If you guys are like us at all you have lots of plans for your home and either not enough time or money (or both) to make them a reality.

We moved into our home a little over 10 years ago.

We had worked with a semi-custom builder but there were many things we could not include in our home and they are still not done.

In our crazy heads we imagined our basement finished within a few years of moving in.

We never…and I mean never…understood how expensive our yard would be to put in.

It is grass, some trees and mulch…come on…how expensive could it be?!

So, here we are 10 years later and still no finished basement.

I would like to add that our yard isn’t finished either you we are just show offs all around!

The good news is that about six months ago we began moving in the finished basement direction:-)

We have a walkout basement with around 1380 square feet (unfinished).

We have had our storage room built, the basement framed and the electrical done.

To even have this much done Kelly had to move his “office” which had been in the basement up to our bedroom.

I really, really, really love his 6 am meetings with headquarters back in DC.


It is truly the best way to wake up.

His voice is not exceptionally loud unless he is holding a meeting and then…

OK, back to the basement.

I HAVE to get my bedroom back.

I have to sleep past 6am.

When we get back from Italy we just need the electrical inspected and then we can proceed with drywall.

We are doing everything we can on our own so that explains the turtle pace.

Once the basement is finished it will have a storage room for much of our merchandise, a large family room, a full bathroom, guest bedroom, office for Kelly and a packing station for orders.

We have used every. single. inch of space for exactly what we need.

It is going to be sooo good if we ever get it finished.

I am constantly coming up with ideas for what I want and when I try to explain them to Kelly his eyes glaze over because he has no idea what I am trying to explain.

Thank the good Lord above for Pinterest.

We have such an awesome plan for this space and Pinterest really helped our ideas to come together.

Here is some of our inspiration and the direction we are going…










{This source is not longer available. If you know whose image this is please let me know and I will link them right away}





**All of these images were found on Pinterest.  If you know the original sources for the images that are linked to a Tumblr site etc. please let me know and we will link the original source right away**

I can’t wait to keep sharing the progress.

You can follow my basement inspiration board HERE.