Our APRIL 50% off course special is The Art of Gathering with Jeanne Oliver.



Over the past 16 + years we have gathered others through live workshops here in the United States and abroad. Whether we have been leading a group making art along the Seine, taking a bike ride through the vineyards of Austria, baking croissants in Paris or opening the doors to our own home, land and studio…gathering has been at the heart of our business and life.

We started workshops very simply in local shops and by moving furniture around in our last home. We didn’t have all the things and we definitely didn’t have a dedicated space for events but by starting where we were with what we had we started to see the impact of gathering. We have since led over 1,000 creatives on art, history and cultural trips around the world, hosted art, home and business workshops at our home, land and studio and have led workshops at special venues around the US.

I started to see how using the gifts in me that treasured details, beauty and intention was not only bringing me joy but also blessing others. Seeing beauty everywhere and wanting to connect with that beauty became the heartbeat of The Living Studio workshops and transformed our business.



We live in a time where we may have taken gathering for granted in the past but I don’t think that will ever happen again. I know there are dreams in you that are ready to be born. I know so many that had put these dreams of gathering on a shelf but are hearing again those dreams come back to life and want to know how to walk out these ideas.

Our workshops are experiences that allow us to follow beauty all over the world and to see it the most right here at home. How will you impact your world through gathering?

In this course I will take away the mystery of creating beautiful, intentional and profitable workshops. The world is waiting for your invitation.




Information Taught in this Course

  • How to decide what kind of workshop to offer and
  • Working within your gifts and knowing what and when to delegate
  • How to peek interest in your workshop before you open registration
  • How to grow your events through collaborations
  • Pricing your event
  • Creating one of a kind retreats
  • How to create a beautiful event and make a profit
  • Creating processes and checklists to guarantee repeatable events
  • Collaborations with teachers, speakers or venues and creating contracts
  • What to pay teachers, speakers, and other venues.
  • Creating a timeline so your event runs smoothly
  • How many days to offer a workshop
  • How to handle allergies and create menus
  • How to market your event and create an impactful sales page
  • How to create collaborate with other businesses to create events abroad
  • Refunds, cancelations and insurance
  • The supplies we use and sources
  • Live event do’s and don’ts list
  • Recorded interviews with other experts in teaching, retreats in Europe and hosting here in the United States.
  • A downloadable workbook that will include workshop planner, checklists, and sample event timelines.


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