Berry Patch Farm


Summer is not winding down unless we are off picking berries at Berry Patch Farms.

This has been a tradition I have had with the children since Jack was a toddler.




We are usually met each year by friends and this year my sister and her two girls joined us.




We spent the morning picking raspberries (the strawberry fields were closed for the day) and putting as many in our mouths as we went along.



Benjamin is old enough this year that he loved picking them and filling up his container.


There is something so sweet, simple and relaxing about being on this farm.


Living in Colorado you don't see as many farms as in Illinois….where I grew up.


It is such a wonderful treat to spend the morning roaming around the farm, eating fresh foods and petting the extremely scary looking pig….he was soooo cute LAST year!!! 


We always pack a lunch and eat it in the shade of the huge trees on the property.

We can't leave without shopping in the barn. 


The barn is full of amazing fresh produce from their farm and surrounding organic farmers.

Picnik collage

If you are in the Denver area and have never stopped by Berry Patch Farms you are missing out.

They even have a wonderful pumpkin patch in the fall.

I guess this means that summer is heading out and fall is creeping its way in.


It will be time for school to start for us soon, but in the mean time we will be putting berries on everything we eat!


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  1. Sue

    What a great way to wrap up the summer! Our raspberry bushes have been having the best year ever, so we are lucky to have a pint or so ready to pick every other day.
    Good luck with the start of school!
    Sue E.

  2. Tricia Whisler

    Sounds like a really fun day! And I agree with you, that is one UGLY pig!

  3. tracey

    Great minds think alike…we went raspberry picking too this weekend! It was my first time, and it was a blast, and my oldest seemed to really enjoy it (my 4 yr old, not so much).
    ๐Ÿ™‚ T

  4. koralee

    This post is amazing…I adore all the images…your children and your friends {and you} all look so happy…who wouldn’t be with a belly full of red ripe raspberries? I think Miss Piggy is going to explode…I have never seen a pig so huge! Great pics and great presentation! Wish I was with you!

  5. Allegra

    I am a BIG fan of traditions. This one looks like a really fun one!! I love the photo of you with the berries!! Oh, and that pig is awesome! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Brandie

    We love berry picking too. The boys can’t wait to go apple picking now as they are getting into the fall frame of mind. We have fun turing our work into caramel apples and strawberry applesauce each year. You are so right, there is something so peaceful about being off on a farm or just a huge gorgeous piece of land. Makes me want to ditch subdivision living for a move out into the country, and I am not even an outdoors kind of girl.

  7. amy

    i just showed hanna your picture of the pig. she said, “it’s like he is smiling.” i am just lol!! great pictures! great day! yes, that pig is SCARING more with that “grin” on!

  8. Amy

    great pics jeanne. those sweet little hands holding those three raspberries is just heart melting!!
    i love little boys!

  9. Becky @ Farmgirl Paints

    Looks like the perfect day! I love going to farms like that. My favorite is coming up, when we get to go to Emma Krumbee’s and pick out our pumpkins and squash. I love this time of year. Great pictures Jeanne. You were so cute in your little checked shirt:)

  10. Jennie

    What a great tradition! Everyone looked so happy in all the photos (and I’m sure it was just as much the company as the berries). Oh, and I have to say, that pig is scary! Hope you enjoy the last few days of summertime.

  11. Lara Blair

    The ugly pig made me laugh today. Thanks for that ๐Ÿ˜‰
    We went to the local blueberry farm down our street only to find out they’d closed for the season! But the sweet guy who owns it let us in anyway and now we’ve got blueberries on EVERYTHING. ‘A bit worried about the GI track of my girls! ha!
    Happy winding up summer~

  12. LuLu

    oh your post has me wanting to go picking too! Beautiful pictures… and that is one very happy pig!!!

  13. heather

    Boy oh boy, that is a scary pig! But the pictures of the kids you took are wonderful-especially that tiny little girl with the big eyes! And, I agree, picking your own fresh produce in the sunshine is integral for ALL children. It makes for happiness. ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. amy

    what GREAT memories. So glad I found your sweet blog. I woudl love fo ryou to check ours out too!

  15. Joyce

    What a wonderful tradition you have started. I like it! What part of IL are you from? The Pig shot is a hoot. xoxo
    PS I’m off to add you to my blog roll. smile…

  16. Anne Marie

    oh man, did I love this post! what we would have done with our barn……..shoot! and here, I thought I was getting over it………….I’m working on another location though – for the CSA stuff – you just never know!
    and thank you, from me – a farmer; thank you for supporting us……..

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