One of my very favorite parts about the Christmas season is the excitement of getting Christmas cards.

I love adding each one to the wall and looking at all the people we love through out the month.

We keep our cards and love looking at them each year as we bring out all of our Christmas decorations.

I was just looking at all the photos the other day and really impressed with the hotness of my friends..seriously…you guys are a good looking bunch!

So, you might be surprised that as much as I love getting the cards…we didn't get cards out this year.

I have to admit to you that I don't stress over that kind of thing but with how much I LOVE getting cards I had to do something to make up for my lack of planning.

Just pretend that this came in the mail, print it out and add it to your wall of photos:-)


We had some friends that sent us a list of their favorites last year with their Christmas card.

I loved it so much I thought it would be fun to do our own.

I hope you are all enjoying your time leading up to Christmas. 

I have eaten way too much cream cheese frosting this weekend.

Seriously…by the spoonful!