. Thanks for sharing!!

      1. Michelle Brightstar

        I’m so inspired by this intimate tour into your sanctuary. What a stunning studio! I can feel all the love here….such a soothing and healing environment. Now I really want to come experience this! Thank you so much for sharing Jeanne. This has planted seeds in my heart. xo

          1. Sue Handman

            Such an honor when artists share their sacred spaces, thank you! Provides so much inspiration and reminds us to be grateful for whatever studio space we have💗

  3. Bethany

    Oh Wow, thanks for sharing this breathtakingly beautiful space!!!!
    I primarily sew but can appreciate so much seeing your behind the scenes and I am sooo inspired!!! I can see you have put a lot of you into the space. It is not sterile and formulaic but personal. Much love, God bless you and everyone who enters into this Living Studio.❤️🙏🏻

  4. Penny Dillon

    This is so exciting! Thank you for the creative “ Eye Candy”. A delightful way to have my morning coffee and stimulate the day’s creative juices. P

  5. Jan Cotant

    Thank you, Jeanne, for sharing your amazing space. I loved the words on one wall, The Living Studio. Also the fact you pray as you paint and teach in this beautiful space. I still appreciate how collaborative you are with other artists and with your audience. You are a special person and your gentleness is so refreshing and authentic. Your hard work beside your husband and family has created a beautiful and inviting space. I’m sorry you have had to suspend some of your workshops. They must have been amazing. Maybe someday we will meet in person, meanwhile I’m content and have learned much from your classes and your fellow teachers. Thank you. Jan

  6. Ruth

    Fabulous Jeanne, thank you for sharing. So jealous as still at the corner of the kitchen table stage! Love

  7. Jennie Callomon

    I really enjoyed my time visiting your studio, cup of coffee in hand ….the still photos are beautiful too… how I would love a real life visit to admire your place & the stunning view.
    But I, am in the south of the UK , fortunately deep in the country side & with very different views to yours . I’m looking forward to your next misfits workshop, so will see you soon ….the next best thing to a personal visit !
    Jennie x

  8. Mary Murphy

    What a beautiful tour-I was going to race through it quickly and then, watching the video, it settled me down and put me in that centered space.
    I have a studio in downtown Castle Rock with my best friend which I call my Zen Space – for 11 years! We even have a ‘secret’ side patio which we were able to landscape so we can relax in the sun. You hit a nerve when you shared how you can enter in one state and leave entirely in another!

  9. Mary Murphy

    What a beautiful tour-I was going to race through it quickly and then, watching the video, it settled me down and put me in that centered space.
    I have a studio in downtown Castle Rock with my best friend which I call my Zen Space – for 11 years! We even have a ‘secret’ side patio which we were able to landscape so we can relax in the sun. You hit a nerve when you shared how you can enter in one state and leave entirely in another!

    My website is under reconstruction!

  10. Kim Hammond

    Wow! Love your space, although I would want to live there indefinitely and just make and create and never leave or let anyone else in! I have a small spare room that is my studio but a massive lounge I hardly spend time in because I am too busy in the small room when I am home…Hmmm, maybe I could swap the rooms!!! Looking forward to Poets and Misfits. I have just signed up. I love your art, courses, space and everything about you! Thank you for sharing with us.

  11. Bonnie Woods

    Thanks for sharing the video of your studio, so so beautiful and inspiring. I am one of your students and have done many classes with you and other artists. In your still photos of your studio, I noticed some tiny square tubs of watercolor in soft queens, beiges, pinks and rust. What brand are they and where can I buy them?
    Thanks so much Jeanne. Love, Bonnie

  12. Terry Anderson

    Thank you for this expanded tour!! Your generosity is such a blessing and inspiration to me (others)! Praying for you and yours ongoing favor, wisdom, health, and creativity that keeps on giving and satisfying😘

  13. Darcy Ritzau

    Jeanne, what a lovely inspirational studio. Thank you for sharing. I live in Santa Barbara a few minutes from the ocean. I host workshops in my studio and would like to invite you to come out and teach a workshop in 2023. I’m filled for 2022 with Elizabeth Bunsen, Kate Thompson, Lesley Riley, Gail Reike, and Amy Bishop. I can have 9 students plus and you myself. If this is something you’d be interested in, please let me know. We have plenty of time to plan and connect, hopefully by then I will have a website (working on it—in fact I’m going to sign up for your business course). Thank you for your time. Hugs, Darcy ( @dritzau on Instagram and fb

  14. Toni Syrmopoulos

    What an absolute blessing this space is to you, and to the others that are able to come and work with you! Thank you for sharing it! This series will be one that will nurture so many!

  15. Mitzi

    Truly inspiring, calming and beautiful. I love your art and the space you create it in. Love your generous soul Jeanne.

  16. marcy chapman

    Such a wonderful studio. Very inspiring. I have lived a similar life and now have downsized to the dining room studio again. It is very confining!!
    Thanks for the tour and hold on to your lovely creative space)!

    P.S. Your classes are super;-)

  17. Marlene

    Thanks for sharing, wonderful place to create. I mostly sew but all I have is a spare bedroom and it can get messy.

  18. Leslie Wiercioch

    Thank you for sharing a tour of your studio! I took some of my first online classes with you sitting at your dining room table and have continued taking classes all along. You and the other instructors have been such an inspiration to me. Whenever anyone asks me where to start with online courses, I always say Jeanne Oliver! It is my goal to start gathering people in a space for workshops and hope to one day have a studio as perfect as yours.

  19. Pamela Welter

    So lovely and relaxing. I wanted to curl up on the couch in the sun. Beautiful light and views.
    I like that you told us where you nap. . . how rest is part of the creative process.

    Nature is everywhere in your studio and when you spoke of it, I felt what it means to you.
    When I journal, nature is often my starting sentence. It eases me in to my writing.

    Much to marvel at as I toured your studio. So grateful for YOU!
    Have a magical day and night!*~*~*~*~*~*

    1. Marilyn Woo

      Would love to touch everything you show in your studio and bask in the sun shining through the windows! The landscape is stunning and so inviting. Congratulations on reaping the rewards from so many years of hard work!

  20. Terry

    What a beautiful place in which to create! Your view and all that sunshine are amazing. Thank you for sharing your wonderful space.

  21. Lynnette Horn

    I love your space, but I don’t know how on earth you paint on the cold floor. You saved the best for last. I share your sentiments. My creating is an act of worship, too. It is communing with God and sharing His creative nature. Thank you so much for the tour. It gave me some ideas for moving into the next phase of my art–recording. You’ve come a long way from the kitchen table. I started at the kitchen table too. Now I have two studios, neither as big as yours. But I’m giving up my away from home studio at the end of next month. It was my dream and now I’m having to say goodbye. Grief is involved. But on the other hand, I’m looking forward to what God has in store for me. Thank you for sharing your space and your words. It turned you into a real person for me, not just an email.

    1. Jeanne Oliver Author

      I guess I am just most comfortable on the floor. With the fire going in the winter and the doors open in the summer I never feel like the floor is cold. I wonder when the floor won’t be my most comfortable spot. I am sorry to hear about your studio you are giving up but expectant with you that something even better is for you! And your end words are the best!

  22. Kim

    Such a lovely studio space, Jeanne! As I have followed your story from 2014, it is so inspiring to see how far your art business has taken you,-in just a few years.
    I love that “your making, and creative works, are your worship”! Looking forward to this series.

  23. Sheri Devino

    Your studio is beautiful, peaceful and inspiring. I love that you shared its many purposes, even as a place of worship, even in the comforting messiness of use. Your courage and creativity are an inspiration. Thank you for sharing the tour. I look forward to visiting it. 💕

  24. Fiona

    I love it. I thoroughly enjoy seeing other artists studios. I want to rummage and delve into the ephemera and art supplies. Thank you for sharing.

  25. Cindy Wahlstrom

    Thank you Jeanne for such a lovely tour inside your special place. It’s truly beautiful, inviting, and a feast for the eyes. You have an incredible presence and so lovingly share your heart and gifts. I imagine what you and Kelly have built took a lot of time and hard work. I’m so thankful to have found you through Sketchbook 2021. Your lesson there spoke to my soul. I’m looking forward to Poets and Misfits and creating from the other courses I’ve purchased from your company. I’m also hoping to get ideas from your studio tours that will help with my own studio and organization challenge. I need a space to just go to and begin to create. Right now my kitchen table is loaded with trays of seedlings and the room I hope to set up is still full of other things that have no other place to go. I know I will get it figured out! You and your shared stories are delightfully inspiring!

  26. wanda miller

    LOVE THIS! And love that you showed some of the “real deal”. Not perfection and over the top tidy. Which is probably what most of our studios DO look like. Tee Hee. <3

  27. Julia Lisa Voinche

    Hello Jeanne – Everything you bring is a gift! Taking us on a tour of your space makes it all feel so real and relatable. So many of us need that comfort in our lives. I work with people who live with chronic pain and conditions related to trauma. I hear all the time that they don’t feel understood by the very people in their lives. So, your way of revealing your true self is balm. Thank you for the inspiration and content you bring into all our lives. Warmly, Julia Lisa

  28. alex castro ferreira

    your studio is absolutely perfect. i watch the video and rewatch it again. your works words talent are so inspiring. i can feel the unique and special energy. i will come if God allows it (se deus quiser in portuguese) to attend a workshop meanwhile I dream watching your studio again. Warm hug

  29. bethwyn ferguson

    Wow! How lucky u are. I’m so jealous. What an incredible space u have created. No wonder your art comes from the heart creating in a wonderful space like that. It makes me want to get into my space n recreate n reorganise my space, being small as it is but there is room for improvement. I’m in Western Australia n we are going through a record hot summer n when I c the snow capped mountains from your window it makes me want to move. We don’t ever get snow here. Thank u for sharing your incredible private space. Cheers from down under🇦🇺😷😊Bethwyn

  30. CeCe Sullivan

    Jeanne, you, your family, home and studio have always been a tremendous inspiration to me. I was lucky enough to take the Cherie Wilson workshop there. Pure gold. Thanks for all that you have shared with all of us over the years.
    The Art Studio tours! Brilliant! Can’t wait for more.
    Take care.

  31. Annette

    Hi Jeanne
    Thank you for sharing your inspirational space.
    Are you able to share the music that was playing in the background?
    It was heavenly.

  32. Carole Whipple

    Thank you for sharing, I have taken over a part of family room, and use it every day….great light and looking out to the garden for inspiration!

  33. Hyacinth

    How beautiful that you have a sanctuary to create, pray and worship. Our whole lives are worship. I am reminded of what the Lord said to the woman at the well that the day will come when we worship in Spirit and Truth. Thank you for sharing.

  34. Frannie Stevens-Meshorer

    A return to Paradise. Little Jeanne Angel … it is so delightful to revisit your precious studio filled with creativity, art treasures and love! You have created a little spot of earthly heaven that inspires and delights the heart. Your kindness, sweet words from your melodic voice, and talent shines as a beacon to all who have an artful soul. Thank you for sharing your life with us. I so enjoy every class I have taken on your ‘network’ and the icing on the ‘art cake’ was attending Poets and Misfits with so many sweet and talented women .. and the sharing of your home and studio and adorable family. We are all blessed to have been touched by an angel. XO, Frannie.

  35. Debra Donnelly

    You are such a lovely person and so inspiring to listen to and see how you create. Thank you

  36. Janice

    Hi Jeanne, dear friend. Thank you so very much for your heartfelt message during this beautiful video. It brought tears to my eyes and my stomach clinched when you talked about here you pray and worship (our Savior). And that even if you arrive at the Studio in a bad mood, you start doing little things, then by the time you leave, your mood and attitude has changed for the better. (My paraphrase.)

    I soooooo relate. It felt good … I felt “yes, someone understands little me.”

    Presently, I’m re-organizing my dining room where I’ve been creating for years. Then I’ll reorganize every room in our little 1000 square ft house bc I create in every room. It’s quite a task for me…I’m in my 7th decade of life and have had a weird health syndrome for 25 years…but God uses our brokenness to show us His beauty.

    I’m very eager to view each and every artist studio that you will show in this series!! This will be a big help to me in my re-organization project. Thank you, thank you. (I’ve asked some of my virtual online artist friends to see their studio space to help me economize my space…but I receive “sanitized” versions.

    I’m especially interested in how to store my fragile 3D nature items safely…Roxanne Evans-Stout just came to mind. Perhaps she’s one on your list…or a similar collector of 3D nature materials. (My dried leaves and flowers are under control. Lol).
    Exciting series, Jeanne. Thank you and God bless. 😘💕xo

  37. Perry

    Thank you for putting my heart and mind at ease..just glimpsing and relaxing in your sacred space. All things are possible aren’t they? Thank you for the reminder and the gentle nudge.

  38. Maribeth Jagger

    Just virtually touring your studio was inspirational to me. I just signed up for your Poets and Misfits workshop, and I am so looking forward to joining with the other “misfits” to create and play.

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