On our way to Massachusetts and back we had connecting flights.

We had a LOT of time to spend in the airport.

I love to watch people.


My husband has to get my attention because I will be STARING at people so captivated by what is going on and I have a whole story going on in my head.

I have told my husband the funniest things about people that are complete strangers to me.

I am good at reading people though…and I was probably right.

All the hours we spent in airports during this vacation there was one point that made me miss the way things were before September 11.

There were two families that had come in on separate planes and they were running to greet each other.

They were so excited and happy to see one another.

I had to turn around and look a little longer because I miss being met at the gate?

Don't you?

I would touch up my makeup on the plane.

I would be excited to see whomever I was flying to meet.

I knew every step was getting me closer to hugs, kisses and laughter.

I loved knowing that someone I loved was waiting for me at the end of that long walkway from the plane.


photo can be found here