As my time in the south of France was coming to a close I tried to breath in the details that I was afraid of forgetting.

Would I remember…really remember…what it was like?

Would I remember the people, architecture, foods?

 Would I be able to close my eyes and be transported to this place that I had dreamed for so long of visiting?

Even though I have shared so many photos I know you will agree that photos never do a place justice.

They can come close…but it is hard to capture the grandeur of architecture and nature.



My final day was spend in Montauban exploring the city and spending time with these amazing women I had the honor of meeting.

Picnik collageacourtyard

Our final day would bring a sweet surprise that none of us could have expected.

Tomorrow I will share that surprise and the perfect ending to my time in the south of France….I hope you will join me.