When I first started my business I had no idea what was in store.

Thank goodness.

I wouldn’t have believed it and I would have been scared.

Way more scared than I was already.

Over the past four years I have learned so much and grown my business by leaps and bounds.

The truth is that I made mistakes along the way, learned from them and worked hard.

Really hard.

Everyday I get emails from readers asking me how I started my business, what piece of advice could I give, questions about blogging, questions about manufacturing….etc.

They are always really good questions but unfortunately I do not have the time to answer all of them.

My first e-course was Creatively Made {rediscovering the beauty of your gifts}.

I thought a perfect companion to the first course would be an e-course that answers all those great questions I get everyday.

The new course begins April 16th.

Here is a peek into what I will share…..

(please pause the music on my playlist first)

I hope you will join me!

The price is $48 but I am offering an introduction price of $38.

You can register HERE.