I love creating gift guides based upon the inspiration all around me, small businesses that I love and products that I use daily. I hope these ideas help you as you are shopping for yourself or another creative in your life.


1.Rembrandt is in the Wind by Russ Ramsey. I first read this book a few summers ago while traveling in Italy. I was a history major and an avid reader and I was wonderfully surprised by how much I didn’t know about certain artists or works of art.

2. Vintage Paintbrushes. I often find mine while traveling but I have also found so many on Etsy. I use them regularly while working on larger works and love exploring the different marks they make.

3.Ocean Paper Watercolor Sets. I always have Ocean Paper watercolors as part of my own personal palette. I love how buttery smooth they are and many of my favorite colors are more like gouache.

4.Pottery by Krista Coons. I have paintbrushes, palettes and water dishes created by Krista that add to my day to day life in the studio. Making art with art is really special.

5.Vintage Painter’s Smock. What do you give the artist that has everything? I can’t image anything more wonderful than getting a vintage painter’s smock like this one worn by Malene Birger in the most recent issue of Feel Free Magazine.

6.Ceramic Brush Holder. When I am really in a groove with creating I find that I have many different size brushes dipped in many different paints and this brush holder helps me to keep my brushes organized but also off my table or floor. I think this would make a perfect stocking stuffer.

7.Portrait Orra Sketchbook. This is my very favorite sketchbook from Peg and Awl. This is what I travel with, sketch in daily, and also use as a place to store my brain dumps. I have them all over the house, in my studio and in my bag. Just do yourself a favor and buy the three pack like I do.