I MAY be a few days late for this!

It was my intention to open the giveaway the day Art of Home | Modern Simple Living began and then we have been so crazy busy with the new courses that I didn’t make it over here!


Better late than never and this is such a good giveaway!

I asked each of the teachers of Art of Home to share some of their favorite things that they use all of the time for home.

Guys! Seriously, have you looked below? Do you see what we are giving away?

So good!

This giveaway is our way to celebrate the new course, the heart behind it, the women that have signed up and the growth of our creative network.

We just want to celebrate and we hope you will join us!

{We are showing you how to create your own hand lettering menu in week two of Art of Home and you learn how to make this paper roll holder in week four!}

What we are giving away:

* Paper Roll Holder and Kraft Paper

{We are showing you how to create your own hand lettering menu in week two of Art of Home and you learn how to make this paper roll holder in week four!}

The winner of the Paper Roll Holder:

Cecilia Schilhab from her entry on Instagram.

* Cleaning supplies by Murchinson Hume

The winner of the cleaning supplies:

Kari Payne commented:

I love that I have finally found my own personal style which has taken me years. It’s a gift to have your home express your creativity and represent you and your family and your interests. I love the memories we have made in this house, and I love that it is comforting and welcoming to our family and friends. But most of all, I love the people in it. I’ve been thinking about everything that people have lost in the Butte fires (not far from me here in N. California) and I realize that the most important “things” are your loved ones and the memories you have made together. It’s given me a new perspective on my home and I am grateful. Even if my house is not perfect, it’s amazing to have a home and family. <3

* Amber & Moss Candle

The winner of the candle:

AND, of course, I already follow all the Art of Home gals except Kennesha, who I added the first day of class! <3 Loving the videos and getting to know you and your families all more. . .

* Boos Blocks

The winner of the Boos Block:

I love how my son is so excited that Saturday and Sunday are stay at home days. He comes into our room in the morning, climbs into bed with us, and says, “Do we get to stay home today?” And I am currently loving the way the light is changing as we enter fall and the windows are open to let the breeze in-it is my FAVORITE time of year-especially the light of fall.

* Cup Rack

The winner of the cup rack:

Mikal McPherson commented:

I love that home is where my true loves (husband and kids) gather. It doesn’t matter if we are eating beans and cornbread or the fanciest holiday dinner. It doesn’t matter if we are playing Monopoly or planting the garden. It doesn’t matter if we are laughing until we cry, or crying our eyes out in pain. We are together and I feel the greatest love imaginable.

* Immersion Blender

The winner of the immersion blender:

My favorite thing about being home is the way it feels when all my people are here together…with praise music playing, a candle burning, and something baking in the oven :)

* Rustic Joyful Foods Cookbook

The winner of the cookbook:

Robin Muik commented:

Home–where I can curl up in my jammies with a hot mug of something and sit by the fire–any time of day or night! Home–where the whole realm of emotions can be expressed safely, and we love and support each other no matter what the circumstances. Home–where tears and laughter are shared, multiplying joys and dividing sorrows!

* Staub Pot

The winner of the Staub Pot:

Christine G. commented:

I love that my home is a happy, loving, comfortable place to be. Although we have 5 kids living under our roof and our home is busy, it’s a peaceful place to be. I cherish the memories we’ve made in our home.

* Iron and Wine CD

The winner of the CD:

I love the peace and comfort home provides.



**The winners have until October 2, 2015 to claim their giveaway item**


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