Best Dressed Mom At The Park

OK…I have offically decided that from now on I am only buying all my clothes from 13 Bees.

I am in LOVE with everything on their site and I will now be the best dressed mom at the park, grocery store, pilates and all hikes we do as a family.

Weeding the yard…yep…that will be me in my 1950s gown. 

It has to be done. 

Look and drool over these incredible dresses and the condition is unbelievable!!

If any of you buy one of these dresses please let me know so I can covet the dress and wish I were you.













To my mom, sister and BFFs…you know who you are….You are wearing the other half of the broken heart, green tarnished necklace from Claires.  What a perfect gift one of these would be for your dear daughter, sister, friend who loves you so much.

Just saying….it is never too early to shop for Christmas!

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  1. Nancy

    It’s funny you posted on this because I was just pondering the other day…”What happened???”, how did our style of dress change so much? When I see a women with her hair up in a messy bun, wearing sweatpants and a tank top out in public I shudder. Inside their own home is another thing. What happened to the days when people took the time to groom themselves nicely and put on some accessories and comb their hair? You know what dresses I am a total sucker for? Anything 1920’s….the long lines, the bob hair cuts, the cute hats. Heavy sigh…

  2. LuLu

    How did you take pictures of my clothes without me knowing!!!! πŸ™‚ hee heee
    have a wonderful weekend,

  3. Allegra

    I think the last one is perfect for receiving my husband home after his long day at the office with a tray of homemade cookies. I mean, it would even be gorgeous for mopping and general cleaning where bleach is not involved but ruffled pink plastic gloves are! πŸ™‚

  4. amy

    i want to see you with that last dress on at the park!! pr-ETT-y! and the second dress for your hiking adventures!=) love you!

  5. amy

    no, the second to last one would be the best site for weeding.=) and by the way, the first one is my favorite. te amo!

  6. Tara

    Oh girl this is right up my alley…love these dresses, I could live in dresses like this!! I am off to perhpas stimulate the economy! Have a lovely weekend. XO

  7. chasity

    aren’t they so great?! of course you will need some great vintage aprons to go over them while you are cooking and cleaning!
    have a wonderful weekend.

  8. Tracy

    Jeanne – LOVE. LOVE. these dresses. what a dream. Oh to live as June Cleaver did with a pettiskirt under the apron.
    (i think now that we’ve found the dresses, it is time to accessorize: shoes, jewels, etc!)

  9. susan

    as you know i’m a huge fan of 13bees already. that second dress is fantastic, so fairytale like. do you think my husband would think i was crazy if i wore that out for our 10 year anniversary?

  10. koralee

    These are amazing…i am going to run right over and check out 13 bees..what a wonderful name..thank you of making my day a whole lot prettier!

  11. Kel

    Gorgeous! I’d totally play in the sandbox in a gown. My three year old would have to have a matching one. ;o) She’s the fashionista of the family!
    Beautiful post!

  12. kana conger

    I agree with you, this is a great site. The clothes are so pretty and the shoes are not too bad either. You are a bad influence on me….I have now ordered 2 different pillows since seeing them on your blog!! I see that you are going to Silver Bella. Me too! I hope to meet you in November.

  13. Jennifer O'Brien

    Hey Jeanne, you find such amazing esty sites! I loved your past post as well. I could see myself in 2, 5 & 6, now if I only had a special occassion to wear them to or I guess I could just wear them to the park too:)!
    Enjoy your Sunday!

  14. tattingchic

    Those dresses are absolute gorgeous! Oh, I can see some of them with just the right pair of gloves and a pillbox hat! So cute with the right pair of pumps, too…sigh…!
    A girl can dream!
    Thanks for the sweet comment you left on my blog! πŸ™‚ ((Hugs)) to you!

  15. Wendy @Sun-Kissed Savages

    Gorgeous!!!!! The second one (I think…it’s the cream one!) is absolutely stunning. I want it. Maybe I can make it….hmmm….
    Recently I found an armload of beautiful 50s dresses at a YARD SALE for $1 each! I bought them all. I adore that era, with it’s sophisticated charm.

  16. Brandie

    I would absolutely wear all of these. Could’nt you just see me standing on the sidelines at soccer calling out encouraging phrases in that last one? The 2nd one would do just the trick at taekwon-do and I could really use the 3rd for the first day of school in the fall. Watch out PTA! Seriously though, I would wear some of those to church in a heartbeat. Gorgeous!

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