Blogging For Bliss

This is the title of Tara Frey's new book that will be released August 4.  Isn't that a great title?! 

Blogging for bliss

If I didn't love blogging I would have stopped a long time ago. 

I am constantly amazed, inspired and encouraged by all of you. 

I have cried, laughed out loud, prayed, nodded my head in agreement because of the words you have written.  I get emails every week saying the same thing to me.  I think blogging is a powerful force. 

I am excited, honored and humbled to tell you that I was asked to contribute to the book (in a small way).  I have not seen it yet, but I am thrilled beyond belief to be in Tara's book and I know I will see some of my blogging besties in there too!!

You can preorder the book here. 

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  1. mkg

    How fun and exciting for you!! Congratulations for being chosen to be in the book and for blogging many beautiful, meaningful, funny, inspiring words, photos, ideas, etc!! We look forward to each new blog.

  2. Julie

    That is so exciting! Good for you! You are truly amazing at everything you do.

  3. amy

    sounds like a fun and interesting read! i hope i can take a look at it soon. i, too, have been very blessed and inspired by particular “places” in the blogging world this past year; i am so glad it is apart of my weeks.

  4. paige

    how awesome for you!!
    i’m so excited!!
    i fell in love with you and kasey’s blog–found ya’ll on the same day– & have been hooked ever since

  5. kasey

    it’s going to be fab!
    …and i am loving your new profile pic…it’s about time. not that i didn’t like the “garden hat” or anything…..

  6. Sheila R

    So glad to see others that were able to contribute in this wonderful book… Can’t wait to get my copy!
    So would love to meet you at SB in November!
    Happy Day!

  7. Chasity

    Loved your description of blogging…you have a wonderful way with words! Congrats on the part in the book. What an honor.
    and hey….I really like your new picture at the top of the blog.
    Happy Mothers Day.
    Thanks for all your prayers!!!

  8. Tara

    Uhm, yeah I agree about blogging, what took me so long to realize I was missing this? What an honor Jeanne, you must have been so excited when Tara asked you!! XOXO! Hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day!

  9. heather

    How cool is that?!? Congratulations! I love blogging, too. I didn’t at first but am now addicted beyond all hope. Hope you had a great Mother’s Day and I like your new profile picture. Very pretty with the sunlight behind you. 🙂

  10. LuLu

    Way cool to be in the book…. blogging is amazing it’s opened a whole new view of the world. I must pick up the book for my summer reading.

  11. Jennifer

    I just started my blog last month… but I am loving it! I can’t wait to check out this book. How cool you contributed to it!!

  12. molly

    Conngrats How cool is that!
    Of course they asked you to contribute, Your blog is awesome! 😉
    I can’t wait to get the book.

  13. Nancy

    WOW…I new she was working on it, but didn’t realize it’s coming out just around the corner. How neat to have a part in it, that’s wonderful! Good for you!

  14. Elaine Power

    oh Jeanne thats great congratulations I bet you are so thrilled, & you should be you have a lovely blog.
    Enjoy reading it when you get the chance to see it.

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