Beginning your business giveaway {The best giveaway I have ever had}

I have a heart for women.

I am constantly amazed at the depth, quality, beauty, talent and strength of women.

I had promised myself when I first started that if I ever figured this whole thing out (and I am still learning) that I would share how I did it.

Along the way I have always tried to answer emails, encourage and support other small business owners (and dreamers).

I had questions at the beginning and so many didn’t want to give me the answers.

I didn’t have a mentor and I could have really used one.

Not because I wanted to do what they were doing….because I wanted the knowledge and support to follow MY gifts.

I have had someone try to make me feel small.


Not talented enough.

Everyone has.

I don’t play by those rules.

I create my own.

I want to create a community of women that I can share my heart and journey with and then in turn they will encourage and support each other.

We all know something that someone else needs.

We all have gifts that come easily for us and others struggle with….why not reach out?

In a little over 2 weeks our new e-course Building a Creatively Made Business will launch.

April 16th is the launch.

This will be a three week course where I will share my journey with my business.

The course will be open for THREE months.

You will have plenty of time to watch all of the videos and then the online community will be open as long as you all want it.

You will have an online community through the hosting site AND Facebook to connect with other small business owners and dreamers.

Last week I kept on thinking what would make an incredible giveaway for one member of the class.

Here it is!

I want to do two things.

The first thing is that I want to give away 10 spots to this class.

Here is the big giveaway!

If you are registered for the class by April 23 you will be entered into our giveaway for one registrant to win:

Beginning Your Business Kit

Blog design by Sadie Olive

Postcard design by Sadie Olive

Business card design by Sadie Olive

Basic website design by Sadie Olive

(if you already have a website/blog set up you will receive a design credit with Sadie Olive)

My favorite planner

My favorite portable office kit

3 hours of one on one time with me on Skype or phone or email to discuss your business and dreams ( you can use this time over a few months or all at once).

This package is valued at over $1200!

I am so excited just typing this.

It means so much to me to do this for one of you that I sat down with my husband asking him what he thought about us doing this.

He was so excited too!

I wish we could do this for everyone one of you…but I truly believe the course will be amazing for all of us!

So, how do you enter?

First of all to win a spot to the class please leave a comment on THIS post telling me what you are hoping to get out of the course.

For more chances to win a spot you can:

*Facebook about the course (please link back) and then leave a comment telling us you did.

*Twitter about the course (please link back) and leave a comment telling us you did.

*Blog about the course (please link back) and leave us a comment telling us you did.

*Pin the course on Pinterest (please link back) and leave us a comment telling us you did.

This gives you FIVE chances to enter for the giveaway.

To register to win the beginning business kit…just register for the course!

Every person that registers will AUTOMATICALLY be entered for the Beginning Your Business Kit.

I can’t wait for the course to begin and to get to know you!

Owning and running your own business is one of the hardest things you can do….and one of the most rewarding.

See you in class!

You can find the video HERE that tells more about the course.

The video is also below (please pause the music on the player first).

Introduction to Building a Creatively Made Business from Jeanne Oliver on Vimeo.


One life on this earth is all that we get,

whether it is enough or not enough,

and the obvious conclusion would seem to be that at the very least

we are fools if we do not live it as fully and bravely and beautifully as we can.

–Frederick Buechner

Are you a dreamer?

Do you have ideas, dreams and a beautiful product to go with it?

Have you been putting off starting your own business?

Do you feel stuck in the online business you have already created?

Do you just need someone to take your hand and walk you through the process?

It is time to take yourself and your dreams seriously.

Let’s start at the beginning.

Join me for a three week journey in building a “Creatively Made Business”.

SOME of the topics we will cover …..

Setting up your business


Social networking

Promoting your business

Pricing and staying competitive

Photographing your product

Setting yourself apart

Growing your brand

Markets and shows


Reproducing your work

Keeping the books

Balancing home and creativity

I will share my journey

I will talk honestly about what worked and what didn’t.

I will talk about growing pains and when you will know it is time to expand.

I will talk about all the things I wish someone had told me before I started to manufacture my clothing and bags (all the mistakes I made too).

Each week you will hear from other guest business owners and they will share what they wish they would have known and give you their best piece of advice.

You will have access to a Facebook group so you can connect with other business owners (or dreamers) in the class.

Each week we will have a live chat where you can ask questions.

All sessions are recorded and available as videos for you to watch at your convenience.  You will learn at your own pace and around your own schedule.

Growth, dreams and possibilities begin April 16th.

Registration is now open.

{class will begin April 16th and the classroom will be open for 3 months}

 $48 for the course



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  1. Alie

    Jeanne, You are so kind. I know your Creatively Made eCourse helped me immensely by inspiring me. I also met some wonderful people along the way. I was able to ask my friends and family questions about my gifts, which is something I had never done before.

    This business course would help me take the next step in starting my business and applying my gifts. I know you will have some great tips and suggestions. I would love to win this amazing opportunity.

    Thanks for sharing and paying forward.

  2. Alie

    Okay, I also pinned it on my board “Inspiration.” I linked back to you.

    I will blog about it tonight when I get home from dinner with my husband. Yay!


  3. Jennifer Wright

    I am really hoping to be able to register. I am a huge lover of all that you do. I have dabbled ever so lightly with making things and putting them on Etsy. I get discouraged very easily but more than that I feel like I need a clear cut plan of action. There is so much informaton out there that I just stare at it all and stand still. I am hoping that the class can provide direction and community to help turn some of my thoughts into something productive. Thank you for this amazing opportunity!

  4. Deborah Todd

    Jeannie you are such a caring and giving soul. Thank you for the
    opportunity to win this awesome giveaway. I have been stuggling with
    my new business and this would be just what I need to take off flying!

  5. Katey

    So excited about this class! I’ve been gearing myself up for something like this for a long time and thankfully our paths crossed (via creatively made) just when I needed that extra push in the right direction. What a wonderful giveaway!! Katey

  6. Katey

    I pinned under my board of “Take me Here” because I think it fits perfectly there! Just where I plan to be in a few short weeks!

  7. Katey

    Posted on my facebook page! Right above my beautiful family photo of my parents celebrating their 50th anniversary! Imagine my parents in a “jumping” beach picture!!

    Can’t wait for your class and thanks again for the great giveaway. Too much!!

  8. paige

    oh my word…this is amazing.
    i can not even imagine winning this…

    & blown away how you continue to inspire everyone you touch….

  9. Lissa

    Oh Jeanne ~ I do not have a business so no need to throw my name in the hat for your giveaway but I had to comment! What a wonderful opportunity you are giving ~ my heart is overflowing right now. My hats off to you for being such a kind and genuine person. I always knew you were a special being ~ being friends with Kim show me how very special you really are. Hugs to you. xo

  10. Alissa

    oh jeanne…you have such a big, generous heart! i have really enjoyed and learned from you creatively made e-course. you were so encouraging…i have finally found a place in my art that i belong. found many friends and love that we can encourage each other. thanks so much!

    i am equally excited for this course! thanks so much for your willingness to share…

  11. Judy

    Jeanne, thank you for your generosity. These giveaways are truly a gift. I actually came on your blog today to thank you for the Natalie camera bag. It arrived today and it is terrific. I did register for the course a couple of weeks ago and am looking forward to it. Although I already have an Etsy shop and enjoy the challenges and rewards, your business course will give me new inspiration as well as the opportunity to meet women who are working on their dreams as well. The link to the pin is below:

    I am very new to Twitter. Mentioning your course was only my second tweet!
    (under TwinkleStarCrafts)

  12. Heather Santos

    Jeanne, thank you so much for offering this opportunity! It is my dream to do what you are doing, but with my own creativity. I hope to gain the courage to take some small steps. And ultimately, I hope to be successful enough to give back in just the way you are. Bless you sweet lady. 🙂

  13. Vicki

    I can’t even tell you how much this would mean to me. I’m still hoping to sign up, but I broke our bank already this spring (on a very important trip to France! grin!)

    I’ve dreamed of starting my own business for years. I have a couple supportive people in my life, and a couple of… not haters, but definitely not encouragers. *sigh* So – I have a closet full of completed crafts, attempted projects, collected treasures that I’d like to sell, but no wherewithall to put it all together in to an actual “shop”. I need to focus and put it all together somehow. One of these days…

    p.s. I loved the Creatively Made class so much! I love your presentation style and your beautiful spirit. I shared about you yesterday at church – how you are doing what you love, but with such a generous heart and a heart for your Creator. I appreciate you!

  14. Pamla Klenczar

    This sounds like a fantastic, supportive way to learn how to expand my business and brand. I really look for women that are positive to surround myself with as I’ve just had so many bad experiences over the years. I have 2 groups of wonderful friends where we gently and positively challenge each other and give constructive criticism when asked. You really need your girl friends! Well off to post in every spot I can.

  15. angela

    This would be so awesome to win. I had to quit working in Feb. to stay home with my 1 yr. old and desperately need for my business to grow for my sanity as well as financial support. I’m off to tell the world…

  16. angela

    I have posted abt. the course on Facebook! I haven’t touched my blog in forever and tweeting is something I know nothing abt. Any other ways to get my name in? Ad in the paper, radio, tv?:))

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  18. meghan

    i think you are amazingly talented and inspiring. it is so sweet of you to share your knowledge. i am very thankful to know such a beautiful and supportive, creative soul as you! xoxo

  19. Tammy Grieder

    I have a heart for women too Jeanne!!! 🙂 I am just beginning to realize that there are others out there like me. Keep on Truckin’ 🙂

  20. Marilyn Johnson

    Jeanne, This class sounds amazing and I would so much love to win a spot in it. I loved your Creatively Made class and can’t wait for this class to start also. Thank you for the chance to win!

  21. Tricia Legg

    Yay!!! I can wait to start another e-course with you! You are such a blessing! Thank you for sharing your gifts! I blogged! I Facebooked! I pinned! Tried to link, not sure if it worked? and sorry not much of a Tweeter!
    I’m very excited!!! Praying for you through this journey!LOVE IT!

  22. Sheila R

    I signed up a few weeks ago for this class and can’t wait to take some of my dreams and turn it into a wonderfully business. So inspired by you first at Silver Bella, then at Nada Farms, again with your ecourse Creatively Made and can’t wait for this ecourse to begin. Thank you for your kindness, generosity and sharing yourself and your insight with us!

  23. Amanda

    What a fantastic opportunity that you’re offering. I have been seriously considering an online blog/business that will allow me to be home more with my son. It’s been very trying attempting to achieve the work/life balance while working away from home.
    I’ve always been of the “dreamer” sort, which drives my family crazy. Ir would be amazing if I could actually turn those dreams into something real!!
    Thank you !

  24. Stacey

    I’m ready for something new and this class would be like someone holding my hand while I journey forth. Thanks so much.

  25. Angie H.

    Tweeted under MaddyMaze Studio….thanks


  26. Melissa

    what would i want to get out of this e-course? a chance to know the successful tips of how to build an empire. 🙂

    no really, i believe a person learns something valuable every single day, and you my friend, offer a lot of knowledge and value to this world. i would love to know how to grow a business on a very limited marketing budget.

  27. Jennifer Nordin

    I would love to win this. It could not be better timing for me. I was chosen to be the artist of the month to showcase my art during April at a local gallery. I have have poured myself into this collection and I am very proud of it. So far I have got very positive feedback. If I have a successful month I will want to pursue selling my art and I don’t know how to market myself.

  28. Christa

    Best Give Away Anytime, Anywhere! Jeanne, you are the most amazing, generous soul! I signed up for this class just about the second it was opened up for registration. I love, love, love the Creatively Made class, btw.
    So I have posted about the class on FB and pinned you on my inspiration board, because that’s what you are. Linked back on both. I don’t tweet/twitter nor do I have a blog (yet) but I could shout from the roof tops how excited I am for this class and how inspired I continue to be from the first class, if that counts for anything. If by some miracle I won the Really Amazing Give Away, I would likely expire from happiness:)

  29. Dollhouse Miniatures By Pei Li

    Thank You Soooo Much for hosting this wonderful giveaway! I was just so excited when I read this blog post and can’t tell you how much I appreciate your generosity! I have always been a big fan of your work, and of course getting to learn from a successful mentor would mean the world to me. I hope to be able to put my business to the next level. I love your style and am just amazed how incredibly talented and creative you are! I want to learn from you! Hopefully I will get a chance to win this!

    Thank you so much again!

    Pei Li

  30. Michelle

    I am so excited for this course and the start of a brand-new day! I’ve blasted my facebook, blog, pinterest and told every person I know about this. Your spirit is so loving and I am such a lucky girl to be signed up for this course. Can’t wait! 🙂

  31. Joanne

    The difficulty with any entrepreneurial uncertaking is that there is no blueprint for where to start. There is so much trial and error and one would be SO ahead of the game to be able to follow someone else’s blueprint and learn from it! Take your own idea and with the help of someone successful who has “been there”, make your own dreams a reality. I am going to register for your course. What a wonderful idea!

  32. alicia @ la famille

    this is amazing, jeanne!!! seriously!! i would love to take this course. i have a business and am always looking for great info. i’m sure this is going to be awesome!

  33. shelli osterhout

    oh my goodness. thank you for this wonderful opportunity. i am trying to get going on the whole, selling my wares wagon but into a bigger area…i pinned it on my art board will post as well. thanks again jeanne!

  34. chasity

    that is an amazing giveaway.
    if i took your course~ i would hope to
    get over my fear of failure.
    that is what holds me back from
    trying many new things.

    many blessings to you~


  35. Donna P

    I’m already signed up for the class, but wanted to say something anyways!!
    I’ve been struggling with getting my wings out and flying, hoping this class will give me the tools and encouragment I need to take flight!
    Thankyou for this class!!!

  36. Rachel @ A Cupcake for Moose

    I’m still in the dreaming phase, but you really spoke to my heart through this post and through sharing your story/advice/wisdom/business skills.

    “Not because I wanted to do what they were doing….because I wanted the knowledge and support to follow MY gifts.” How did you read my mind with that little statement? 🙂

    So PROUD of you for being brave and using your God blessed gifts to their full potential. Your blog is a HUGE inspiration for me. Just wanted to say, “Thank you, Jeanne!”

    🙂 Rachel

    P.S. That Frederick Buechner quote gave me goosebumps. I love it when God nudges me that way!

  37. Polli-Jo Moryl

    Because I am currently creating -that which I have been nourishing for a while- I am ready to add my name to the possible winners of this generous gift. I am happy happy happy to see this post and am most anxious to surround myself with people who are inspired to LIVE THEIR BEST life!

    I think meeting a few people like that in this class would be such a great blessing. I would also hope to take away some specific, concrete nitty gritty inspired ideas that could work for me.

    Thanks for paying it all forward. I love doing that in life.

  38. Diane

    Jeanne-Really excited for the class. I want to learn more about copyrights and setting up a blog. Diane

  39. cathy

    Wow – I am psyched and will absolutely be joining you on the course. Many of the words at the start of this post rang so true to many of the thoughts I had. I too wonder why do women who have made it now want to share their journey on how they did it. I know once I am there (not if I get there – but once I am there) I will be so willing to share and look forward to it as one of the things I want to do.
    thanks for the opportunity.

  40. Laura B Scott

    What a great opportunity to win! I am a new fan – thanks to sadie olive! I would really like to grow my business to include an actual photography studio space with a fine art boutique shop in the front filled with handmade arts. Your ecourse would be a great opportunity to win! I posted a link on my personal facebook page (with a link back to your facebook page) & also my photography page: As well as a pin on pinterest:

    Thanks so much!

  41. Diane

    OK Jeanne-posted it on pinterest to “crafty ideas” EEEEE-I wanna win this! Diane

  42. Gina Smith

    So excited for this great give a way!!! I linked your blog post to my facebook page as well as Pinned It!!! Hope I win a spot. If not I will sign up in hopes that I win the BIG give a way that is so generous of you. I have heard great things about your classes and can not wait to begin.

  43. Lori

    I just signed up and am so excited! Winning would be wonderful and icing on the cake. I’m off to tweet and spread the word. Thank you for offering this class!!

  44. Tracy

    JEANNE! I’m so excited…I have done a special post talking about your ecourse – I’m SO thrilled to take!!!

    going to be so awesome – and I can’t wait.


  45. Michelle Mathey

    I think your class sounds amazing – I’ve always wondered if my skills could be used in someway and your class would be a chance to me to find out! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  46. Annie~SavorThisMoment


    This looks like an amazing E-Course! You have such a passionate creativity, I would love to learn anything you have to teach! I am hoping to get the courage to make creating, art, and memory keeping a full-time job! I also want to learn how to market what I make, and how to manage my time wisely.

    I’m so excited!

    Thank you! Annie

  47. Michelle

    Jeanne, so many women have already expressed thoughts similar to my own. I enjoyed taking your first e-course. I found inspiration, desire, skills, melancholy moments, lots of “why couldn’t I think of that?” moments, passion, quiet happiness among many other things from your Creatively Made class. For almost two years now, I have given serious consideration to starting my own business but remain tentative because I am struggling with defining ‘me’ in my art. Other than a business plan, I haven’t done much else. There are many in my life who would be very supportive of my efforts, but I need to be successful for me, not them. I am signed up for your course and am hoping that I will find the inner strength and courage to move forward with your guidance of tried and trues. Thank you(!) so much for sharing the benefits of what you already know. 🙂

  48. Tonya

    What I would hope to get out of your ecourse is the “how” to move from idea to business.
    How to implement your ideas into serving others needs.
    What are each of the steps, are there steps or is it several at once?
    How to get yourself recognized online for your services.
    Most importantly, support from other like minded entrepreneurs.
    Thank you so much for the opportunity to win your ecourse!

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  50. Kim Fisher-Anctil

    Taking my art to the next level and having my own business has been a dream of mine for so long. I’m more than looking forward to this course and being mentored by you. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself and what you’ve learned along the way. I appreciate you Jeanne 🙂

  51. Lara Taylor

    Before I forget: I Tweeted, Facebooked and Pinned it! 🙂

    I am in the midst of a rather awful divorce. After 3 months of looking for a full-time job with no luck, I did what I’d always wanted to do: I started freelancing as a graphic designer. I continued to apply for jobs, but even with several promising leads and one offer, nothing worked out for one reason or another. And I kept freelancing. It’s been almost 7 months since I started my business. I am still trapped in the same house as my ex, unable to earn enough to move out, still applying for jobs, still freelancing. He has actively gone out of his way to tell me over and over again I am going to fail, I am being foolish, I need a real job, now is not the time to be chasing dreams and above all: I need to move out and support myself!! But in my heart, I just couldn’t let go, I couldn’t stop creating. My business has expanded somewhat, but the time is closing in on me—we’ll be completing the divorce soon and I need to be able to pay rent. THIS is what I want to do, and in fact, I AM doing it, just not at the rate I need or want. I definitely need some help. I’m still being practical, still applying for jobs, but I refuse to give up on this business. This course, if it’s as helpful as I hope, could literally mean the difference between success and total failure; the difference between living the life of my dreams…and getting a drudge job so I can put a roof over my kids’ heads.
    Either way, I’m going to scrape the money together to do this. But I REALLY hope I win it instead! lol 😉 Thank you!!

  52. Jillayne

    I loved the Creatively Made workshop – there were things you said that felt as though you had said them just for me; I will never forget how true those words were… this new course of yours sounds equally as amazing!

  53. Michele Trottier

    Hi Jeanne!

    I am so excited about your up coming class. After being a wife and a mother, I decided this year was the year to finally branch out. You are such an inspiration! I have pinned, posted on facebook, and tweeted about the class to all of my friends. I just can’t wait!

    Do you think you will every repost your first online class? I would love to take that one as well.

    Thank you,

  54. Therese FitzRandolph

    I’ve been in business for 22 years. When I first started, one of my “competitors” said, “Therese, always remember…there is more than enough work for all of us.” It was such an epiphany for me and obviously made an impression. Thank you for sharing your class with so many who may be future “competitors”. Your generous heart gift will result in more returns than you could ever imagine. Thank you for believing in the gifts we women have to offer.

  55. Angie H.

    Fisrt, thank you so much for the inspiration you give through this blog, your products and vision. Truly, I love reading it and have been for years. One day I would love to go to the seminars and classes I see so many taking part of. There are so many reasons I would love to do this. I am 46 years old and feel that I’ve just begun to tap into what makes me tick. I have always been creative, but lacked the courage to make a go of it. I have been plugging away for a few years and am working so hard to make a business for myself and my family. I am not afraid of hard work and welcome criticism…I take it all in. Thank you so much for this great opportunity. Bless you and good luck to all of us…..Angie

  56. Cherie Wilson

    I am encouraged by your generosity of offering this giveaway and the opportunity to glean from your experience Jeanne. Looks to be a lot of information for the very reasonalbe cost of the class, too! Best wishes in your latest adventure in design!

  57. darci haney

    Oh I would LOVE to take part in this class!! I have so many ideas floating in my little head, I definitely need to focus 😉 You are so inspiring!!

  58. Ruthie Carlson

    Jeanne!!!! I must say when you first posted about this course, I knew it was exactly what I needed. I am actually taking steps already to put my self out there and I was so fired up preparing and getting to the starting block and now I am feeling a little apprehensive. What if no one likes what I do…. what if I completely flop….those ‘what ifs’ kind of creep in and get you. However, not doing it is not an option! I love it too much! So I saw your gracious giveaway and I thought…That would be awesome!Great encouragement, and then I realized your giveaway is our first lesson in marketing!! Very cool! I love it! Today you already have 100 or so comments and tweets and blogs and pins…..Wow! Imagine how many people will read and check out your class! I’m not even in the class and I’ve already learned a fabulous thing!!!!! Love it! and Love to win your class.I’ve already learned outside the class,imagine what I will learn actually being in the class!!! Thank you Ruthie

  59. Lynne

    Hi Jeanne!
    I registered on March 20th! I’m hoping to start my business in August.
    What a gracious give a way! You and Sara have such giving hearts.

  60. Grace Restored

    I linked from my business facebook page but cant link back to your page? I dont see a like button on your facebook? Anyways. I hope someone can help me figure this out. & Im very excited for this giveaway. Its beyond amazing what you are giving away.

  61. Adrienne


    You are just amazing! I always tell my husband how I am just amazed at how open you are with your gifts and talents and how willing you are to share! I loved creatively made and I was trying to decide about this class since I have been down the “follow your dream” road and it didn’t go like I had hoped. Anyway, I’m hoping that if I win, I will get a new perspective and some really good, honest advice from someone I can trust. Thank you Jeanne for being such an inspiration to us all.

  62. Kelly

    This looks amazing! What a wonderfully kind giveaway! I facebook’d it and will post a link on my blog as well…this looks like what I am needing to get a fresh jump on my work and turn my creative into a real solid business. Thank you for the chance!

  63. Tina N.

    I would love to win a spot in this class. I need a little hand holding. I have tried for years to open a small business and have reached obstacle after obstacle. Each obstacle was extremely costly and lead me to give up. This time I want to start a business and be prepared for those obstacles before they even arise…

  64. AudreyP

    This course sounds so exciting, and just what I have been looking for! I have been dreaming of starting my own creative business for some time now. I have ideas, designs, and all of the pieces seem to be there, I just can’t seem to put everything in place and take the plunge. I’m hoping this course will give me the courage to do so, and I’d love the chance to meet others in the same situation who have also decided to put fears aside and follow their dreams. It is so generous of you to give away spots in your class!

  65. Linda R


    The most terrifying part is that I might not win 😉
    I almost said “why bother” – I am the unluckiest person I know.
    That was then, this is now – I’m going to give me a chance.

    I have read the previous comments and this would be an awesome group of women to study and dream with, for sure. I have been bound to a situation that didn’t allow me to move beyond the dream stage with a creative biz of my own. The possibility of being free to fly should be this summer (2 yrs. I earlier than anticipated).

    I’m not ready. I’m scared of failure. I’m afraid of success.
    Takes too long to learn everything I need (blog, website, marketing).
    I’m too old.
    I’m all over the place – collage, no painting, no maybe jewelry, or ….

    I need an angel.
    That would be YOU.
    Fingers crossed, prayers said.

    Thank you {hug}.

  66. Cathy

    It would be a dream come true to have a successful creative business. Would love the opportunity to win your course and learn how. I have struggled to find my true calling and this year have started to paint more and believe things will happen. I think this could would offer some needed guidance and direction. Thank you Jeanne!

  67. Julia Monroe

    I just pinned it to a new board I made called Business. So excited about this course! Jeanne, even your give away is teaching me things. It never occurred to me to have a postcard design or a planner. Oh I need this course and the giveaway would be icing on the already splendid cake!

  68. Michelle Eberhart

    I am so excited that you are offering this course! The Creatively Made class was beyond awesome and I’m sure this one will be too!

  69. Angie


    I am thrilled that you are offering this course and an amazing giveaway. I always feel it is important to learn from those you admire. You are one of those women that I admire. You are always willing to share your gifts, your faith, and your tremendous talent with all of us. It would be a joy to learn from your successes, bumps along the way, and knowledge as I try to create and build my own business.

    Thank you so much for offering this course and great giveaway!


  70. Lesleigh

    Hi Jeanne – thank you for offering this course and the generous giveaways! From this course I would like to go from day time accountant to full time artist! Someone with a thriving business and the ability to employ or help others in that business too. One dream I have is to create with the elders of community – easy peasy crafty workshops run by me in retirement villages etc….share the joy of art. I am sure your course would put me on the path….
    Lesleigh xx

  71. Jen Randall

    Hi Jeanne!
    First of all I am just really happy for you. So happy. Art, clothes lines, classes, mom, pictures, blog, success…so much inspiration. 🙂 I would LOVE to take your business course. For a long time I didn’t think “I could” have my own business – typical fear and lack of confidence. But slowly I have gained my footing and belief…in myself. So now I am a sponge and want to gain all the knowledge I can. There is no better place to learn than from those you admire! Thank you for a chance to win a spot!!

  72. Sherri Boyce

    Hi Jeanne, well I can’t tell you how excited I am about this business course! I LOVED the Creatively Made Art class and looking forward to this one! I also spread the word by Pinning, Tweeting, posting on my blog, and sharing on FB! Love and Hugs, Sherri

  73. Sarah

    I love the idea of a go-to course for inspiration and guidance into the creative and practical sides of business. Thank you for the chance to win what looks like a priceless treasure on this path 🙂

  74. Jane T

    I have never had an online busniness and would love to know how about setting one up and being a success. Love your work and so enjoyed your trip to San Fran.

  75. Jennifer

    Just the other day, on the etsy front page I saw a teeny, tiny photo of a really adorable dress, so I clicked onto it…and onto the shop, to the blog and there I was in the beautiful world of Jeanne Oliver – window shopping, hanging out in San Francisco with the girls, shopping the Alameda Flea Market, etc. I like it here! You’ve created a positive, uplifting, heartening, lovely place to be. I’ve registered for your e-course and I’m really looking forward to it. Thank you very, very much for what you do.

  76. Julia P

    This sounds like a Fabulous class! Tons of valuable, helpful info to get a little fire brewing under those dreams! Thanks for sharing your knowledge, experience

  77. Joann Brewer

    Thanks so much for a chance of winning a spot on this course. Generally I am looking to move from dreaming to doing and specifically to gain insight and understanding on pricing and marketing. Thanks again.

  78. Emily Mortimer

    I would love a chance to take your new course! I loved Creatively Made! LOVED! Thanks for the generous gift!

  79. jodi

    Thank you so much for offering such a fabulous giveaway!

    I am a dreamer! I would love so much to win a spot in your course. I would love to learn more on how to make my dreams come true!


  80. Dira Reeves

    I would love to win, so the gifts that God has given me, I could share with others. I have so much on my mind and in my heart that I have stored for years, and learned from other wonderful talented ladies, that sometimes I feel like I am bursting at the seams! I just feel like I need that major push from supporting people who think the same way I do…so…good luck to all of us!

  81. Dira Reeves

    Okay…YES!!! I registered…I shared on Facebook under me 😉 I so hope I am one of the lucky 10…(biting nails…eagerly!!) thanks for a possible chance ..wooohooo!!!

  82. Kelly

    Thank you for the chance to win. I’m in the dreaming phase of thinking about a creative business – and wondering if it’s even feasible. I’m hoping to clear away the doubt and learn real steps to make it happen, not just hopes and dreams.

  83. Christy

    Jeanne you are truly a kindred spirit! I have thoroughly enjoyed your creatively made class. I am inspired by your uplifting words and kindness. I am currently working in a career that is highly stressful. Although I have always loved art and creating things, I feel that God is leading me more into this area. I feel an overwhelming urge to find my true creative self and to share with others. Being a single mother and living in a small town, my resources are extremely limited! This course could help me make my dreams into a reality. I could follow my heart and share my art. Thank you so much for this incredible opportunity! It would truly be a blessing!

  84. Brandie

    Jeanne, you are such a sweet generous soul. I am in desperate need of a big shove out of the funk that I have been in. I really want o to start fresh with my business but keep letting this fog over me take over. i had planned on taking your course for inspiration to get my behind back in gear but money has been crazy tight. I came to your blog today to see what’s new and saw the reminder that you are giving away a few spots and thought that I would enter too. I hate to try to get a spot when there are others out there without any experience having a business that would benefit so well from your course but well, I think I would benefit too so I thought entering couldn’t hurt. Thank you for the opportunity Jeanne and just for being you?

  85. Tarrah

    Oh my, what a wonderful giveaway! I am super excited for this ecourse (signed up for about it as soon as it was posted on facebook). I really hope to learn on how to better promote my business and especially all our wares. Having a hard time getting the “big break” via the internet. I need the know how on all techy aspect of it too…making my blog more aesthetically appealing! 🙂 Here’s hoping I win something! 🙂

  86. Dira Reeves

    I pinned it!!! I linked it to my Facebook, home page and my business Facebook page, and I registered….what else can I do…oh yeah I told some others as well!! Can’t wait!!

  87. Barbara

    I’m all signed up….after being laid off for over three years…i’ve been waiting for a door to open…SLAM SLAM SLAM….i’m going to crawl thru the window now!

    i’ve pinned you, facebooked and blogged!!! FINGERS CROSSED!

  88. Barbara

    After being laid off for over three years…i’ve been knocking on all the wrong doors…SLAM, SLAM, SLAM…i’m ready to crawl thru the window…and greet the sun!

    i’ve blogged, pinned and facebooked all about this amazing adventure!


  89. carlanda williamson

    oh jeanne, i am so glad i saw this before it was over. i had been at artfest and missed a week! i would love to win this course. i will share this on facebook for a second chance. thank you so much! fingers crossed!!! xo carlanda

  90. Pam Labat

    Jeanne, I just registered for your course, I’m so excited!! Can’t wait to get my business to the next level and above! Pam

  91. Chris

    This looks like a great course! I liked this page on Facebook to enter the contest!

  92. Chris

    I’d like to get some more details on how to keep energized and positive about my creativity and the business of making things. I am in the process of getting this going and this is the ideal time to have support like this. Thanks!

  93. Laura

    This is such a generous and exciting offer.
    I would love a chance to win this course…to figure out if I have what it takes to follow my dreams.

  94. Kathy

    I would like to get an online business going but definitely need some help/guidance/steps advice! What comes first, whos on second, oh my such choices!!!!!

  95. Cathy Bueti

    Jeanne, what an amazing giveaway!! I really enjoyed your creatively made course and am excited for this one! I have an etsy shop but feel lost with where I am going with it. The whole thing is a bit scary and I would love to learn from you!

    Thanks for the opportunity to win a spot in this amazing class!

  96. Anne

    I am already registered for this class.I am so excited to be a part of this.I am new to blogging and starting my own business.So much to know.So much to learn.To win this giveaway would be a dream come true.

  97. Melinda

    Oh my goodness Jeanne!! I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing this is! I am embarking on my dream right now of starting my own business and this would help immensely!!~
    All that has been standing in my way is financial issues!! With 2 little boys to raise it’s difficult to have money left over for your own dreams. I love my boys so of course they always come first! But honestly this would be a dream come true to win!
    You are truly a giving and lovely person, thank you for this opportunity!!

  98. Melinda

    I’ve already had your “Creatively Made Business” button on my blog for weeks! I so look forward to it!!
    Have a lovely night.

  99. Melinda

    I’m hoping to get everything I need out of your amazing course!! The business side of your art I think, is always the most difficult piece to juggle, especially with a growing family. Your experience Jeanne will truly be priceless to all of us in the course!
    Thanks again!

  100. Angie


    I never win, so I thought I would give this my best shot!!! I pinned the course to Pinterest.

  101. Melinda

    Hi Jeanne,
    I just posted your remarkable giveaway on my Facebook page!!
    I’m still in shock over this giveaway! And to have a blog designed by Sara…I would be over the moon!

  102. Suzette

    I’m excited about class and looking forward to hearing what worked and didn’t work and some of the artist rules how to prevent copying and issues with mass marketing and producing.

  103. Lynda

    I have been thinking of starting a online shop for sometime. Your course sounds like the guidance I need to get myself moving! Your giveaway for those that sign up is beyond generous – it’s a complete treasure!

  104. Judy

    Wow Jeanne, I’d love to win this. I’d hope to get a shot in the arm for my business. You know, finding a way to make my passion more profitable.

    Thanks for the chance,

  105. Terri

    This course is just what I need. I started an Etsy shop last October and sales are going fairly well, but I could definitely use help with marketing, record keeping, etc. Thanks for the chance to win!

  106. Debbie Ellerd

    Jeanne….what a fantastic giveaway. I would love to go on this journey with you in the classes you are offering. Just getting the knowledge and possibly the ability to venture in this direction. Thank you for this giveaway…..

  107. Brea

    I don’t have a blog and I’m not on Twitter or Pinterest yet BUT I did share on Facebook! 🙂

    A while back I bought a really good camera and VERY quickly gained a lot of business through word of mouth. Unfortunately it came to a screeching halt when I became quite ill. Now that I am recovering and would like to reestablish some of the business I had and branch out in other areas. Because my original business happened so fast I didn’t actually have the time or chance to go much further than creating a website, posting on Facebook and handing out business cards. All of which are fine but don’t reflect me or my focus. From this class I hope to gain a more solid business foundation as well as learn how to grow my business in a way that reflects who I am and allows me to find a way to use my creativity to generate income but also so I can be a blessing and encouragement to others. That’s something I could be proud of!

    How exciting!

  108. Kris

    Thank you so much for ‘holding my hand’ through this new venture! This is PERFECT timing! Please enter me into your fabulous sweepstakes.
    Thank you!!
    Kris of Cricket Acres Studio

  109. Cindy

    I shared this blog on my facebook page (fb/fatcowstudio) and I pinned it on pinterest!
    I would love the chance to win this awesome course. It would benefit my fledgling company!
    Thanks for offering such a generous prize!

  110. Carrie

    What an exciting opportunity to get my business off on the right foot. Thank you for sharing your resources.

  111. SuZeQ

    Ohhhhhhhhhh, Jeanne. Your generosity astounds me. Thank you so much! I’ve got my own little papercrafting business and I’m doing good – but I want to do better. I think your “how-to” tips would benefit me, therefore, I am truly hoping to win! Thank you so much for offering your wisdom.

  112. Marilyn B. Hughes

    Amazing course and amazing giveaway. I have a dream of starting my own business, even have my tax ids and accounts with suppliers set up, but that is as far as I’ve been able to go. Just the thought of (among other things) web-design, marketing, and the risk is terrifying. I think your course would help me make that last step toward beginning my own business.


  113. Mary Ann Lana

    I’ve already learned so much from you by taking your Creatively Made course, I know this will be an amazing experience to help me grow my business. I’ve already registered for the class but I’d love to win!

  114. Laurie-Annya

    Ohhhh… I would love to have this opportunity! Thank you SO much for all of the support you have given so many people!
    Pinned and Facebooked!

  115. mandy

    hi! what a great opportunity! i would totally love to win this in order to help find more focus for my little biz and take it to the next level. i also facebooked this link, and pinned it! thanks for the chance to do this. mandy

  116. Leigh Anne

    I would love to be able to attend your course. I am going to be a new mommy and I currently work in the corporate world and would love to start pursing my own business to be able to stay home. Any direction from you will be great. thanks

  117. Kirsten Reed

    I signed up for this awhile ago – the first time you mentioned it! I can not wait. As I read this post of yours, I thought, “that is me”, “I heard that”, “I was told that”, I feel this way too! Wow! What a blessing to have someone so generous and big in heart to WANT to help other women succeed! Three cheers for you~ I can’t wait to get my “game on”!

  118. MotherDana @ St John Studios

    Wow, what a grand giveaway! What do I hope to get from your class? A path to follow to make my own dreams a reality, of monetizing my artwork and creative gifts…I have built technical businesses, but it’s so different in my creative life, I am battling WAY more the mind chatter of not knowing if what I create is good enough, or if I know how to do anything interesting enough to market. My heart tells me Yes! but the inner critic slaps me around a bit.
    Thanks for the opportunity, I also posted on my FB at: Off to post on my blog next 🙂
    xoxo MotherDana

  119. Renee Miller

    Jeanne, you are very generous! What a great gift. Couldn’t come at a better time, may be losing my job(became disabled). Wanting to start up my own business. Would love to stay home and care for my family.Thank you for this opportunity.

    Blessing filled with Sparkles n Glitter

  120. Suzan Elbel

    What an amazing giveaway! I’ve been daydreaming about starting an online business and have no idea where to start. I also have no idea how to use the social network sites to link back. Yikes! Would really love to learn how to connect with others. Thanks for the opportunity to win a place in your class!

  121. Kathy

    Wow…I just found this on Pinterest and I hope I’m not to late to enter the giveaway!
    I would love to learn more of the nuts and bolts of starting and running a business. I’ve always been long on creativity and short on basic business skills.

  122. Kathy

    I tweeted about this.


    (for some reason I’ve been unable to paste links here)

  123. Anita

    This giveaway sounds like heaven. It would definitely help us expand our little flea market business..

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