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I have known for years that I have been very lucky that Madolyn has always worn whatever I have bought for her.

She didn't complain.

She oohed and aahed over everything.

It seems that things are changing a bit around here.

Maddy needed a few dresses for piano events recently so we went to Target…because that is about how much I like to spend on children's clothes (heck..who am I kidding..that is how much I like to spend on my own clothes).

They usually have the cutest dresses (It was a lot cuter before size 6).

So we went to Target yesterday and every dress I showed Maddy she made a face as if she was going to dry heave. 


That bad?

I was showing her every Liberty of London dress for girls that I could find.

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No…she only wanted the dresses that looked like the be-dazzler had gone to town on it or anything with sequins.

I was about to lose the battle….about to…when I told her I would buy her TINY white heals to go with the dress I had picked out.

We were never going to buy the bedazzled dress anyways for the honors concert she has been asked to perform for.

Still….I am seeing that sweet flowers aren't going to cut it for much longer.

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Great…before I know it she will be wearing blue eyeshadow, huge hair and parachute pants…oh wait..that was me!

(Let me brag on my two older children for a moment…both of them received the highest score available performing before the judges through DEMTA…..a piano association in our area.  I wish you could hear them.  They both play so beautifully and I am so proud of them and their gift)


Sorry I have been MIA lately but I am busy finishing up the summer collection and I am leaving town this weekend for a speaking engagement.

I can not wait for you to see the new goodies coming to the shop!

The new collection will be available May 1 and I will also be having a HUGE giveaway that day on my blog.

On a side note I finally updated my photo blog!

Have a great weekend!