Baby Shower {A la France}

My beautiful friend Alexis is close to having her second baby.

I am sad that she lives so far away but she has the sweetest local friends that are spoiling her!

She was recently given a shower by all of the designer blog friends that she has made over the years.  Isn’t that amazing??!!

Alexis is kind, funny, stylish, classy, beautiful, tender……the short of it is that is you have ever met her…you LOVE her!

When Alexis shared some of the photos taken by Grace I was swooning.  So tastefully and elegantly done.

You can tell this a group of designers.

I am so happy that Grace let me share her photos with all of you.

Alexis has assured me that this group of women are incredible and that I would adore them too.

These photos almost make me want to have another baby…ALMOST:-)

Enjoy the photos!!

{someone gave her a vintage jumper…so cute!}

{cutest shower gift EVER…vintage child’s school chair!!!}

Grace, thank you so much for taking such good care of my sweet friend!!


Thank you so much for everyone that bought a Sadie purse!  I couldn’t believe it…they all SOLD OUT in less than 12 hours!

More Sadie purses (with different vintage fabric) will be coming at the end of next month.

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  1. amy

    so sweet. what fun! alexis is one beautiful pregnant momma.=) thanks for sharing, jeanne!

  2. Allegra

    This is my idea of a great shower! Simply stated, close friends, & beautiful detailed attention! What a lucky girl

  3. Grace Happens

    We really are so lucky to be great friends with Alexis. She has been such a blessing in my life. Thank you so much for the kind words. I know Alexis will be so happy to read this post! xoxo, grace

  4. Melanie J

    Beautiful I love the casual but yet so elegant style. I will look forward to throwing fabulous showers like this for my 4 daughters someday! Truly classic style.

    Lucky 7 Design

  5. Anne Marie

    a beautiful party for such a friend….how blessed you are Jeanne to be friends with so many amazing women…that has got to be so inspiring for you….

    I know you inspire me in more ways than you know

  6. Amy

    Wow! I want to go to a shower like that! My best friend had twins last week and it has been driving me crazy not to be in the same town.

  7. sandy

    So sweet, so pretty, so beautiful, but I am not ready for another bambino.
    So So So enjoying my Micaiah. Today 3 months.
    But, if I ever ever have another this is the way to go! I love it.

    Have a great weekend Jeanne.

  8. Sami Jo

    Jeanne! That is an adorable shower. What a wonderful blessing for your friend. I love your blog music. <3 Sami Jo

  9. Lee Ann G.

    Oh Wow! That looks like the most adorable baby shower of the century! What beautiful ideas for a shower and the photos were beautiful.

    ?Lee Ann

  10. LuLu

    such a sweet baby shower! love all the details! Having such a good friends is so special!

  11. Alexis

    Jeanne…. What a treat to read this post. Right now I am in the labor and delivery room. After 22 hours I am at a 1.5… I guess I was just made to have long labors ;)… This was so special to read right now. I love you!! Oxo

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