Art Across The Alphabet


I wanted to share with you a book that I have loved and enjoyed with all three of my children.

It is fun for the kids and easy for me to put the projects together.

When each of my children have been around three years old we have worked our way through the book Art Across The Alphabet.


You can find the white letters at Lakeshore Learning or probably any teacher store.

If you have the time you can also make the letters out of cardboard.

Each chapter is a different letter and gives projects to do.  We just do the letter and embellish it with things that make the sound of that particular letter.

We always decorate their room with the letters.


Benjamin is working on them now and it always so proud to tell daddy every time he makes a new letter.

It is also nice to have this project to do together…especially because number three is so often following the schedule and activities of the older two.

If you  have a little one they will love this and you can find things around the house to make this an easy project for you to do together.


Come back on Wednesday for the first in a series on Dreams.

I hope you will join me each Wednesday in the month of February for this look into your heart and the dreams that it holds.

February is the month that we associate with love….why not love on those dreams a little more too!

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  1. Leah C

    So sweet…I remember doing projects like that with my girls when they were small:) Can’t wait to see what you’re “dreaming up” on Wednesdays!

  2. Shannon

    Great book, I am gonna order this through Amazon right away! Anything to keep a lil one busy is great especially if it involves learning.

  3. Koralee

    As a teacher to grade one children I so appreciate a mom that takes time out to do this special project with ALL her children. So many times moms/dads just don’t have to time or understand how important it is. I can always tell the children who have had a jumpstart…A++ for you sweet one.

  4. Amy Muffoletto

    Those letters are so very cute. I love doing projects with the kids. They make the cutest things out of my scrappy scraps. I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us on Wednesdays. Hugs, Amy

  5. Janet

    Wow — so cool! Your little artist is adorable! Thanks for the tip on the book!
    Hope you have a great week!

  6. Brandie

    I need to do this with my wee ones, too cute!
    I can’t wait to see what you have instore for us Jeanne! I will be here with bells on:)

  7. margie

    This is a darling idea…My kids are grown…Enjoy them while they are young…
    I found your blog through mel…She is a very dear friend…I am going to brave girls’ camp in a few weeks…I am so drawn to your work…I LOVE LOVE LOVE your canvas…
    Usually I am a lurker not a commenter but I just had to tell you how amazing I think your work is…
    thanks for inspiring…
    kiss kiss

  8. Kenda Walter

    I love this idea for the alphabet. What a great book! It would be wonderful and so helpful if you would consider listing some of your other favorite educational books for children. Thanks so much, Kenda

  9. Julie

    Thanks for sharing this. I’ve been trying to think of a hands on idea to help #3 work on his letters. This is perfect.

  10. LuLu

    I have to get this book, my little guy is having a little problem with his letters, this book will be such fun for the both of us,
    thank you,

  11. Modern Prairie Girl

    Your kids are so lucky that you’re so crafty and creative—the average teacher (speaking from experience in my old life) does not have a lot of time to incorporate such creativity in lesson plans…especially now with all of the benchmarks and standardized testing.
    Your kids are so blessed to have you as their teacher!
    I wouldn’t mind making a letter too. Looks like fun 😉

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