On July 24th I will be leading a three hour art workshop all about art as worship during Saturate. The world is tired and I often hear from so many around me about the high levels of anxiety and worry that they are carrying. They are often hoping that a certain vacation, or when deadlines or over, or when summer break comes around that the anxiety would lift.  I think we are often waiting for things to end to sit in the beauty of what has been given. I believe we have been given beauty and creativity from the Lord as not only a way to bring us joy, fill us back up, but also as an invitation into worship. What does that look like? That is going to look very different from person to person and each is beautiful, needed and life giving. When is the last time you made? Do you feel that other things are more important right now and you keep putting off your creativity? What if your creativity (no matter your personal idea of what success with creativity looks like) became a natural rhythm in your day and a sweet time of worship with the Lord? What if you already have everything you need to bring your heart into a place of rest? I hope you will join me as we get our hands dirty and go away with encouraged hearts!


You can register for Saturate HERE. My three hour session is a very affordable add on during checkout.