Sometimes I am reminded of all the things I take for granted.

How many times have I let opportunities pass me because I was just being lazy?


How many times have I been too hard on my body and judged it instead of rejoicing in it's beauty?


When was the last time I thought of how strong and healthy my body is and all it has accomplished?


It made me think of the babies it has carried, the miles it has walked and the hills it has climbed.


As I was recently reading the story of Nie hiking the Y near her home to mark the anniversary of her accident and to celebrate how far her body has come and healed….it made me think of how hard her year has been.

How hard her body has fought for her.

How hard she has fought for her body!

A hike.

A hike that I can easily take for granted….was months in the making for her.

What am I not doing each day that Stephanie would do anything to do?

There are so many things that I started thinking about.

More hikes with the kids.



More running for me….because I CAN!!!!!




So on this day we did a hike in honor of Nie.

To remember what she has gone through and to remind ourselves that we are strong and healthy and to not take this incredible body and life for granted.

What will you do this weekend…because you can?????