Are You Ready for Spring? {I am}

I live in Colorado and I have to admit that I am pretty spoiled with all this sunshine, mild winters and pretty fabulous summers.

It is so true.

But even with the mild winters and all….around February I am really ready for the windows to be open and to hear the birds chirping.

Maybe a few rooms need to be deep cleaned too! Just saying.

To make it worse we have had incredible weather lately and then it will dip back to being a little cooler again.

I have spring fever.


At least the time change means we can start taking family walks after dinner again.

Yesterday it was so nice out that I was able to take the kids to the park and smoke them in basketball:-)

If you are wanting (needing) spring to come as badly as me….you will love what I am sharing next.

My friend, Jennifer Rizzo, just launched her newest collections of handmade items.

They all just scream spring.

I actually want to transport myself into a few of the photos.

Take a peek and I know they will help hold you over until the real spring shows up!

Jen is even having an incredible giveaway on her blog….$500 worth of product!

Hello, what are you doing still on my blog?

You can see everything in her shop HERE.

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  1. mgriffin

    You’re right…Jen’s lovely creations tell us spring is here!
    Thanks for sharing!

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