I would like to thank the Academy….oh, wait…wrong award!  Thank you to Ruth at The Beautiful Life that bestowed my blog with the Sisterhood Award.  What a sweet gesture and I genuinely appreciate it.  I think it is pretty humbling and amazing that my little blog has such an amazing group of women that follow it.  Thank you for blessing me with your comments and wonderful feedback.  For all of you that never comment…thank you for taking the time each day or each week to stop by and read what is on my mind. 

The rules say that I need to now give the award to ten other blogs that I love.  Here we go…

The first award goes to…

* Courtney of My Reasons.  I have known Courtney since elementary school.  She is an amazingly creative person.  Her scrapbooking pages regularly grace the pages of magazines, she is the author of Scrapbooking Your Faith and has a new book coming out any day now.  She also works for Chatterbox.  What I love about Courtney is that she is REAL.  She is honest and shares her day to day life with conviction.  She doesn't want you to believe that she doesn't have struggles or that her life is perfect.  She shares the funny, frustrating and disappointing with her beautiful writing. 

* Heather of Hello My Name is Heather.  I am a fabric junkie and I can never get enough of Heather Bailey's fabrics.  She has such amazing designs and colors.  Her site is so fun because she always shows wonderful new projects, free patterns and tutorials.  I also have a paper obsession and Heather helps out with that too.

* Sara of Sadie Olive Photography.  I met Sara for the first time this fall at Heather Bullard's Parisian Soiree.  Sara is a sweet as you would imagine.  You will love this blog because her photography will inspire you.  I have loved photography for as long as I can remember, but Sara's amazing work has really prompted me to take classes again and grow this skill. 

*The next award goes to a girl that you can't even visit because she has a closed blog.  My friend Alison of Spud Farmers is beautiful.  If you could see her it would be undeniable her physical beauty…that is not what I am talking about though.  Her love for her husband, children and God is contagious.  She is also a homeschooling mom and she doesn't even know how much she inspires and encourages me every time I read her sweet words. 

* Stephanie of the Nie Nie Dialouges. There are not enough words to express how this one woman, this one family, this one blog has changed my life.  I know I am not alone in this.  May the Lord bless you and keep you Nie. 

* Reese & Marie.  I love this blog because she has such amazing style.  Her home looks warm, stylish and inviting.  She is always showing new projects that she is working on and everything she touches looks divine.  You will have a fun time strolling though her blog.

*Rebekah at Little Byrd Vintage.  First of all she is so dang cute and stylish.  I love her funky and fun style.  A little mix of new and old.  She also has two Etsy sites Little Byrd Vintage and Little Byrd.  I have to admit I  have a bit of an addiction to her vintage shop….awesome finds. 

*Paige from Simple Thoughts.  Paige shares everything from her children, to her faith, her struggles and her home.  I truly adore Paige!  She writes with a sweet honesty and she is an uplifter (I don't think that is a should be).  The glass is half full and I love this about Paige.  She writes with depth.  She loves her family and it comes out in everything she does.

*Heather of The Present Past Collection.  Anyone that has ever enjoyed Heather's blog is well aware of her amazing creativity.  Her photographs, projects, table settings…anything she posts is incredible.  Thank you Heather for sharing your creativity with all of us. 

* Ree of The Pioneer Woman because every woman needs to spit out their morning coffee because you are laughing so hard and you just peed your pants….enough said.

I hope you take the time to visit these funny, inspiring, creative woman.  It was really hard to choose just ten.