Big Things Happening! {come and hear our exciting news}

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The winner of the art piece is…

Bonnie Gardner commented:

How fabulous times ten !!! all of this … but I am not surprised one bit. Hard work with an open heart lead by Faith will do it every time. xox
Now, me grateful ?? For so much !! Good test results from Mayo Clinic for my husband so I’m dancing on the moon !!
((PS :: I just took the time to read what everyone else wrote here so far and I must say this :: Isn’t. Life. Grand. !! ))

Congratulations Bonnie! Contact us at and we will work out all of the details!
Thank you to all of you for writing and sharing and celebrating!  Our hearts are full!

We have some BIG things to share with you and we are giddy with excitement!

Before we begin we wanted to take a moment to thank YOU!

YOU have shown up to workshops, signed up for online courses, purchased our bags, prayed over our business, cheered us on, shared your art, traveled around the world with us and told your stories and shared your heart through photos, art and words.

WE would not be here celebrating today without YOU!

With tears in our eyes and a grateful heart…Thank you!

So, this celebrating is celebrating you too and all the ways our hearts have connected over the years.

We are beyond excited to announce three business changing milestones with you!

Our first exciting news is…

We are so beyond excited to announce that we have signed a book deal with North Light Books!

I can’t give too much of the book details yet but THIS is the book I was meant to write and I couldn’t be more proud of the content and heart behind it.

You will be seeing plenty of peeks over the next months and I can’t wait to share it with you.

Our second announcement is…


We have a gorgeous new creative network coming in January 2017!

We have been working for months on the new site that will be not only beautiful but easy to use, you can shop our products and courses with ease and can share with your friends easier than ever before.  We will transfer all of your courses over so all of your favorite courses will be waiting for you. We will give you peeks as we get closer!  This is a labor of love to thank you for your support and connecting with the courses that we offer.  We feel like we offer the best of the best teachers and content and we want a network that reflects that.

Our third announcement is…

We have reached over 30,000 members on our creative network and we want to celebrate this milestone!!!

Thank you for taking our courses, connecting with the teachers on the site and telling your friends!

How do we say thank you?

We have never done this before!

We only put our courses on sale twice a year but we had to do something big to celebrate so…

All of our currently running online courses are 50% off for the next 48 hours!

This excludes all brand new courses and courses that have not launched yet.

You don’t need a code or coupon. All courses that are on sale have been marked down.

A TON of courses are on sale that have never been on sale before! Yippee!

How can I share all of this and not have a giveaway?

I would love to create a painting just for you!

I will create one painting for one winner ($600 value).

To enter…

* Please leave a comment on this post sharing what YOU are celebrating today(big or small) !

* Share the news, sale and giveaway on Facebook by sharing this post

* Share the news on IG and tag @jeanneoliver #jeanneolivercreativenetwork

* Follow us on Instagram

* Blog about the news, sale and giveaway

* Pin images from this post to Pinterest

Each time you do one of the above just come back here and let us know. Each time you do one of the above you have an additional entry.

This giveaway will close on October 4th, 2016 at 9am MST.

The winner will be announced on October 4th, 2016.

Thank you so much for sharing, taking courses, sharing your creative lives and allowing us to do what we love!


***All of these gorgeous photos are by the incredible Cathy Walters***

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  1. paulafava

    BRAVA Jeanne AND Crew!!! These are all ‘HUGE’ accomplishments. SO. Much. Happy for YOU!
    Today … I am celebrating being in my home with my loving pup, Lola. Having the time to relax and
    enjoy my own surroundings … not wanting to be anywhere else in this moment. Big Gratitude.
    Today … I celebrate My Own Life!

  2. melissa mcardle

    Jeanne! I couldn’t be more proud of you! Congratulations….all of this goodness is so so so deserved! I’ll be the first to buy your book! Big hugs and love friend! CHEERS!!!

  3. dannylion

    So well deserved!!!!! Congratulations! What am I celebrating today? Well – no seizures for Danny (so far) – that is good!!!! I’ll celebrate this anyway!!!!!

  4. jeanie

    standing ovation from me to you…..remembering how blessed we are since our van was totaled Sunday night—celebrating life and blessings small and large today.

  5. lindaroncoroni

    totally well desreved ! Congratulations ! Today I’m ceebrating a dream that to me may come true. I decided to be brave enought and I’m half way there. Congrats to you

  6. Maureen Olsen

    I am so thrilled to celebrate this with you!! Writing “the book you were meant to write”, pouring your heart into it and now having it published!! How wonderful!!

  7. Susan

    Congratulations on all the big news!! Today I am celebrating the artist in me. I decided when I was young that I couldn’t draw so I wasn’t an artist. Later I studied fashion design in school but decided I couldn’t be a designer because I couldn’t draw. I quit creating anything for many years and then started doing some collage and fell in love with creating. Now I am taking a couple of your classes which really speak to me and I am so excited to be creating whether I can draw or not. Drawing isn’t the only way to be an artist but sadly that is what I thought when I was young. Anyway, I love this network and the way you teach and I am so happy for you and for me to be creating! Yay!! Off to pick a new class to take!! 🙂

  8. Maria

    Congratulations! Can’t wait to see the book! Good for you guys-working hard and making things happen. I’m just over here celebrating another day on the planet. Sun came up and the birds are singing. Hooray!

  9. Kimberly ~ Serendipity Refined

    Congratulations, dear friend! So many things to celebrate with you! What am I celebrating today? Hmmmm….our 27th Anniversary on Saturday, the arrival of cooler weather, and the fact that our renovation is reaching its final stages after THREE YEARS! xoxo

  10. KarmasJourney

    Congratulations Jeanne! You absolutely deserve every bit of all the goodness you are receiving! I can not wait to be first in line to buy your book. You have been and continue to be such an inspiration. God Bless!

  11. Wendy S. Anderson

    What joyful news Jeanne!! I am so very happy for you and your family ~ I shared on Facebook, emailed my two friends (Annie and Gail -who share the love of art with me) and today I am celebrating my lovely daughter’s 34th birthday – the day I became a mom for the first time. She and her new husband share today as a birthday and they are on their honeymoon in Cannes, France. For so many reasons I celebrate those two beautiful souls…

  12. Gill

    Today I am celebrating the goodness and wonder of the Lord’s work in and through me and my family! Today is a GOOD day! Cheers to you and the journey- you are such an inspiration to me and to so many others!

  13. wobin950

    This is just so incredibly exciting! Congratulations! I am also celebrating my journey of bravery today! I received an email inviting me to be part of my VERY FIRST Fine Art Show. I can’t believe it! Whose!

  14. Sheila

    Hurray and hearty Congratulations to you and your family! Like I told my husband and kids the other day, you and your family richly deserve everything good that happens with you! I am celebrating with you and for you! May blessings continue to overflowing, Oliver Family!

  15. Patti Calande

    Well done, you! Congratulations on these
    exciting happenings and achievements. I’m following you on Instagram and pinned. Thank you for bringing together such a wonderful network of creative types and creating a lovely art tribe.

  16. Julia Howard

    Wow!!! Such wonderful things happening!! A Book!!! Can’t wait!!! The Lord has surely blessed you and Cory!!! Thank you for sharing with us your he(art) for Him and your talents!!

    I am celebrating a fresh desire to create, learning new things from other talent people!

  17. Lynda Secor

    I am celebrating my release from home health PT. I can finally leave the house. Can’t drive for 4 more weeks but that allows me to continue the classes I’ve not finished. Congratulations on all your achievements and I’m so very glad I found you. You have brought joy to my life again. I’m sharing on FB. And IG.

  18. Monica Calenda

    Celebrating knowing my dear friend Jeanne and her immense success throughout the years. I am so blessed to have the opportunity to plan along with Jeanne for the upcoming Living Studio Along The Danube, October 2016 and along the Seine, April 2017. Cheers my friend and way to go on the amazing book deal. We’ll deserved!

  19. Trish Duncan

    I am grateful that although I am living in a hoarders house until repairs are done I have a roof over my head and I am blessed.
    I have shared news on FB, Tweeter, follow you on Instagram, and shared you on Pintrest on my page in things I love..

  20. Theresa Pastoriza-Tan

    Entering this giveaway every way I can! So many things to celebrate today… moving my body, making dinner at home, sunshine, my hubbies bad back easing up, his smile and laughter… xxx

  21. meghess

    Congrats Jeanne! I’m so happy for your success…and I deeply appreciate the atmosphere of kindness and compassion you cultivate in this art community. Many more happy accomplishments!!

  22. Krista

    Congratulations on all these exciting things! Can’t wait to follow along on your journey! I am celebrating today making progress on getting my health restored with clean eating, acupuncture, chiropractic and cupping!

  23. gina

    Celebrating community and dreams fulfilled! Celebrating ordinary blessings like my son doing homework…without a fight!v

  24. Stacey M Curry

    That is amazing good stuff! Congratulations! All your hard work just keeps paying off…and you keep inspiring so many along the way!
    Today I am celebrating time in my studio…so thankful for finding a rhythm…creating for the sake of creating, really using my tools and letting them teach me what we can achieve.

  25. Sally

    Congratulations on your book!! Today I am celebrating my birthday, how cool is that? Now I can remember this great announcement every year with fondness.

  26. Cynthia Ellis

    Thank you for the opportunity to win. I follow you on Instagram, I shared and tagged on instagram and facebook. I pinned on pinterest and left a comment earlier.

  27. Robyn Wood

    Oh Jeanne, I am so very happy for you. Congratulations!! Big things are coming your way.
    Today I’m celebrating the sheer joy of being healthy enough to travel to Italy and join a retreat with my dear teacher Jane Davenport. Art brought me here, all the way from Australia and you have been a big part of giving me the skills to feel ‘good enough’ to call myself an artist. Thank you!

  28. carnalily

    I shared on FB. And on IG.
    Jeanne, congratulations you are an inspiration, in many ways. I always feel inspired
    When I come to your online courses and notifications, not just your art, but your way of life
    In a world where there seems to be so much negativity piled at us, you give me hope that there are more like you.
    Thank you x

  29. Cecile

    Congratulations on your milestones!

    This is not so interesting, but getting my end-of-month done at the office so i can go home and play. I’d much rather be posting how I’m watching Stephanie Lee’s workshop at this moment, but I will do that later.

  30. Danielle Muller

    such wonderful news jeanne! many thanks for always sharing your heart and for encouraging other to as well! today i am celebrating being married to my darling husband for 25 years!! xoxo, danielle muller

  31. Christina Aiton

    I’m celebrating all the small things in my life that make it so wonderful! Congrats!!!!!

  32. Karin Kuilman

    Today I am celebrating that I have 4 wonderful children and one of them just came here to stay for a week with me and my husband.

  33. Roxanne Conklin

    So excited about starting Julie Johnson’s class on Oct 24. Can hardly wait. I went to Michael’s today and got $171 of Liquitex Heavy acrylics for $31. What a deal. I want to be ready for Julie’s class. Also very excited about this give away. Congrats on your success. Thanks for this opportunity.

  34. Emily Lynn Downey

    That is such WONDERFUL news! I’m so thrilled for you 🙂
    Today I’m celebrating something small – the fact that it’s Wednesday. Work has been SO busy lately & I’m glad we’re one day closer to the weekend!

  35. Leilani W

    This is such good news. You’ve worked hard and been persistent and it is paying off. Great job!! Looking forward to seeing many wonderful things coming from this. Thank you!

  36. Lynette Gayles

    Congratulations. May you continue to receive blessings in abundance. Peace and harmony always.

  37. Katy

    Congratulations, Jeanne! What an amazing opportunity for you and your family. It has been great to watch your grow. I think you should put a photo of you wearing that awesome corduroy jumper on the back flap of the book. Just think you should keep it real! Love you!

  38. Linda K

    Applause applause!!! Congratulations , and well deserved on all counts. Thank YOU for everything! Off to shop the classes:)

  39. pagangaia

    I’m celebrating my growing self-esteem and increasing strength, resilience and confidence in my capabilities today. I’ve had an extremely hard few days and have done well to get through them unscathed and without giving up or getting in a state over what is going on. Jeanne love, 30,000 members – what a wonderful achievement – congrats, your hard work and dedication shine so brightly and your gift of inspiration touches us all. Thank you!

  40. Elaine M

    Jeanne, I am so proud and excited for you! You are so inspiring and generous with your talents and your time. As a friend from days long ago, it is so much fun to watch your success, and enjoy the beauty you bring. I actually hadn’t thought about celebrating anything today (meaning no events or anything of note going on today), but your suggestion made me decide to celebrate life. Just ordinary life, people I love, dinner with an old neighbor and my husband, the changing season… Thank you for making my day, and CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  41. Sami Jo Melton

    So exciting!!! So fun to watch your beautiful dream grow and grow as the Lord continues to bless you. I am celebrating being a mama to 3 healthy boys and a wife to one good man … … AND not giving up. Pressing on and trusting the Lord who gives me strength and in Him I can do anything. ???

  42. Sue Carey

    I am celebrating getting to know my little seaside town again, having been bedridden for over a year! Small steps, my camera and journal, I am revisiting much loved memories, encouraged by your wonderful course!
    Huge congratulations to you all, much rejoicing that there will be a BOOK! I have long hoped that there would be…
    Love and hugs xx0xx

  43. farmfreshstyle

    So much good news in one post!!!! I’m thrilled for you and I can.not.wait. to get my hands on your book!!!!!! And yes, I’d love love love to own a Jeanne Oliver original!

  44. Bonnie Gardner

    How fabulous times ten !!! all of this … but I am not surprised one bit. Hard work with an open heart lead by Faith will do it every time. xox
    Now, me grateful ?? For so much !! Good test results from Mayo Clinic for my husband so I’m dancing on the moon !!
    ((PS :: I just took the time to read what everyone else wrote here so far and I must say this :: Isn’t. Life. Grand. !! ))

  45. Carla

    hi Jeanne, Congratulations on the book deal. Can’t wait to read it. Today I am celebrating another step closer to my health goals. Thanks. Carla

  46. farmfreshstyle

    So, I’ve shared on FB, have followed on Instagram (for awhile now, how could I not!??!?!) and I’ve pinned on Pinterest! And I forgot to share in my previous comment that I’m celebrating being busy with my work and ‘being in demand’ 🙂

  47. Sue Carey

    I have followed you on Instagram, and after 3 attempts (!), finally discovered how to share your wonderful new!
    Love and hugs all round xx xx

  48. Kelly Zijlstra

    What wonderful and lovely news! Such a kind giveaway as well! I am celebrating the little things today, a recent move was stressful and now that the dust is settling it’s little things that I notice and am so so grateful for, finding the space and time to care for myself is at the top! Thank you for the chance…dreamy to think of a piece of art created by you for my new space!! Yippee, fingers crossed!

  49. Mikell

    Today I taught a paint class to a wonderful group of ladies. That is always a celebration!

  50. pagangaia

    Also following on Instagram. Unfortunately I have no idea how to share on there. I’ll keep trying to find out though. Google is my friend!

  51. Jean Franks Beck

    I’m so very, very happy for you! You are such a talented soul and I’m so happy that all of your visions and dreams are coming to fruition. I’m celebrating some big life changes on the horizon – my daughter applying to her dream college, my son trying out for junior hockey…. and I’m currently enrolled in your Paint Your Town Urban Landscapes course. Life is Good! 🙂 And I’m so very excited about your giveaway – I can’t even imagine the happy dance I would do if I got the good news 😉

  52. Eve Ruby

    Congratulations! Tomorrow I’m celebrating 26 of marriage and 1 year of living after suffering a ruptered brain aneurysm. Life is great!

  53. Vivien

    Today I am celebrating the news that my first grandson will be born next year! So excited! Congratulations Jeanne and thank you for the opportunity to win one of your paintings. I have shared on FB and 1 pin on pinterest.

  54. Lorrayne

    Congratulations to you and your family you have worked so hard to reach this milestone. I am celebrating being an overcomer as my life is full of ostacles at the moment. Blessings

  55. Nichole Dyer

    Congratulations! You are such an inspiration! I’m leaving my job of 12 years to work in a Jess stressful environment and closer to home. I’m definitely doing a happy dance ? Congrats again and thank you for the great giveaway and sale!

  56. Victoria

    Celebrating my second cataract surgery (tomorrow!) so my eyesight will be restored. I will be able to return to life drawing class, see out my back door without glasses, and see better than I have in more than 50 years. Yippee!

  57. Glenna Lundberg

    I am celebrating a few quiet moments to myself on a beautiful, warm, red leaf autumn day! Jeanne, your whole web presence has been such a sweet blessing to me and I join others in congratulating you on these wonderful happenings. You came along when I needed art back in my life and God used your courses to bring me new joy in creating at a desperate time. Thank you so very much!

  58. Carol WEILER

    Congratulations on all the exciting things happening for you. I have really enjoyed(and am enjoying) the many classes I have taken thru your network. You have also helped me discover some blogs that I love and have been life changing for me. Your heart is so big and I know you will continue to be successful and continue to provide such quality content. Big prayers and blessings for you and your family,

  59. Mary

    Congratulations on all of your new ventures, will be looking forward to your book! Celebrating the change of the season, my favorite time of the year and so grateful for good news, health wise… where will I hang your picture……… I am feeling lucky today!

  60. Chrystal Creswell

    Today I am celebrating my first completed watercolor painting!!! Thanks to Danielle Donaldson and her workshop, “All Creatures Lovley and Small”. I am ow addicted to watercolor!

  61. Hillary Sheppard

    Wow! Very exciting news!! I have really enjoyed taking your classes. I started taking your class during a very hard time in my life. I was very sick with RA, and your classes gave me something to concentrate on, and take my mind off being stuck in bed. Thank you! I am thankful for my son and mom, my puppy dogs and being well.

  62. Maeve

    Congratulations on all the great news! I can’t wait to see and buy your book! I know it will be fabulous! Today my family is celebrating the 10th birthday of my much-loved grandson. He was adopted by my daughter and her husband from S. Korea shortly after my husband died. He has autism and cannot talk, but he is the most joyful, loving boy ever! Today is thus very special for us!

  63. Merrilee Anderson

    That is amazing news! I can’t wait to hear more about the book– so exciting. Lately I’ve been celebrating my creativity by making one quilt block daily. I usually try for 15 min (at least!) but often that turns into more– I’m working on a black and orange one for my favorite month– October! Thanks for your generosity– I can’t wait to have some time to dig into my jewelry class that you just opened a few weeks ago– I’m hoping over Christmas break!

  64. Laurie Haley

    Today I am celebrating the feeling of Fall in the air….finally!!! I already follow you on Instagram but I do not use FB right now so I can’t share there. Congratulations on your well deserved success and I wish you much, much more in the years to come. 🙂

  65. Queen Lisa

    I just started therapy and I’m learning how to be kind to myself. Its hard and soul-giving all at the same time.
    thanks for this beautiful giveaway.

  66. Suzen King

    I’m celebrating the love between you and your husband. That support underpins all of your creative success! Good for you!!

  67. Rose

    You re-introduced me to my art-heart Jeanne & reminded me to get back closer to my Lord. For that I will be forever grateful!
    I have been enjoying watercolours on a whole new level lately making creative cards for my entire family.
    Blessings to you, your family & your Team on some amazing milestones! Your love for artistic endeavours has been multiplied over & over again all over the world with your Creative Network.
    Way to go YOU!!

    (on Instagram)

  68. Pam Nash

    It’s so wonderful to see God’s blessings in your life! You have certainly blessed mine. Today I am celebrating making a commitment to myself to find my own path and voice in my art. It’s time to stop dabbling and start focusing.

  69. Rita Carbuhn

    Jeanne, I am so excited for all the changes and for you. I know you have worked hard to create your business and now you are reaping the benefits. Of course, you know I would love one of your paintings!!

  70. itsmefaith

    Congratulations!!! Was a little nervous at first when the e mail said there were changes coming… Yikes, please don’t say your are changing and not going to do classes anymore…. But Wonderful News of the New Book, Workshops and the New Site!!! YAY!!!! I am so Thankful and Celebrate Every Day-My Family and Friends… I truly Love them… Faith

  71. TAC

    Your hard work is deserving of all your success. Blessings for continued growth and fulfillment. I’m celebrating my decision to pick up my paint brushes and watercolors again and have set myself the task of painting a picture everyday next month. Should be fun!

  72. Joanna

    Congratulations to you and everyone who has a hand in bringing your are to all of us!!! You have worked so hard to keep it interesting and it shows. Blessings!!!

  73. Adrienne A

    Congratulations! I am so happy for all of you. I love your work and have been blessed by your courses. I am blessed that I have a new member in my family. My nephew, whom I raised, just got married. My family and I are blessed to add his wife, Alex. Thank you for hosting this giveaway.

  74. Stephanie Chavez

    When daily life becomes the celebration…that’s when we live life in abundance! It is joyous to know that your dreams and hard work will continue to expand to bless others as you have blessed me. The idea that average cups runneth-ing over on one another is the spark of life itself. This is the gift one single human can offer another. It is simple, impactful, do-able and inspirational. Thank you for exampling this for us. I am celebrating today, the quiet simplicity of life, looking for an opportunity to spark another, and to find that similar light in another’s eyes.

  75. Mitzie Styles

    Thank you for this space and congratulations!!! I appreciate the classes I have been able to take and the lifetime access to let me work at my own pace! I am celebrating my 7 month old grandson today. I never knew how much joy a grandchild could bring. I am constantly amazed and awed at the love I feel! He completely slows my life down for me and allows me to breathe….

  76. Teri

    Congratulations on all of the wonderful things going on. Today I am celebrating a new job!

  77. Juel

    Today I am celebrating that tomorrow is ‘come home day’ for my husband! He works out of town all week long and usually he comes home on Friday’s but this week he is a day early!!

  78. Carlanda Brown Williamson

    first of all, congratulations!!!!
    today my husband Lee and I are celebrating the call we received from Lee’s urologist. ” the pathology reports are clear. no cancer”. sigh. he had bladder surgery last Friday, fourth surgery. it will be a long journey, being checked every three months, but we are celebrating today!!!! I will share on ig and fb for extra chances. thank you so much. I would so love to own a piece of your art for our home. xolo

  79. rig

    Congratulations!! I am excited for you. I will post this on pinterest as that is the only social media I have. Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  80. lynnefibreart

    Congratulations, fabulous courses, just signed up for three more. Thanks for the very generous discount
    Lynne porter

  81. Sylvia

    Congratulations. How exciting.. a new book, great news for you and your team. Keep on rocking !!!!!. I am celebrating life, a cancer survivor for 4 years now, so happy to be alive and letting my creativity flow.
    lots of love and succes from Holland.

  82. Ginger

    Congratulations Jeannie, company and family. I couldn’t be happier for more deserving friend. You are such a great role model and talented beyond measure in so many facets of life. I enjoy watching you. Good things to come….. Always.

  83. Marcia

    Great news! Congratulations Jeanne and team! Love the wide selection on classes that you offer. I am celebrating fall, the weather has cooled and the colors are appearing, just beautiful!

  84. Angeline

    Today I am celebrating the joy that I feel in my life. I am blessed with a husband and one beautiful daughter. I have a job that brings me great satisfaction and soulful rewards. I am grateful for all the goodness in my life right now.

  85. Sandra Webster

    Congratulations you such an achievement! I am so happy for you! It is such a meditative experience each time I view your website and blog…just to take in the visual experiences enhances my life. Thank you for being there.

  86. Tammy Grieder

    Jeanne and family…so enjoy watching God’s faithfulness in your lives…what a blessing!

  87. chasity

    SO thrilled for you!!!!!!!! I have loved to watch you on your journey~ it’s been an exciting one!!!
    Today I am celebrating my girls good health by watching them run in a cross country meet.
    The little things are definitely the big things!
    Continued blessings wished for you and your family. <3

  88. Peggy McDevitt

    You deserve all of this goodness, I believe what you give, you get back. You and your family are creative, moral, ethical , fun loving people who put good out in the word. I liked on Facebook , follow on Instagram and wrote this comment. Now to find another class to take. Discount is appreciated

  89. Christl

    Congratulations on the result of all your hard work, what exciting times! Today, I am celebrating family and all that it brings … and a shiny, bright autumn day.

  90. Ginny Markley

    Congrats on the book deal…I can’t wait for it to come out in print. I am celebrating today and everyday that God allows me to experience the beautiful life around me. It inspires my art.

  91. Virginia Jaquez

    Wow!! Now, that’s really exciting news, Jeanne! Congratulations! I look forward to purchasing your new book! Your artistic style has been an inspiration and is also motivational. Thank you, for this offer! Blessings always.

  92. Gabi

    Mentioned your new book and celebration on my FB page. Can’t WAIT for your book to come out!!! Looking forward to the 2 online courses I signed up for!!

  93. Cheyenne

    I love watching the Lord grow your dream as you continue to listen and obey His still small voice!! I love it!!!! He is so good to His people. I am enjoying the quietness of my last daughter’s senior year homeschool day… reading, discussion, hard work, etc. I enjoy my older children so much! Congratulations are your perseverence! I shared this post on my Facebook and I already follow you on IG. I plan on signing up for two of your classes as well – Reflections and the Sketching & Collage class. BLESSINGS!!!

  94. Heidi Hines

    AWESOME !!! You are an Inspiration to us ALL… Your hard work has truly paid off and you SO deserved this amazing complishment… I love the way you teach and the simple things… Even your beautiful creative bags are just Devine… Congrats beautiful soul????????

  95. Jennifer Griffin

    What a jam packed, fabulous newsletter! Very excited for all of your wonderful news and can’t wait for the book! Blessings to you always.

  96. Gina

    Congratulations!! Such exciting news and well deserved!! I’m celebrating a cool fallish day planning comfort food for dinner including apple crisp!! 🙂

  97. Christy Davis

    Woo Hoo! We are celebrating the first cool day around here with homemade dumplings and brownies!!!

  98. Gail Lynch Paljug

    Can’t help but just to be celebrating with you and for YOU!! So exciting!!

  99. Heather Wombacher

    Well I am celebrating 49 years tomorrow of creative living! Yes Tomorrow is my birthday and wouldn’t it be just like the Lord to do something fun and bless me with a Jeanne Oliver original! Praying and celebrating your BIG successes! May God Bless you as you journey with Him!

  100. robin howes

    I shared on FB without knowing you had a giveaway just because I love your site and wanted to share since you’ve been so gracious. It would be a nice perk to have one of your pieces of art.

  101. Sheila

    Congratulations! Can’t wait for the book! Celebrating the that weekend is here and the weather is lovely 🙂

  102. Terry J Walker

    Today I am celebrating that it is Friday! I’ve had a wonderful week working with all my homeschool families at Seaview Community School on Big Island Hawaii. Congratulations on the book deal, that is so cool! Can’t wait to see it.

  103. paulafava

    Shared & tagged on IG:)) … I ‘think’ … I’m a bit of an IG spaz, but it looks like I did:))

  104. paulafava

    Pinned on Pinterest.
    And … I just want to add, how beautifully gracious & giving you are. It would be an honor to own/win a gift of your art.

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