Are You Feeling Girly?

I definitely feel more feminine in girly clothes.  I love ruffles, scarves, hats, jewelry and of course a great pair of shoes. 

No feeling is better than coming home from getting my hair done and my toes all painted up.

Enjoy the ruffles and I hope they all make you feel a little girly!


Made By Hank



Claire La Faye






Art Lab



Art Lab


Art Lab


Birds of a Feather



Tortilla Girl

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  1. Jan

    You and I have the same taste. I love it all Jeanne. So very girly and cute. I want all of them. Like, right now πŸ˜‰
    Have a great day.

  2. Chasity

    i LOVE all the layers in that second photo.
    i gotta go get out of my bathrobe now!

  3. Tara

    I love feeling all girly, that remind me I need to get my toes done, it has been uhm WAY too long…I love me some ruffles and you always, always find the best photos..that purse is too cute! Hope you are having a good week~

  4. LuLu

    I love being girly! and ruffles are just the absolute best! great pics of wonderful ruffles.

  5. Brandie Pahl

    You are a girl after my own heart. I absolutely adore all things ruffled and girly and beautiful. I was oooing and ahhing over all of those great finds. I’m off to take a closer look-see at those great shops.

  6. Michelle

    Great photos! Love all the ruffles and the great colors they come in. Thanks for sharing the softer side.

  7. Tamerie Shriver

    Though I do not wear a lot of ruffly things, I do love them. I do wonder if there is an age limit on wearing ruffles without people thinking you ought to dress more age-appropriate? Nah. Or if there is, oh well, I’ll still wear what I like and what I am comfortable in. Love all the pictures!

  8. sarah keith

    I know I left a comments the other day but just checking back and wanted to say that I JUST love your little blog. Makes me happy!

  9. lissa

    Oh my goodness… I just happened to see that my friend Julie who is a purse-a-holic commented about a purse on this post. This is getting serious! Anyways, I LOVE girly clothes! All over it! Plus, I LOVE the colors of the clothes you chose! xo

  10. Gena Orfali

    Hi Jeanne
    Gena from South Africa here! girl I soooo envy you at this stage… we are in for a cold weekend (even tho our cold is nowhere as bad as yours I’m sure!?) But I’m a summer child thru and thru! Love the ruffles and wonderful inspirational pics you posted.

  11. Alyssa

    I am WAY into ruffles – always have been πŸ™‚ I just bought a really cute tank from Ann taylor loft that has a simple ruffle neckline – so cute.

  12. paige

    these are great!!
    i love those funky feminine ruffles and wonderful colors too!!
    are you sewing up something new??

  13. koralee

    Ruffles Rule….i am such a fan…love made by hank…i have always wanted one of her bags!! Thanks for sharing …girlie girls do have more fun!!!!

  14. Where do you find these beautiful pieces? Enjoy your visit with your parents & Chicago. I am sure you’ve done this a million times but if not humor me, I “tagged” you.

  15. verena

    Isn’t it great being a girl?! A boy could never get away with wearing stuff like this and it’s so delightful!

  16. Molly @ Star Cottage

    I love girly romantic and feminine clothing. I am so glad God made me a girl and not a boy. haha that sounds funny but it’s true. πŸ˜‰ Thanks for sharing all the lovelyness.

  17. georgia

    your blog is amazing!
    i found it through the mezzanine.
    i love everything ruffles you have posted here. gorgeous!
    so glad i found your very inspiring blog.

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