And So It Begins

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I have known for years that I have been very lucky that Madolyn has always worn whatever I have bought for her.

She didn't complain.

She oohed and aahed over everything.

It seems that things are changing a bit around here.

Maddy needed a few dresses for piano events recently so we went to Target…because that is about how much I like to spend on children's clothes (heck..who am I kidding..that is how much I like to spend on my own clothes).

They usually have the cutest dresses (It was a lot cuter before size 6).

So we went to Target yesterday and every dress I showed Maddy she made a face as if she was going to dry heave. 


That bad?

I was showing her every Liberty of London dress for girls that I could find.

IMG_8534 copy

No…she only wanted the dresses that looked like the be-dazzler had gone to town on it or anything with sequins.

I was about to lose the battle….about to…when I told her I would buy her TINY white heals to go with the dress I had picked out.

We were never going to buy the bedazzled dress anyways for the honors concert she has been asked to perform for.

Still….I am seeing that sweet flowers aren't going to cut it for much longer.

IMG_8533 copy

Great…before I know it she will be wearing blue eyeshadow, huge hair and parachute pants…oh wait..that was me!

(Let me brag on my two older children for a moment…both of them received the highest score available performing before the judges through DEMTA…..a piano association in our area.  I wish you could hear them.  They both play so beautifully and I am so proud of them and their gift)


Sorry I have been MIA lately but I am busy finishing up the summer collection and I am leaving town this weekend for a speaking engagement.

I can not wait for you to see the new goodies coming to the shop!

The new collection will be available May 1 and I will also be having a HUGE giveaway that day on my blog.

On a side note I finally updated my photo blog!

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Rachel

    Such adorable talented children!! Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree! Safe travels and have a great weekend!

  2. lissa

    My kids always pick out the blingy clothes. The kids look great! What a great accomplishment. We haven’t even started lessons yet. We just got that piano a couple of months ago. I can’t believe your speaking engagement is here already! You sure have become a traveling woman!

  3. Destiny (The Ruffled Nest)

    Well, I bought Bailey the cutest little capri pants from Target and she pitched a fit saying “my pants are too short!” and she wouldn’t wear them. I am known as the return queen at Target! Then…bought her some cute little sandals….she hates them and wants to wear her “tennis shoes”…so if you see a toddler this summer in jeans and snow boots, it’s probably mine. So much for fashion πŸ™‚

  4. meg duerksen

    can’t wait to hear all about it.
    i have only one left who will wear what i pick out…but then she changes five minutes later!

  5. Susan

    Okay….in private I’m laughing, but I can relate 100%. This is exactly my Emily and Paige. You think they are going to agree with you forever and then one day it’s like a little clothing demon attached themselves to their backs. They don’t like ANYTHING you suggest.
    I feel for ya girl. It doesn’t get any better, just suck it up now and choose your battles.

  6. Stephanie

    I was begging my 10 year old to choose a Liberty of London dress a few days ago for an upcoming photo session. But no. Did you happen to see that offensive neon pea green and navy striped dress? Yes, that’s the only one she liked. So, I’m using bribery too. Whatever it takes!

  7. LouBoo

    Hi – this post did make me smile. I think my nearly nine year old daughter has been through this phase and is out the other side – maybe! She now knows that she needs to steer clear of certain pink items and can match a pattern with a plain. But the sparkles – she still loves ’em! LB x

  8. Suz Reaney

    Oh, I totally get it and my daughter is thirty. We are just at the point where she will let me have an opinion about clothes and listen to it.
    We went through the moody black stage, the kid-hooker stage, the “dress like a boy” stage, the “I see your underwear at the bottom of your skirt” stage…we have just been through it all.
    Now, at thirty, mind you, she is the most beautiful and creative dresser. She is still thin enough to get the great vintage clothes and she looks like a million. The only thing that bothers me are the tatoos…but that really ages me!
    I told her she might feel funny in the nursing home with the tatoos (actually two small leaves) but she assured me that everyone there will have them, too..
    Good point, Katie!
    You have only just begin, Jeanne!

  9. Lori

    well, i don’t have a daughter…but i do have a son who has always been pretty picky about what he will wear…parachute pants? LOL…that brought back some memories…i had a few pair of those myself…what were WE thinking…congrats to your kiddos and their mad skills on the piano!!!

  10. Martha

    that’s a great accomplishment for your kiddos…I haven’t hit those years yet with clothes thankfully:)…

  11. Zita-Mlle Magpie

    You must be so proud of your beautiful and talented children, Jeanne. My 13 year old has a talent for piano but “hates” playing it – I think it’s such a shame. The whole clothes thing, well, I can tell you that it will get worse (this is just preparation for the teenage years) πŸ™‚ p.s. I can’t wait to see your summer collection!

  12. mkg

    I love your girlie tomboy. From the pretty headband to the cute dress to those great little shoes and then note her skinned up leg. She is a beauty:) And those sweet, handsome sons…so dear to me too. All three growing up too quickly! Thinking of you this weekend!

  13. Carla Ludwig

    Oh Jeanne, can I ever relate. I have 3 daughters and have been through this with the older 2 and am just starting with my youngest…..wait til the teenage years!! Of course, Mom knows nothing about style (lol). My advice…..choose your battles.

  14. Herself

    Yes… it’s just beginning. Take a deep breath and hold on for the ride! I survived three girls and two boys, so I know survival is possible! πŸ™‚ Here’s the truth: one day, (when she is in her twenties) she will thank you tell you what a wonderful mom you are!)

  15. Melissa Gruber

    i love the dress! and congrats to your kiddos.
    i am waiting for the day in this house…and i am hoping it does no come for a long time. and i will have the other challenge too…when the girls don’t want to wear the same shirt, but in different colors…the joy of twins!

  16. Janet

    You have the cutest children! How wonderful that your older two enjoy piano –I do wish I could hear them play!
    Have a great day!

  17. Leah C

    My two girls share a united front…anything Mom picks out must be met with gags & groans;) Oh how I miss the days when they were toddlers and I could dress them like dolls! Congrats to your darling children and their talent:) I bet they play the piano beautifully!

  18. Debra

    Oh, oh, get ready for the drama! I had two girls 14 months apart so it was double the fun. You should be proud of your kids for being great pianists. Our girls played too.

  19. amy

    so awesome. wish i could have heard in person! hanna said, “jack looks soooo handsome.” and i say all of them look so precious on the top of those stairs!! talk with you soon…

  20. Carmen

    Congrats to your kids for their high scores. That’s awesome! And I totally know where you’re coming from with the clothes/shoes thing with your daughter. My 9 year old is the same way. I have found that if I just buy her something and bring it home, she likes it. If I take her shopping with me, she is much more picky. Your kids are all gorgeous. Love the pics! πŸ™‚

  21. Amy Muffoletto

    Your children are beautiful….My daughter loved to shop in the boys department. Has worn the same dress for every event up until last year….For homecoming she borrowed a dress and wore HIGH heels. She is 15 and I just purchased 3 dresses and she is loving the flowers and hair bows….Finally. My little girly girl. We are raising fine independent women. Thank goodness we only have 1. Boys are so much easier!!!! See you tomorrow!!!!!! Hugs,Amy

  22. LuLu

    Standing ovation to your kids!!! Oh yes we are having the same issues with clothing… but i tell them when i’m paying the bills i have a say in what they wear… we come to a fair mutual agreement! πŸ™‚
    can’t wait to see you newest collection!!

  23. Jemm

    Oh, yes, so it begins that they develop their own opinions. Target was WAY cuter up to 5T, I totally agree.

  24. Brooke

    she’s cute as a button. good luck getting past those bedazzled clothes — i tend to go for them sometimes too and i’m 30 πŸ˜‰

  25. My niece will be 11 in July and it has been almost 2 years that she has been out of everything I think is cute or adorable. It is heartbreaking to see my little sweet pea growing up! Samantha went through her bedazzled phase ~ if it had any bling on it, she wanted it. I was just going to buy her a bedazzler that year for Christmas!!

  26. Gail

    Like you, I’ve been a very lucky Mom thus far. My dd is 9yo and could care less what she wears……seriously, could care less. And she attends a Catholic School where she has to wear a uniform every day so you’d think she would really want to show her style when she’s not in school…..nope, not happening…yet! Her response is usually, “What should I wear?” Haven’t had a complaint yet (knock on wood).
    I truly feel blessed……your children are adorable and how great that they are musical! Must be so fun.

  27. anne marie

    Letting your children learn piano is one of THE best things you can teach them in the arts… blends with so much….very well done Jeanne – I would love to hear them play someday – our two oldest (13yr.old son & 11yr.old daughter) love playing the piano and I absolutely love hearing it surround the farm with the windows wide open….
    you are soooo going to have to show pictures of your balloon pants / big hair – omgoodness-

  28. Marie

    Hello sweet Jeanne – great photos! Love her dress. Just wait, things change even more when they become teenagers. My Liza is 13!
    Wishing you a fabulous week – looking forward to receiving my Ruffle bag! Woohoo!

  29. Modern Prairie Girl

    Good heavens, I feel your pain.
    Haven’t gotten a dress on the girls in MONTHS and as a self-professed girlie-girl, it pains me to see them forever in jeans and Cnverse. I would even take the Converse WITH a dress at this point.
    Oh, well.
    As long as they brush their hair.
    Blue eye shadow? Parachute pants?
    I won’t believe it until I see it, friend.
    It’s Hammer Time!

  30. Courtney Walsh

    I thought (stupidly) that my daughter wearing a uniform would shield me from this. Nope. They are sooo opinionated (but I guess I’m happy she has her own mind…) just wish it coincided with my logic! πŸ™‚

  31. tara

    congrats on those achievements for your littles, very sweet! your daughter looks darling as well~

  32. Flower Patch Farmgirl

    I yearn for the day when Calvin will opt to wear something other than a green basketball jersey over an orange t-shirt with red track pants. And yesterday I had the thought…”I sure hope Silas likes sports-wear, cause that’s pretty much all he’s got coming down the pike.”
    I love hearing Mamas brag on their kids. How awesome!
    PS – Did she bark her shinigan? Yeowch.

  33. Nathalie

    Be thankful you had as long as you did… I dreamed for a girl to dress up, shop with and share all those girly things with…. got 3 boys. It is just no fun shopping for or with boys…. Someday I pray for a great daughter-in-law…

  34. Laurel

    You’re lucky it lasted as long as it did – my daughter started getting picky at 2, and now my 2 year old definitely has an opinion on her clothes! Aye yigh yigh (not sure how you spell that)

  35. Kara

    congrats on your older two’s performance……..
    well, she sure looks darlin’ in that dress!!!!
    have a enjoyable evening…….

  36. Lei

    oh how i can relate! my oldest was exactly like that, still is. i get my way once in a while but i know i need to just let go. but those liberty of london dresses!!! how cute! worth pressing the issue once in a while…

  37. Heather

    This post cracked me up girl! Seriously.:)
    I am pretty lucky that my 10 year old son isn’t too picky. He just won’t wear colars unless it is holiday time.
    The blue eyeshadow, big hair and parchute pant was totally me too. I also used Sun-In and had horrible color too. πŸ™‚

  38. Dore

    Your daughter is sooo! cute she looks like her Daddy right, yet I see you in her as well. My daughter age 16 still loves Target, and so do I…We will shop our little hearts out in that store. One thing though my daughter is selective in what she buys there to wear…It has to be cool, hip and trendy a style that says it did not come from Target, she does not want all her friends to say hey! I saw that shirt at target πŸ™‚
    She just wants to thank them when they say, I love your shirt where did you get it?
    Have a joyful time.

  39. Kris

    I feel your pain – I lost influene with my 12 year old years ago, but had my 9 year old until this year. I just made your Lulu badge, following your instructions in Haute Handbags. I have a long way to go to meet your standards, but it was fun and I loved the results. I took photos and they are on my blog. Stop by if you get a chance, Kris

  40. The Flying Bee

    Congrats to your kiddos! I can’t believe you were in LA…you should have looked me up! We could have gone flea marketing! Can’t wait to hear all about it.

  41. Rosie

    OH MY…what an exceptional post…I started perusing, and before I knew it 20 minutes was gone and I was wearing this silly smile on my face…I’m in love with your take on this season of your baby’s life…I have experienced this very story{insert my daughter’s name here}
    thanks so very much for this tender memory. Sadly I had forgotten…smile on Rosie

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