I don't know about most of you girls out there…but I need my girlfriends.

I need talks over coffee.

Laughter in the dressing rooms.

Whispering during the movies.

Crying over nothing and everything.


I have had friendships that I wish I would have fought harder to keep.

Friendships that were toxic and I needed to let go.

I have had friendships where I was the one always doing the "work", planning and calling.

I have had the friendships where I dropped the ball and they were hurt because they thought I didn't care.

In college I had a million friends.

I knew people wherever I went.


As I have gotten older, married, children, business……I have had to be more intentional.

I have been more intentional to make sure that the friends I spend time with are the kinds of women that make me think, bring joy, have faith, encourage, laugh, love, cry….women with heart.


I am getting to an age where I don't have time for relationships that are not real…and I know you all know what I am talking about.

I want to be genuine…and I want friends that want the same thing.


I have had friendships that were exactly what I needed at the time and then we slowly drifted away.

I have had friendships that have broken my heart when they ended.

I have had friendships that lasted too long and I should have walked away long ago.

The women in my life are PRECIOUS.

I cherish my time with them…but I have become choosy.

As women I think we are one of the most amazing forces in the world…honestly…FORCES.

I also think we can be so competitive, cruel, jealous and hateful.

Who do you surround yourself with?

It REALLY matters!!!!

Do you surround yourself with women that want you to succeed?

Do they make fun of you?

Do they support and encourage?

Do they bully and mock?

Do they speak truth and beauty? 

Do they cheer you on
or tear you down?

We are powerful.

Our actions our powerful!

Our words can heal or cripple!

What kind of friends do you surround yourself with?

Should you be more choosy?

What kind of friend are you?


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