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Ginny Markley commented:

I am drawn to bright colors and abstract art because it is candy to the eyes…It is jewelry to a room…it is mark making at its best! Abstract art is more playful, intuitive, imaginative, and allows for more experimentation than realistic art. It is truly the vision of the artist’s minds eye!

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Good Morning! I am so tired this morning because we were up late coming home from seeing Adele! For real! Can you even believe it?!

The best part is that MONTHS ago Kelly was able to get us four tickets the moment they went on sale for $89 each!  He secured the tickets moments before the whole concert was sold out and we were in the nose bleed section but WE DIDN’T CARE!  She was magic. I don’t know if I have ever seen an artist perform better than on their albums. She is the real deal.

I will be on an Adele high for weeks now.

BUT…I better get back to the reason for this post!  TODAY launches the beginning of Letting Go: An Exploration In Abstract Painting with Wendy Brightbill. This course is truly stunning!

As soon as you register you have INSTANT access to the 5+ hours of content.

To celebrate the launch of the course we are giving away a $250 Dick Blick gift card so one of you can get some of Wendy’s favorite art supplies!

If you are interested in joining us in Letting Go: An Exploration In Abstract Painting here is a little bit of the details about the course…

In this course, we will listen to our intuition to create expressive abstract paintings. We will explore mediums and techniques that lend themselves to letting go and embracing the process of creating. We will be playing with watercolors, inks, acrylics and even embroidery. We will explore mark making, line drawing, shape composition and color blending to create depth and interest. We will gather inspiration for innovative color palettes because abstracts are all about color.

This course has 5+ hours of lifetime* access videos , all videos are pre-recorded for your convenience and the registration price is $46.


To enter the giveaway just leave a comment on this post telling us what you are drawn to with abstract painting or what makes you uncomfortable with it.

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This giveaway will close on July 24, 2016 at 11:59 pm MST.

The winner will be announced on July 25, 2016 and prizes must be claimed by August 3rd.

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  1. Michele

    The whole process scares me! Everyone makes it look so easy but for me it isn’t easy at all. I don’t even know where to start, what color(s) to use. I love your picture along with the stitching. Basically I need help! lol
    Michele from Florida

  2. Jenny

    I have the hardest time letting go and being more free with my art! Letting it take on its own process and letting go of the control. Sounds like what I need to do in my own life let go of the control:)

  3. Holly

    I ? abstract painting because there are no rules and no mistakes. I can use ALL the color and I don’t have to get hung up on not being able to draw well or make it look like anything specific.

  4. Emily

    First of all, SO jealous that you got to see Adele. I don’t doubt that she was fantastic!

    As for abstract art – some of it I love & some I don’t. I adore Wendy’s style with splashes of bright color but I struggle with letting go of representational “planned” art. I’m kind of a control freak so being loose and letting go makes me very uncomfortable.

  5. Kim Mineer

    Abstract art making allows me to be free and expressive. Allowing my feelings and emotions come out in an amazingly healthy way. More people should allow themselves the beauty of this style painting. It is so enjoyable!

  6. Raina

    Abstract art takes me into unknown fields that scare me. I am afraid to let go of what I know and of what feels safe. Being in the process without seeing what’s coming will be challenging for me. I am ready for abstract painting to be an instrument for me to create inspite of my fears. Whether my creation is beautiful or not so beautiful 🙂

  7. lura brown

    i follow you on fb and have shared the info. what an amazing prize i am sure i would have no trouble spending it all. as for your question…..i am not a seasoned artist by any means so i think being able to do the abstract is alot more freeing and lots of fun playing with all types of tools to make it work. thank you so much for the awesome chance to win. my birthday is august 5th so this would sure be the best birthday present

  8. Jill Lambert

    I just shared on Facebook. I’m super excited because I love Wendy’s style and “color is my love language” too – I paint with color, color, color – I can’t just use neutrals. I’m so looking forward to letting go – that’s my biggest problem with my painting – I’m too stiff and worried.

  9. Mary Aiton

    I find that abstract painting lets my inner feelings and secret thoughts come out, flowing onto the page. Things I would never say in words can be spoken through paint on paper

  10. Julia Molewyk

    I love the colors and layers in a lot of abstract art. I love the that it can hint at subject matter, and leaves other parts up to the beholder’s eye to perceive the rest. I love the creative freedom it gives the artist. That’s probably the problem I have with it as an artist, also. Letting go and knowing when an abstract piece of art is done are things I struggle with.

  11. Kimberly Jones

    In my eyes abstract art exudes mystery and magic! I love the explosions of color juxtaposed with shape and lines that tell a story and evoke emotion. The only discomfort I feel lies in understanding the underlying principles that elevate good abstract art and make it meaningful.

  12. EBHawks

    I love the colors, texture, and freedom of abstract art. I struggle with knowing when it’s done and believing that my abstract art is as worthy as a representational piece.

  13. Sarah Martin

    I am drawn to abstract art that is colorful and has depth. I love being able to look at it once and see something beautiful and then spy another part of the painting and admire it again and again. I also love the mark making that tells a story!

  14. kimberlyljones

    I just shared the post on Pinterest at studiovignettes! Thanks for the chance to win such a wonderful prize! Blick is my favorite art store!

  15. Brittany

    I am already signed up for the course and so loving exploring the material. So much color and beauty! I love abstract works because of the freedom, use of color, texture, and other basic elements of art and they way it all juse flows together into something totally new and completely expressive. In my own work it is definitely an exercise in letting go, I have only done a very few completely abstract pieces as I tend to add imagery and figures into my work. Working in abstract is something that causes me to work hard, but in a beautiful, letting go kind of way!

  16. Jody Jones

    I am so interested in letting my inhibitions go using an abstract technique. Wendy’s paintings look like meaningful joy bombs. I love the colors and patterns. I usually freeze up when I attempt to be abstract. Looking forward to the exercises she will use to free us up. So excited about this class!!!

  17. Jackie Jones

    I have always been drawn to abstract painting. Partly because I never considered myself able to draw and partly because abstract brings out different feelings in each of us. We all see it differently and can have a discussion about what we like or don’t like about it. Thanks for this class and thanks for doing this giveaway!

  18. Lorrie

    I am most drawn to the use of color in abstract painting. I am most scared of making it all come together in a cohesive piece.

  19. Kathleen Fitzhugh

    Abstract painting speaks to me in a unique language. I read it and speak it like a language. The composition, the palette of colors, the pattern and movement all speak directly to my mind and eyes and soul. That’s why I love it and why I paint it. I cannot say the things/concepts I want to say in realism but I can embed all my prayers and blessings and feelings in abstraction.

  20. Suzanne

    I think the uncertainty of it all is what scares me. Where do I start? When am I done? What will it mean to folks who see it? Is it worth anything? I could go on and on, but I think I am looking forward to breaking out my watercolors and start anyway!


    I just don’t do much abstract painting because I don’t think I fully understand it.

  22. R Miller

    I love the simplicity of abstract art and yet I feel intimidated when I try to do it myself. I am perfectionist, but I’d love to let go and just have fun with art. I’ve shared your post on Pinterest. I hope I win!

  23. Mary StClair

    Well ALL painting intimidates me because I am truly a rookie. But I want to learn something new and I’m just drawn to paint as a medium! I expect abstract would be lovely in that it’s so free-form!

  24. Jacquelyn

    I remember not being interested in abstract art for some time. Feeling like it was not very creative or talent. But I have been drawn to it more and am just starting to get into it and am enjoying just no rules and expressing myself freely! Thanks Jeanne!

  25. Holly

    I think that draws me into the idea is the same thing that scares me… the freedom of expression, and not really having to “stay in the lines”! 🙂

  26. lisagbart33.

    Love, love, love abstract art, it is this most challenging and expressive way of working for me. Thank you for offering this course, I really love the 1st few videos I watched. I will follow up with the other ways of sharing this course too!

  27. Molly Pearce

    I love abstract art because I feel that it is more freeing when creating 🙂

  28. Marilyn

    I love the freedom with abstract painting but I have never tried it and I think that scares me from it the most.

  29. Lisa

    I am really excited to dive in! I love color and am interested in tapping into Play and Experimentation through abstraction. The biggest challenge for me is My Big Brain getting into the way of things!

  30. Ginny Markley

    I am drawn to bright colors and abstract art because it is candy to the eyes…It is jewelry to a room…it is mark making at its best! Abstract art is more playful, intuitive, imaginative, and allows for more experimentation than realistic art. It is truly the vision of the artist’s minds eye!

  31. Katie Harris

    I love abstracts. ..I love the way to colors and tones speak to me first! A bit afraid to make it look too much like 80’s splatter paint…

  32. Cheryl

    It makes me uncomfortable I think because it is a loss of control and I tend to be a LITTLE controlling.. ahem. 🙂 I think it would be very good for me to let loose and let fly tho!! Who knows what could happen?

  33. Victoria

    I find it easier to work in abstract styles on journal pages because I will be the only one seeing that work. I also let go more when I am working directly on a substrate that will later support someone representational.

  34. Lynette Wakerley

    I have perfectionist tendencies so the whole idea of abstract art does scare me a bit. Will be interesting to see how I go on this course – whether I can let go…hope I can because I really want to enjoy the process and not be driven by what the end result needs to look like.

  35. Cathy

    Really drawn to color used as shape. Just saw the Matisse exhibith at the OKC Art museum and very inspiring!

  36. Suzanne

    Wow – what a generous giveaway! Love abstract paintings but when I try it, I struggle with feeling like there has to be at least a hint of a focal point and get stuck there.

  37. Carly Mojica

    What I love about abstract is how evocative a painting can be with no imagery. You can’t quite name what you feel because it’s not being told to you in a very obvious way. Each person extrapolates their own meaning from the work. As far as painting abstract (a new obsession for me), I get lost in the composition. I think I blend too much and balance too much. Right now I’m working on bold transitions. 🙂 And I’m super happy to be taking this class!

  38. Dianne P

    I love abstract paintings. I couple just sit and stare and “see” all sorts of things in the artwork. I tried to paint abstract art at some point but felt very intimidated by the process. I will definitely be looking into taking this course. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  39. Shanea Schaub

    Abstract art is on my long list of mediums I want to try! I love color, and I love how abstract artists use color.

  40. Carol WEILER

    I love abstract art and aspire to do but find it very difficult to trust my own intuition. Working on it but not there yet. I love mark making and shapes so hoping this class will free me up a bit and let the marks, shapes and colors speak for themselves. I do already follow you on Instagram .

  41. Betty Wisse

    Abstract painting make me uncomfortable to do because I’m not sure what makes a good composition

  42. Kara Rosenberry

    so excited for this class! I am so drawn to Wendy’s work, the colors she uses, her use of florals and the idea of letting go in art. I don’t often do this so I am so curious to see the results!
    also, I shared on Facebook, shared on IG and Pinned in Pinterest.

  43. Charlotte McKeen

    I’m definitely drawn to abstract. I’ve been doing a lot with bold colors and palette knives. Really enjoy the freedom of it.

  44. Shaunna Nalinnes

    I like the freedom of abstract and being able to use as much (or little) color as I want.

  45. Carol C

    I love abstract some abstract painting and have really liked Wendy’s work. I think I like it best when there is some link to realism…..but I am uncomfortable with abstract art when it is linked to realism in an unpleasant, harsh, grating way! I am really looking forward to trying this new form of art language out!

  46. Samantha Flaming-Miles [Sammie D. Flame]

    i love abstract because of the emotion you can convey! it’s also scary because it’s so free, no rules, & may look like nothing!=)

  47. Wendy McGowen

    Eeep what a fabulous giveaway! Posted on facebook! Abstract makes me uncomfortable because I never seem to know when it’s “done”. Thanks for the chance to win!

  48. Di

    Sometimes I am afraid to be abstract in my creations. I am so use to structure and struggle with being free I would love to try and would love the supplies to work with. Di

  49. Carroll

    I’m not a representational type of artist, so the abstract process really excites me!

  50. Carol Haralson

    I follow you! Sharing on FB and IG – love abstracts because the process allows me to express my feelings when words just aren’t enough!

  51. Lynda Dunham-Watkins

    I struggle with no rules…with abstraction. I am detail oriented and need the freedom to play, to relax and enjoy the process. I’m thinking this class will help and would love to have the supplies.

  52. Christie Drahnak

    I love the freedom of abstract paint! I have trouble though because in the end I always want to make it look like a person or object. Lol. I pinned this and shared on Facebook. Thank you for a chance to win! ?

  53. Melissa Davis

    I love the freedom of playing with color and texture; that I can be uncommitted to any given layer and yet they make up one cohesive finished piece. It feels like joy and peace and total honesty.

  54. Faye Day

    I’m already enjoying hearing about the ‘structure’ involved in abstract painting. Love seeing Wendy in action and and really like watching how she uses a variety of mediums in her paintings.

  55. Sherry Williams

    I love abstract art though I know nothing about it. I took a big leap of faith and signed up for this class as a birthday gift to myself. . I don’t know how to paint but I am a huge fan of Wendy Brightbill (her color choices and her florals make me soo happy to experience) and I am very excited to learn aboutt abstract art while trying something totally new and out of my skill set and comfort zone.

  56. didonatolisa

    I am drawn to the bright and happy colors and their random placing. However, the randomness also makes me uncomfortable. I tend to balance things intentionally and don’t feel the freedom to just let go. I should learn 🙂

  57. Melissa Norman

    The thing I love the most about abstracts is the expression that can be achieved simply through the use of COLOR!!!

  58. Sara Torbett

    I adore abstract art! It’s probably because my personality leans towards the free-spirit kind of thinking. 🙂 Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  59. Maeve

    I follow you on Facebook and I have shared your post about the class & giveaway on my Facebook page. I do like abstract art, but I don’t quite know how to start. The course looks fascinating. And I love watercolors too! Your courses are the best available online, period!

  60. Maeve

    I have shared your photos about the newest class on abstract class on my Pinterest posts. I will sign up in the future – I have so many of your classes to work through yet because I cannot stop signing up for them all. 😉 They are just the best available online!

  61. Ann-Marie McIntire

    It intimidates me because you don’t know what’s going on

  62. Kathy Glynn

    I love abstract painting. I find it liberating and expressive ?

  63. April Lopez

    I think my problem is that I don’t understand abstract art. In my mind art has to have a “focus point”, something to focus on and I don’t see that in abstract. So it would be fun to win a spot so I could possibly learn to understand it by doing it.

  64. Kathy Glynn


  65. Meri Beth Andriesse

    I have always approached creating (and life) with the “speed demon” approach instead of really enjoying the ride. Mixed media is exciting and calming all at once. I love not having rules and letting a piece tell me when it is finished instead of facing a deadline, whether self-imposed or not. I cannot wait to combine the watercolor and oil pastel and acrylic and pencil, and whatever else jumps off the shelf. I adore watching how colors interact, the happy and unhappy accidents and the pure joy of creating.

  66. Jeanette

    I have always drawn realistically, and have only just begun to paint abstractly. I love how it allows me to leave my perfectionist tendencies behind and to simply play. I love how the art evolves through play and letting go of expectations.

  67. bckueser

    I like that abstract loosens the constraints to creating and my need to create something specific when I don’t actually want to – that it gives me the freedom to interpret what I see in my own way and that it is often more personal than when I paint something specific. Plus it just makes me happy and light if that makes sense.

  68. mykauaibnb

    Color! learning new techniques! Inner art freedom! Pressing personal comfort zones are ideas about this course that excite and scare me a little bit! Love the offerings you host Jeanne, and am so excited for your new chapter in your families life. really awesome! OK so I shared this course announcement on my facebook, pinned to my pinterest with your tags, already following you on instagram, would of shared on that but cannot figure out how to do that! 😉 Would post to my blog but it has been sorely neglected, because I have been painting!!!!!

  69. Brannan Lawson

    Posted link to website about this article on FB and how ecorses are awesome to use to get you started when you are intimated by art or creating.

  70. Angela sopranzi

    I love mixed media because of the freedom I feel whenever I am painting….I truly feel like I am “letting go!”

  71. Karen Maggio

    Its summer time and I can’t wait to let go and have fun painting abstractly!! I already follow both Jeannie and Wendy on Instagram, and just signed in to your fb page for the class.

  72. Ronda

    I have never tried abstract painting. I really don’t know anything about it but would be willing to check it out. Thanks for the opportunity to win a Dick Blick gift card! Peace, Ronda

  73. Teri

    Line, shape, space, and, most of all, color are what pulls me in to abstract work. Thanks for the chance to win!

  74. Becky J

    What I love about abstract art is the emotion…no right or wrong! I also love that the same piece can evoke a hundred different responses in 100 different viewers! Thanks for the awesome giveaway-oh baby doll would this be a treat!

  75. ronquillo

    hi im chloe:)
    first of all, i dont know how to paint portrait or landscapes so i decided to paint in abstract
    i chose abstract painting because it flows with my mood and creativity that im sure everybody can relate to my painting most of it are abstract..
    we all know that everybody can do abstract but cant feel how you felt while painting that type of painting:) hope to win these art supplies it will be a great big help not just to me but also to the people who will see and feel my painting thank you:)

  76. Krista Wardecker

    I love abstract art because everyone sees something different in it. It’s a great starting point for conversation. It is also so fun and freeing to create abstract art. I could lose myself for hours when I’m painting. I am looking forward to the new class.

  77. Noreen

    Thanks for the opportunity! I think I’m both drawn and uncomfortable with the same thing – I don’t know where it’s going. That both intrigues me and makes me apprehensive, but I would love the chance to work through that.

  78. Mirka

    I have never been much of a maker of abstract art, but have a few friends who make gorgeous watercolor studies. I like the possibility of color and pattern that inecho memories and things seen in nature.

  79. Emily

    I haven’t really tried abstrace because I’m worried that it will just look like a mess that shouldn’t be a work of art but I am wanting to try this style. I love the thought of feeling the art as it happens.

  80. ever after

    As someone who loves all things fabric, it was actually through abstract quilts that I began to appreciate the creativity in abstract art. I love that you can focus on a color or a pattern or a feeling and dive as deep as you’re ready to go, but letting go of all my own inhibitions, emotions and preconceived ideas is so much harder than I ever thought.

  81. Wendy Wood

    I am drawn to abstract painting because it is so liberating and relaxing. I can celebrate the happy accidents the occur and work around them. I feel like I have been holding on a little too tightly lately, so I am excited to let go even more!

  82. Samantha

    I love abstract because I can get away with so much more. I can literally close my eyes and create something beautiful. I also find inspiration from the most random of places.

  83. Samantha

    This is my second comment, I followed you on Instagram, I posted this info on Instagram, and I shared the post on FB. I’m looking forward to a chance to win!

  84. Amy

    This class looked so good, but I’m afraid I overthink everything too much and then I never actually create anything–abstract or other.

  85. Melissa Ellen's Loft

    This class looks incredible! I am hoping to take it!!!:) I love the beauty of abstract artwork and how it forces me to let go and become more free in my painting, a process that is challenging to me. I would love to learn more about it!

  86. dannylion

    I love to paint “abstract” – I guess that is what one would call it… but it scares me b/c I think everyone will think it is ugly……… I enjoy the process immensely as it brings peace to me!!!

  87. iHanna

    I’m drawn to great abstract art because it looks effortless – but if you try yourself you know it’s not always so!

    Will also pin this, and I’m @ihanna on Pinterest too.


  88. Joanna Mills

    I always love light bright color as in florals.What keeps me from doing more is the blank page!!! Where to start………

  89. colettetrad

    “To enter the giveaway just leave a comment on this post telling us what you are drawn to with abstract painting or what makes you uncomfortable with it.”

    What I am drawn too is the freedom and colour and passion of abstract painting. It just feels loved! I suffer with perfectionism … and I resisted this course and wouldn’t let myself sign up on early bird price! I just got back to work after 2 weeks holiday of worrying and judging myself. Winter here. Is there something about July? Anyway .. Juliet Johnson posted about the course on her facebook last night AND I JUST SIGNED UP. I have never felt freer. I just need to let go. I do worry so much. Nothing makes me uncomfortable about abstract painting. It looks fun, free, and is like a process of play and magic. (

  90. Jeanne

    What I love about Wendy’s art is the fusion of the stitching over the watercolors. (I cheated and watched the stitching videos first.)

  91. Robin

    I love the freedom….and of course the colors! Trying to not judge myself is the hard part. Looking forward to this class so much!

  92. Dionea

    I’ve wanted to try abstract art for awhile. It seems as though it can be very freeing and allows the art to emerge. I like that each person that views the art will see something different. Can’t wait to get started in the class. Thanks for the opportunity at such amazing art supplies.

  93. Kelly

    Abstract painting seems like it would be so freeing, and yet I am so intimidated to try it. Maybe this course would help get me out of my comfort zone and allow me to try something that makes me uncomfortable. And winning supplies would be a super bonus!

  94. Keely Quinn

    I love how freeing abstract art is. I also fear that it will end up looking like my 5 year old niece did it and won’t convey emotion at all.

  95. Heidi Guenther

    Love some abstracts!! But there’s a real push & pull for me. A pull towards it – oddly fascinating…can get wrapped up into its details and feelings quickly if I gravitate towards the piece. A good one will pull on my soul and feel like an amazing song/puece of music. But there’s a push away from it too – its hard to let go of lines and pulling out details. Abstracts stretch me very much as an artist and that alone feels uncomfortable and makes me want to back away from it if I am not liking where my piece/art is going. I think it makes me most uncomfortable because of the intense emotions I can experience with those pieces.

  96. Chatti

    I’m happy to be letting go of expectations! I have a hard time not trying to “perfect” my art and this is a great way to just be in the moment.

  97. Amber K

    I love how the use of color and line can tell a story, and that story can be different with everyone who views it. It frees you from the fear of perfection. Lots of people look at abstract and think a child could do it, but more thought goes into it than what you may think-you still need to have some basic principles in mind otherwise it will not come out. And that is what scares me the most-that I don’t have enough knowledge to pull it all together and make it look good and convey emotion.

  98. Jen

    Letting go of perfection is my biggest hurdle in art and creativity. Abstract creates discomfort for me because there is no “plan”.

  99. annie!

    Took so long to get to the bottom of the comments that I forgot the question! 🙂 But, I think the answer is that, I’m excited about painting abstract because painting is Way out of my usual zone (unless it’s on fabric…) and I love Wendy’s style. So! Guess I’m entered! 🙂

  100. Julie B

    Abstract art is freedom, but can be scary without any boundaries.

  101. Casey

    I enjoy the color, texture, and freedom of abstract art as well as others interpretation of a piece. I struggle with knowing when it’s done.

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  103. Cathy Bueti

    I enjoy the freedom of abstract and also how intuitive it can be however having said that it is difficult for me at times to let go! I am a follower on Instagram. Thanks so much for the chance to win! 🙂

  104. bonniesmithartist

    HI Jeanne, I am a lover of abstracts for the way they speak to the heart of the viewer and all it allows to happen quite unknown and seperate from the artist…it is something i am drawn to while…i yet hope to be able to let go more and more into this type of painting
    thank you for the chance to grow and learn through your many art classes:) I have been enjoying every minute…

  105. Barbera

    I am really drawn to the imaginative aspect in abstract painting, letting go of what you think must Be and embracing what comes. Feeding your soul with what the painting mirrors you and what you obviously need most in life at this moment. The treasures that lay within each painting being fuel for Our souls o an day today basis. Thanks for asking Jeanne, it gave me a chance to reflect ?? xo, Barbera

  106. Celina Baldwin

    I just want to do all the art things now that I know you! If I could try any kind of painting, I’d start with abstract since anything I paint will be pretty abstract anyway 🙂

  107. sandykayemoss

    Abstract art.. Adore it! So much conversation created through the suggestion of color and hue.. Feelings revealed to the viewer that have personal meaning. Abstract art is such a lovely uncovering of the Divine heart of the Father…quietly… personally…

  108. Ronda O

    I am drawn to abstract because it is so relaxed and peaceful to look at. I don’t always want to know what the subject is. I love color and immediately was drawn to Wendy’s class. 🙂
    I started the class today and am hoping to relax my very rigid and controlled use of paint and pencil. I need to enjoy the process more then just the completed work.
    I want to have fun again with art!

  109. Sandy Derryberry

    I love to play and experiment with color abstracty. I have no idea what I’m doing most of the time , so finished pieces rarely happen. I do however end up with loads of backgrounds to build on. 🙂
    I adore the piece with stitches!!

  110. Sandy Derryberry

    I follow you on Instagram and Facebook…Thanks for the chance to win a gift card! I’d spend it on those Holbein gouache paints I’ve been drooling over!

  111. Kate

    I’m drawn to it because of the looseness, the freedom of this style of painting. Also, each viewer can see something new and different. Thanks for the giveaway!

  112. Stacy

    I am completely fascinated with abstract painting but have no idea where to begin! I also struggle with staying loose with watercolors, so maybe thinking in this way isn’t natural for me. But just like loose watercolor painting, I’d love to explore abstract painting so I will definitely put this course on my wish list! :)))

  113. Kimberly Eddy

    Following on IG! Always love your classes that are offered!!

  114. Rachel

    Abstract art intrigues me. It allows me to meld the artists intentions with my own ideas into a beautiful meaning. I often wonder how great abstract art is made…it is so much more than a random scattering of paint, yet seemingly effortless in application when I look at someone’s finished piece that appeals to me. Oh art, you have my heart forever.

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