Art Night at The Barn

I have not been posting lately.

Heck…I haven’t been cleaning, cooking, doing laundry, reading, seeing friends, playing with my children….

I was sick for 10 days!  10 DAYS!!!

I still have a cold and cough hanging on but because I can actually get out of bed I am not feeling sick anymore.

If you have ever wondered what your house would look like if you were not able to pick it up for 10 days…let me tell you that it is not pretty!

In the midst of the worst run of being sick that I think I have ever had I had committed to teach an art night here in town at The Barn.

It was a sold out class and we even had to turn people away:-(

Under normal circumstances I am sure I would have looked pretty, been witty and oh so funny, I would have helped each person go away with a masterpiece and the girls would have been crying when it was time to leave:-)…BUT….I am not really sure what I said that night, I felt like I was going to pass out, I couldn’t hear anything because my whole head was stuffed up, my eyes looked like I was stoned and basically I was just trying to fake it..hoping I would make it!

To all the girls that came out last Tuesday I hope you had a wonderful time.

Even with me feeling on the verge of death…I was amazed at all of your art.  You guys were troopers and I promise to be more myself for the next class!!

I am already putting the next class together and we will be making journals from scratch from old book covers…they are going to be beautiful!!!


On a side note I wanted to remind everyone that Saturday, April 2 is the local Colorado blogger get together!

We will start at The Barn @ 6.  They will be open just for us!!!!

At 7 we will walk a block away to Dream Pastries for apps and desserts and time to socialize.

This will be a very casual way to meet other local, creative women.

I hope to see you there.

If you are interested in attending please email me and I let you know how to pay ($20).

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  1. mgriffin

    So sorry you felt so miserable that night, but by the look of the smiles on the women’s faces and the beautiful art pieces, I’d say the night was a big success!! Congratulations!!

  2. Ange

    You are amazing Jeanne. My Idol. I have pictures of you plastered all over my house and I tell my kids every day that YOu are the homeschooling Mom I am aspiring to be!! Sigh. Hope you’re feeling better sooooooon
    Off to bed early myself as not feeling on top of the weather!

    1. jeanne Author

      You are so sweet! I barely make it each day….so you might want to pick someone else:-) Wish I could run in your hills and sit with you for one of your amazing dinners!! I think you are doing pretty dang well yourself!!!

  3. Destiny

    You did a great job…especially under your circumstances! Your daughter took home the “Miss Personality” award that night by the way : ) I really had a great time and I think everyone else did as well! Can’t wait for the next art night!!! Glad you’re feeling a bit better. I’ll go call Molly Maids for you…

    1. jeanne Author

      Destiny, I think you are so nice that you would tell me I did great even if I didn’t!!! I am so glad you were able to make it and selfishly that you are not moving!

  4. Cathy Linard

    I am so inspired by your “Art in the Barn” event. I have been daydreaming of doing a similar type of thing – where I provide the tools & venue for people to create their won customized piece of art. Of course, I don’t have a cool barn like you do. But I will just have to be creative and think of a way to set up an inspiring, artistic environment. Sorry to hear you weren’t feeling well during this last one. But it really looks like everyone had a fun, productive evening! I absolutely love your blog. Everything you post is beautiful!

  5. Sheila

    To my first blog commentor, that’s you Jeanne, I am soooo glad you are feeling better. And it looked like all the ladies had a great time in class. Hope you have a great “Spring is finally here” week!

  6. Rachel @ A Cupcake for Moose

    We’ve all had those days. They are pretty stinky, especially when sickness intrudes on fun events. Even though you weren’t up to par, the ladies look like they had a great time judging from their smiles and beautiful creations. There is something inspiring about your site and your art. I can’t describe it, but I always want to pause and spend a little extra time dreaming after I visit here. Thank you for that.

    Hope you’re feeling better Jeanne. 🙂

  7. amy

    i know you didn’t feel good…at all,=) but it was a wonderful night, you DID look pretty, and it was amazing to see what we accomplished in the evening! i love seeing many of the pieces and pictures of the night here. i wish i would have made time to see more than; i guess i was having too much fun to stop.=) talk with you soon. glad you are feeling better!

  8. Beth

    Amy just sent me a link to this blog posting saying that she saw my canvas in your collage of pictures. That made me so happy to see that. 🙂 I wanted to say thanks SO much for doing the art in the barn evening. I was apprehensive about going as I am not an artistic person at all….BUT, I am a creative person in other ways. On our way back to Parker, Amy and I were talking about how we need to carve out time in our busy lives and schedules (both of us with 3 young kids, me working etc.) to make time for this creative outlet. I wasn’t sure about how I felt about my first attempt at mixed media art until I got home and showed my husband and in the subsequent week of looking at my piece and showing other friends and family, their responses surprised me. I really love how it came out and am proud of myself! If you have a mailing list, can I get on it so that I can find out about future classes that you are teaching? I am on a roll and want to continue this “artistic momentum.” 🙂 Thanks again, for sharing your creative talent with us! ~Beth Twibell (

  9. Jennifer

    Hi Jeanne,
    Love your new blog site…looks wonderful! The art class looks like so neat. I so wish I lived in your “neck of the woods” so I could take one of your classes. What a talented lady you are! Hope you are feeling better.


  10. sandy b.

    Hi Jeanne,
    I wish I could attend to your workshops. But the distance….
    I would come contractions and all!
    It looks you all had an awesome time!
    I am so sorry you felt so sick. I think I had that same aweful cold 3 weeks ago. My head was about the explode.
    Glad you are feeling better.

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