OK…I have offically decided that from now on I am only buying all my clothes from 13 Bees.

I am in LOVE with everything on their site and I will now be the best dressed mom at the park, grocery store, pilates and all hikes we do as a family.

Weeding the yard…yep…that will be me in my 1950s gown. 

It has to be done. 

Look and drool over these incredible dresses and the condition is unbelievable!!

If any of you buy one of these dresses please let me know so I can covet the dress and wish I were you.













To my mom, sister and BFFs…you know who you are….You are wearing the other half of the broken heart, green tarnished necklace from Claires.  What a perfect gift one of these would be for your dear daughter, sister, friend who loves you so much.

Just saying….it is never too early to shop for Christmas!