Artist 1

(originally posted January 25, 2009)

Has there ever been a word that people have called you and you don't know how to embrace it? 

A beautiful word? 

A word that has so much meaning to you? 

I come from a family of painters, dancers, musicians…..ARTISTS. 

 Everyday I get beautiful emails from customers and blog readers that refer to me as an ARTIST. 


I have thought about this a lot lately.  This word that to me means so much. 

 I grew up with an amazingly talented grandmother.  She was a composer, singer, art collector, women's rights advocate, radio host, movie star….she was an ARTIST. 

Her house was filled with sculptures, paintings, sketches, needle point, books…and music was always playing. 

 Her tables were set with lovely vintage china and crystal. 

 I loved going there. 

 I  have long ago embraced the simple things I borrowed from her. 

 How I set a table. 

Flowers scattered across the house.

  Music playing. 

 Going to the theater. 

 Collecting art that inspires me….but this new word had me stumped…ARTIST. 

I talked with a dear friend the other day about this.  She almost giggled at me and told me that I AM an artist.  She pointed out that an artist is a person that creates. 

 I create.

  Do you? 


Corey Amaro wrote a beautiful article in Somerset Life Watering The Soul of the Artist

 It was exactly what I was thinking about and needing. 

 She wrote, "Being an artist is about the desire to create, the desire to see beauty, the desire to feel the color and live through one's senses." 

I can embrace this meaning. 

This defines everything that I love. 

This is about looking at my children and being in awe of them. 

 About a peaceful morning before everyone wakes up and doing my devotions….loving the silence and closeness to my God. 

This is about blessing my friends with good food. 

This is about life and embracing it and seeing the beauty everywhere. 

Yes, I create. 

Yes, I see beauty. 

 Yes, I live through my senses. 

Yes, I am an artist. 

It might not be the way you are. 

 It might not ever hang in a museum. 

I create and it is a part of who I am. 


You can find this amazing photography HERE.