If you have been reading my blog for awhile you know that we homeschool our children.

Sometimes I am amazed at our decision, how it was made and the joy and ease it has added to our life…but that is another post.

We will officially begin our school year after Labor Day.

Our oldest will be going into fourth grade, our middle into second and little Benjamin is just along for the ride at this point.

These weeks before school start are filled will planning, ordering and figuring out the schedule for the year.

Our children go to an enrichment school one a week.

On Saturday night my husband and I headed out on a date.

The true purpose of this date was to talk about our school year and the children…just the two of us.

I usually give him a run down of what we will be doing.

This year I pulled out my "notes" and shared what subject each of the children will be studying and the curriculum we are using.

I went through the unit studies for the year.

Kelly asked if he could take over one of the courses (because he loves it) and I was VERY willing to give it up.

We talked about each child and the educational and personal goals we had for them.

We talked about goals for our family.

We were being intentional and I felt so connected to this man.

This father and husband.

It is so easy for me to just do the things that need to be done and not include him.

When I stop and let him into our schedule he loves it too.

It also took a weight off of me.

I was sharing this huge responsibility!

He knows what we are studying.

He is so proud of the children and what they are learning.

He supports me and the job I do in educating them.

To sit with him and talk honestly about our children and where we want them to go…

How we want them to grow….was the perfect way to start this school year.

I know there will be a day when we don't homeschool.

I still want to do this.

I can't imagine not starting every year off like this now…..being intentional….about the children and our family.


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