I think the evening routine is the most important.

It is worth it to take the time to wash off all the junk of the day and give your skin time to breath and recover over night.

I never, never, never sleep in makeup. Ever.

I don’t care how tired I am…I always take the time to at least wash my face before bed.

My skin is definitely getting drier so between making sure I drink enough water and the Colorado altitude it is really important for me to hydrate my skin from the inside and out.

Here is what I am using right now…

1. Aveda Enbrightenment Cleanser. This is a mild cleanser that I use with or without the Clairisonic.

2. Clarisonic.  I wish I used it every night but I do use it 2-3 times a week.

3. Enbrightenment Toner

4. Aveda Green Science Firming Creme

5. Aveda Green Science Firming Eye Creme

6. If I have a blemish I use Murad Acne Spot Treatment or

7. EradiKate

8. When I feel like my skin is really dry I will use Tarte Maracuja Oil or

9. Trader Joe Antioxidant Facial Serum

10. A few times a month (I should do it more) I use Aveda Deep Cleansing Herbal Clay Masque or

11. Aveda Enbrightenment Masque

Thanks for letting me share some of my favorite skincare products that I really use and love!

I hope you will share your favorite products too.


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