I have a heart for women.

I am constantly amazed at the depth, quality, beauty, talent and strength of women.

I had promised myself when I first started that if I ever figured this whole thing out (and I am still learning) that I would share how I did it.

Along the way I have always tried to answer emails, encourage and support other small business owners (and dreamers).

I had questions at the beginning and so many didn’t want to give me the answers.

I didn’t have a mentor and I could have really used one.

Not because I wanted to do what they were doing….because I wanted the knowledge and support to follow MY gifts.

I have had someone try to make me feel small.


Not talented enough.

Everyone has.

I don’t play by those rules.

I create my own.

I want to create a community of women that I can share my heart and journey with and then in turn they will encourage and support each other.

We all know something that someone else needs.

We all have gifts that come easily for us and others struggle with….why not reach out?

In a little over 2 weeks our new e-course Building a Creatively Made Business will launch.

April 16th is the launch.

This will be a three week course where I will share my journey with my business.

The course will be open for THREE months.

You will have plenty of time to watch all of the videos and then the online community will be open as long as you all want it.

You will have an online community through the hosting site AND Facebook to connect with other small business owners and dreamers.

Last week I kept on thinking what would make an incredible giveaway for one member of the class.

Here it is!

I want to do two things.

The first thing is that I want to give away 10 spots to this class.

Here is the big giveaway!

If you are registered for the class by April 23 you will be entered into our giveaway for one registrant to win:

Beginning Your Business Kit

Blog design by Sadie Olive

Postcard design by Sadie Olive

Business card design by Sadie Olive

Basic website design by Sadie Olive

(if you already have a website/blog set up you will receive a design credit with Sadie Olive)

My favorite planner

My favorite portable office kit

3 hours of one on one time with me on Skype or phone or email to discuss your business and dreams ( you can use this time over a few months or all at once).

This package is valued at over $1200!

I am so excited just typing this.

It means so much to me to do this for one of you that I sat down with my husband asking him what he thought about us doing this.

He was so excited too!

I wish we could do this for everyone one of you…but I truly believe the course will be amazing for all of us!

So, how do you enter?

First of all to win a spot to the class please leave a comment on THIS post telling me what you are hoping to get out of the course.

For more chances to win a spot you can:

*Facebook about the course (please link back) and then leave a comment telling us you did.

*Twitter about the course (please link back) and leave a comment telling us you did.

*Blog about the course (please link back) and leave us a comment telling us you did.

*Pin the course on Pinterest (please link back) and leave us a comment telling us you did.

This gives you FIVE chances to enter for the giveaway.

To register to win the beginning business kit…just register for the course!

Every person that registers will AUTOMATICALLY be entered for the Beginning Your Business Kit.

I can’t wait for the course to begin and to get to know you!

Owning and running your own business is one of the hardest things you can do….and one of the most rewarding.

See you in class!

You can find the video HERE that tells more about the course.

The video is also below (please pause the music on the player first).

Introduction to Building a Creatively Made Business from Jeanne Oliver on Vimeo.


One life on this earth is all that we get,

whether it is enough or not enough,

and the obvious conclusion would seem to be that at the very least

we are fools if we do not live it as fully and bravely and beautifully as we can.

–Frederick Buechner

Are you a dreamer?

Do you have ideas, dreams and a beautiful product to go with it?

Have you been putting off starting your own business?

Do you feel stuck in the online business you have already created?

Do you just need someone to take your hand and walk you through the process?

It is time to take yourself and your dreams seriously.

Let’s start at the beginning.

Join me for a three week journey in building a “Creatively Made Business”.

SOME of the topics we will cover …..

Setting up your business


Social networking

Promoting your business

Pricing and staying competitive

Photographing your product

Setting yourself apart

Growing your brand

Markets and shows


Reproducing your work

Keeping the books

Balancing home and creativity

I will share my journey

I will talk honestly about what worked and what didn’t.

I will talk about growing pains and when you will know it is time to expand.

I will talk about all the things I wish someone had told me before I started to manufacture my clothing and bags (all the mistakes I made too).

Each week you will hear from other guest business owners and they will share what they wish they would have known and give you their best piece of advice.

You will have access to a Facebook group so you can connect with other business owners (or dreamers) in the class.

Each week we will have a live chat where you can ask questions.

All sessions are recorded and available as videos for you to watch at your convenience.  You will learn at your own pace and around your own schedule.

Growth, dreams and possibilities begin April 16th.

Registration is now open.

{class will begin April 16th and the classroom will be open for 3 months}

 $48 for the course