Being Realistic

Have you ever watched Oprah's Favorite Things episode?

I am sure you have!

I remember when Jack was a baby and rushing home with one of my best friends (along with her baby) so we could watch it.

I have to say that 10 years ago the episodes were a little more affordable.

I hadn't watched one in years and this year I made sure I did.

I have to say that I wouldn't have wanted much on her list and the truth is….I couldn't afford it!

So, in the spirit of giving and a budget I give you Jeanne's Favorite Things…that's right…you can start screaming, crying, hugging your neighbor…….


1. I LOVE Anthro's tea towels. I do…and I give them as gifts A LOT!

2. These are my favorite all time running shoes.  I love that they have a drawstring lace and it tucks into the tongue…no tripping on MY shoestrings! I bought mine at REI.

3. This camera is just plain FUN!!  Yes, the film is pricey.  Obviously this isn't for everyday use…but everyone will love playing with it on Christmas. Who doesn't love to print out their photo right away!

4. I don't scrapbook but I use Melody Ross' Chip Art tools on tons of my art.  They are perfect for stamping into leather and even thin metals..and how can you resist the cute as can be tins they come in!!.  

5. I love pretty much everything in the Dick Blick catalog.  For any artist on your list a gift card from Blick will put a HUGE smile on their face…HUGE!!

6. I have so many artists that I admire.  Janet Hill is one of them.  I love the way her art looks so soft and feminine.  I have a few of her prints and they are truly gorgeous. Maybe someday I will be fast enough to snag one of her originals.

7. I am not even finished reading this book and I love it.  It is very inspiring and just reminds you that you can do so much to truly change how you see the world…and also clean out the things that are wasting your energy.

8. My friend Lissa gave this to me and I have since purchased several. Love the color (spun gold) and it even looks amazing over lipstick.  One of my purse staples.

9. I wish I could tell you that I have this amazing skin routine, that I buy really expensive makeup and people are always mistaking me for an 18 year old…BUT…when I have extra money for skincare this is my favorite product.

10.  The title alone is worth buying it!!  Really fun activities and inspring messages.  Perfect for any creative person on your list.  They will thank you later too:-)

11.  Another gift for the creative one in your life (maybe even you)!  Suzi Blu online art classes.  Many are at your own pace and videos that you download.  I love learning new techniques…and her prices are REALLY affordable which makes it too good to pass up.

12.  I don't care if they are out of style (are they out of style???.) I love my UGGS!!  I would like to add that I have NEVER paid what price comes up on their website.  I always find them on sale OR I buy in the children's section (oh yes I do) and get them CHEAP!  I think I paid $80 last time in the children't section at Nordstrom.  They are so warm and comfy and I even wear them around the house like slippers.  I don't know how many pairs I have had over the years but the fakes just don't cut it.  This is one of the things I believe you need the real deal.

13.  Another one of my favorite gifts to give are the gorgeous aprons from Anthro.  I just received this exact one as a gift because my good friend thought it looked like a dress I would wear (and she was so right..I had been eyeing it for awhile).  Don't worry people..I promise not to wear this apron as a dress..can you even imagine the horror!!!

14. I have different lens's that I use but this is a pretty reasonable lens (in the whole scheme of crazy lens prices).  This is wonderful for portraits and even product shots.  I use to have the 50 mm 1.8 and that is really cheap and still very fun to play with.

15. My favorite candle of all time.  I keep thinking I will find something better but I don't.  Maybe it just makes me think I am in Anthro with unlimited funds…for whatever the reason it will make your home smell wonderful.

16.  I love to give these tea/coffee cups.  I love them so much that next to my coffee pot is a whole rack of different cups from Anthro.  So affordable and such a pretty gift to give (and you know they will actually USE them).  I am giving these to my children's teachers at their enrichment school this year.  

I could go on on on but what I really wanted to do is show you some of things I use or enjoy everyday that are reasonably priced.  

I hope that maybe this list has inspired you to look at the things you love and use everything that may bless another this Christmas (that won't break the bank).

Sorry, I have to add ONE more thing.

I LOVE this CD.

I listen to it everyday..all day long!

If you want to smile you need to get it!!



I wanted all of you to know that I just listed some new purses and camera bags in my shop.

These will be the LAST fabric items that I will be shipping before Christmas.

These are ready to ship.

I wrap each item in such a way that it is perfect for gift giving.

I can even ship it directly to the person you are buying for…just let me know at checkout.

I have also added a new print.

I will be adding more NEW items this week!!!

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  1. Shannon

    Since I have a few of those exact items I will have to say that you obviously have excellent taste πŸ˜‰
    Love my UGGS too and it makes me upset that so many people talk down on them because they are the comfiest and warmest shoes ever!
    I’m gonna have to go check out some of those art items for gifts now.

  2. lissa

    hey sweetie~ I’m so glad you loved that lip gloss! It’s been my staple for years. Neal calls it glue and won’t kiss me if I’m wearing it. I also completely love those candles! I just saw the coolest uggs in Portland. They’re bronze and I’m begging for them for Christmas! And they’re not in the kids section and I don’t even care. I want them so bad! I liked reading your list. I was just thinking today that there will never be another Oprah’s favorite things. I never ever watch her show but I try to never miss the favorite things one. It’s so fun!

  3. Hayley

    Great list! And I want to assure you that your UGGS are not out of style…I teach high school and they are everywhere on all the cutest girls. And we all KNOW that you’re at your epitome of cool when you’re in high school. πŸ™‚

  4. meghan

    i am making an apron crossed between 1 and 13. i bought my little brother the lens and he bought me the uggs. funny! love your list:) xoxo m
    ps…read about mindy on nie. have you heard of jj heller? LOVE HER.

  5. Dearest Jeanne, oh my…im loving your list!! I had my eyes set on that Fujifilm Instax MINI7 for a LONG TIME!! I love it and had a chance to create a cozy for a friend that owns it. One day… day when i save up enough to get me one. πŸ™‚ And i adore those gorgeous tea cups ~ so lovely and they do make wonderful gifts! Thanks so much for sharing. Have a lovely merry happy week and love to you!

  6. Leah C

    What a super list…love some of your favorites:) And thanks for “introducing” us to Mindy Gledhill; she has such a pretty voice!

  7. Pam

    My husband and I went out for one of our last “Adult Meals” for our anniversary in September. He loves the restaurant and I love it because it has an Anthro right next to it…no ulterior motives πŸ˜‰ I have soooo been coveting those mugs, I have probably mentioned them a hundred times since then. They’re definatley affordable but we’ve been trying to save money so I left them there. Hopefully he’ll make them my Christmas gift. By the way, I also love Oprah, but I agree, her list has become for the more than “average womans” budget. She worked hard to get where she is, but her average audience member is not in her tax bracket.

  8. Brooke

    LOVED you list. I will have to check out the art classes…sounds like something I would enjoy (especially that I can do it at my pace :)). And I’ve never thought about Uggs in kid sizes, but I’m certain I could do that!!! Yea! Great idea.

  9. Heather

    I bought this camera for my son, we had been searcing for the “real deal” at many auctions and after scoring an entire dozen of them, we found out that we cant get the film! So this was a “santa” present for sure!

  10. Anne

    Great list, much better than Oprah’s. πŸ™‚
    I just purchased the Nikon version of the 50mm 1.4, great lens!

  11. Lara

    man, we are peas in a pod…got my Anthro candle a-burnin’ right here with “Life is a Verb” and “Happines..” on the counter. I’m reading some of “verb” again because she just speaks to me.
    This is a great idea to share this stuff–very cute πŸ˜‰
    as are you, my carmel corn diva.

  12. Brandie

    LOVE your list Jeanne!!! I have a few things on there but definitely need to try some of the others. I am looking for some good books to read. I need to check out that c.d. too:)

  13. All That Jazz Vintage

    I missed Oprah’s show (I know, how dare I) but I love your wonderful list! I have to agree with your on the UGGS, the faux ones are awful (they stretch out and feel like you are walking on cardboard) the only other brand worthy are EMU’s, but they aren’t much cheaper than UGGS. I too wear kiddo sizes, isn’t it fun to save a few $$?? πŸ˜‰

  14. Leslie

    Wonderful list!! I must do this, too. Wonderful stuff. That chip art tool is very interesting…I just may have to get one of those in my stocking!!

  15. Martha

    I’m definitely a fan of several things on that list…love that anthro tea towel…so cute…I was actually thinking to make some into curtains {well not me because I can’t sew} for my kitchen…but just not sure how I’ll work that out yet {I saw that idea from someone just can’t remember though} Anyway…seeing those tea towels just made me think of that idea again

  16. Kristine

    What a wonderful blog and your music is soooo soothing! I will come back for more. I’d love to win the free Brave Girls Club ecourse.

  17. Susan Howard

    I love your pics – they stimulate all my senses! Love the idea of Brave Girl Camp/Soul restoration. Surely it’s something every woman can benefit from regardless of her age, social standing or looks! It’s #1 on my Christmas list.

  18. Carrie

    Love your list! I was lucky enough to grab four of Janet Hill’s originals when she first started on etsy. Her paintings are gorgeous! I will check out that cd you mentioned. You and I have the same music taste and I was actually going to email you a while back for some recommendations…ha! Thanks again!

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