This is the second in a four week series on dreams.

Four weeks will not unlock all your dreams and make them a reality….I am just hoping that this series will get you thinking…which will get you acting on your dreams.

This week I want to ask you some questions and I am hoping you will answer them in your journal.


I think this one is huge for many of us!

I asked my husband tonight and I love what he said.

He would do a 10 foot air at the skate park on his bmx bike.

He has always been a little afraid to do it because he could get seriously hurt.

He then asked me and I told him three HUGE things I would try.

I believe I will do the things I told him…but I would do them now if I KNEW I would be guaranteed success!

What about you?

This is a great question because for most of us we wouldn't lose anything…we only stand to gain so much!

If you jumped in right now and didn't let fear hold you back from following your dreams..what would you lose if you failed?

I can't think of anything I would lose!

OK..maybe a little money:-)

A few years ago I might have worried about looking foolish…but I don't really care about that anymore.

I might have said feeling stupid that everyone else saw that I couldn't do it…but anyone in my life at this time is a true friend and I know I can't gain anything without trying.

What do you have to lose?

This is such a big one!

Be honest.

You can listen to the lies of others and the lies from yourself.

Those little voices in your head that tell you to go for it or talk you out of it.

Those lies that say you are not good enough, your ideas will never work, you will fail and everyone will laugh.

Those lies that keep you right were you are at and keep you from growing.

These lies can affect every aspect of our lives.


I will introduce you to Rachel Barkey in the next few weeks….for now I wanted to share this quote.

Stop listening to those negative voices.


Talk back.

Talk to yourself when you hear those little whispers.

Whether this has to do with your dreams, children, marriage, home, friendships.

Take every thought captive.

I am currently reading Calm My Anxious Heart by Linda Dillow.

I loved a section I read this morning.

She asked that I write down a list of positive and negative things in my life.

If you have time … this right now.

My positive list was really long and full of amazing, beautiful and incredible things.

The negative list was very short.

She asked which list do I spend more time thinking about.

WOW…that little, insignificant list can really get me!!!

I can get so sidetracked from the beauty that is my life.

Do you?

Do you need to stop listening to yourself and start talking to yourself?

I am loving doing this series with you.

I am really excited about the next two weeks because I believe that it will be the heart of our whole time together talking about dreams.

I feel like these past two post have been a little like stretching before you run:-)

I hope you come back next Wednesday for the third post.



On a side note I wanted to share that my sweet friend Lara is selling her ticket to the SOLD OUT Artfest.

Another commitment (romantic, beach vacation) has forced her to give up her spot.

If you are interested in going (I would be JUMPING at this if I didn't already have plans) please email her at to get more information.