At The Gate


On our way to Massachusetts and back we had connecting flights.

We had a LOT of time to spend in the airport.

I love to watch people.


My husband has to get my attention because I will be STARING at people so captivated by what is going on and I have a whole story going on in my head.

I have told my husband the funniest things about people that are complete strangers to me.

I am good at reading people though…and I was probably right.

All the hours we spent in airports during this vacation there was one point that made me miss the way things were before September 11.

There were two families that had come in on separate planes and they were running to greet each other.

They were so excited and happy to see one another.

I had to turn around and look a little longer because I miss being met at the gate?

Don't you?

I would touch up my makeup on the plane.

I would be excited to see whomever I was flying to meet.

I knew every step was getting me closer to hugs, kisses and laughter.

I loved knowing that someone I loved was waiting for me at the end of that long walkway from the plane.


photo can be found here

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  1. Becky @ Farmgirl Paints

    I miss that too. The good old days. I loved having them sit with me too, right before I got on. Saying goodbye at the gate. Made your visit last a little longer… Glad your home:)

  2. Chasity Heck

    i love to people watch too…it’s the only good thing about going to baseball games
    glad you made it home safely

  3. Teresa

    I loved going to the airport during the carefree days too. It was so wonderful traveling with children to have my husband or parents right there to grab luggage and children. Oh, the visits waiting for the plane to arrive with grandparents entertaining!
    Did you ever just go to the airport as a kid to watch the planes come in?

  4. Jocelyn

    It sure has been so different since 9/11. Even the leaving part, when family members could walk you over to the plane and see you off. Waving at the window.

  5. tracey

    Yea Jeanne’s back! Missed ya girl!! Thanks for leaving me such kind words earlier…I’m so sorry to hear that your husband lost his father last year. And, my thoughts exactly…when did we get old enough to be losing our parents? just doesn’t seem right…

  6. jamie

    I am a HUGE People watcher, everywhere I go I am forever People watching. I have favorite places and cities that I just the People watching. I agree, since 911 it certainly isn’t the same when someone is arriving at the airport.Jamie

  7. Annette Q

    Yep, love people watching too! I lived in London for four years and the Underground trains were great for this!! My husband would have to nudge me though, to make me snap out of it!! Welcome back πŸ™‚

  8. traci

    you are so right jeanne. i think of that often when i head in to the airport to pick people up. i am a people watcher too. love getting to the airport early and just sitting back and observing.

  9. Brandie

    Oh, I miss that too! My kids would have loved sitting inthose big windows just watching planes come in too. I am people watcher too much to my husbands horror. I sometimes get a little too involved;)

  10. lissa

    I COMPLETELY miss that! Seeing the men with flowers standing there watching for their love. Or the grandma’s with expectant faces watching for their grandchildren… And it will never be back *sniff*
    (you think up the most clever things to post about!)

  11. Tricia Whisler

    I have flown only a handfull of times and each was after Sept. 11 so I didn’t experience that. Soo glad your back!!!!!!

  12. Kara Ward

    So well said…my grandmother and I would love to people watch. We used to make up stories about what they were saying or thinking. It was great fun!

  13. Rebecca Ragan

    Glad you made it home safely! I so miss the gate greet! My mom used to fly a lot for work and my dad and I would ALWAYS meet her at the gate with a big bouquet of flowers no matter when she arrived. Some of my favorite memories with my dad were playing hide and seek in the aiport terminal (Sad to say, I was a teenager at this point, but we were major goofballs), or seeing who could do the most cartwheels down the walk ways (usually waiting on a red eye to arrive).
    Oh and Bryant is constantly telling me to quit staring at people. I am captivated by their stories, or what I create as their story in my head. Especially in Aspen! The people watching is outrageous here! πŸ™‚ Take care!
    PS, we LOVE the bedding!!! I will send you a pic soon.

  14. lorraine lewis

    So glad that you are back and I can’t wait to hear about your trip. We were planning to go to Cape Cod for our anniversary but when we checked what the weather might be (storms) we had to change our destination. Can’t wait to see what I missed.

  15. amy

    great picture! hope these first couple days back are going well. i agree; airports are fun places to watch people. i am not much of a people watcher, typically, but you almost can’t help but do it in airports while walking, waiting with people everywhere!

  16. rue

    I miss it too. Flying used to be somewhat fun and now, well, they ruined it for everyone and I hate it. I DO love people watching though πŸ˜‰
    Welcome home!

  17. Amy

    airports are the absolute best for people watching. i never had anyone meet me at the gate. i was always the girl who got myself on and off the plane. got myself home.
    now i feel like i was missing out on something. especially now that it’s almost impossible to meet people at the gate.
    loved this post!!

  18. Andrea

    I have to be reminded not to stare sometimes too while I’m people watching and figuring out their life story. I also miss being met at the gate. Meeting your party at baggage claim is somehow very anti-climatic.

  19. Alicia

    your blog is so lovely and amazing! thanks for your sweet comment on mine πŸ™‚ and yes, i do miss being met at the gate. the baggage claim is so much less romantic and exciting.

  20. Leah C

    Isn’t it funny, the things we miss? I, too, miss that “freedom” and anticipation of being met at the gate. I grew up a “TWA brat” so I spent alot of time in airports…a favorite pastime for my brother & me was watching everyone else:)

  21. Spencer

    Oh how I miss the in-airport lovies….My grandparents, aunts and uncles all came to visit on the plane…we loved greeting them as they walked off the plane….in the old days they actually came down the steps! Whew…now you KNOW I’m really old!….something that loads of people will never be able to experience. What a loss.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  22. koralee

    oh I adore airports and people watching…I don’t fly much so it is always an adventure when I do! Happy Weekend to you!

  23. Sue

    I hadn’t thought about those late night airport pickups when Grandparents would fly in from Wisconsin. Thanks for bringing back warm memories , Sue

  24. LuLu

    I just took my parents to the airport and thought this exact thing… how I miss the meeting at the gate and the hugs goodbye. It doesn’t feel the same hugging at the security check in point.
    have a wonderful weekend,

  25. Orly

    Oh yes..I totally agree…awesome moments spent while anticipating a ‘meeting’ at the gate. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving kind words behind. I enjoy your blog as well and your beautiful art and easy to read musings.

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