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We are so thrilled to announce that author and mixed media and collage art professor Roxanne Evans Stout is offering her newest online course on our creative network!  No matter what season it is right now in your neck of the woods you will not want to miss Book of Trees! Handmade books, stitching, stamp making, collage and more.


Book of Trees

In this class, we will delve wholeheartedly into the theme of trees and create a unique mixed media artist book that you will treasure forever!

I have always loved trees. As a little girl, I would sit under a large eucalyptus tree on the front lawn of our apartment in Santa Monica, California. I would read or work in my journal, writing, and drawing… even making nature observations- things I still love. Back then I longed to live in the country surrounded by trees.  Now I live in a small country town in Oregon, and my family and I have planted many trees on our land and watched them grow and thrive along side of us.

The gifts a tree can give are endless… their beauty, their strength and resilience, the way they provide us food and homes for wildlife, and the way they clean our air.

Won’t you join me as I guide and inspire you in the making of a hand made book… inspired by and celebrating your connection to trees?

Together we will collage with papers and fabrics, create textures and layers, and play with color. We will carve and print our own stamps and use images and quotes on the pages of our books. We will stitch and attach beautiful treasures from nature with threads and wire.

I will share with you my creative processes and favorite techniques that will add magic to your pages and I’ll share writing prompts to further your journey of honoring trees.

You will see how… day by day and moment by moment…your handmade book will evolve into a rich compilation of pages that is your very own Book of Trees.


Meet Roxanne Evans Stout



I live and create in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. The mountains, the river lands and the wildlife that surround my home are my constant inspiration and show up in all of my creations in some way or another.

I teach workshops internationally and my work has been shown and hangs in homes throughout the world. I’m very honored to have been published in many wonderful books and magazines.

I also teach online workshops that have been enjoyed by hundreds of artists and art lovers. And I am an Adjunct Professor at Oregon Institute of Technology where I teach Mixed Media Art and Art Journaling.

I believe that when we make art we are telling our own stories, and love watching them immerge, both in my own work and the work of others. Through my art I would like to convey the feeling of connecting to nature and humanity, timelessness and hope.  I especially love the Book Arts, Collage and Mixed Media. As an artist I am constantly learning and growing. Art is my passion, my love and my soul.

Teaching enables me to share my passion…nothing makes me happier than helping my students through their own process of creativity. My goal is to help you find your magic!

My book: Storytelling with Collage, was published in March of 2016 by North Light Books. And my newest book, Dancing on Raindrops was just released July 2017.



Come and watch the course trailer…


The early registration price for this one week course (4+ hours of content) is $28.00. You will have LIFETIME ACCESS* to the videos. This class will go live on November 13, 2017.

If you have any questions please email us at

See you in class,

Jeanne Oliver


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  1. Sandy Babb

    I keep getting an error message when i try to pay for this class that says We are sorry but hare having problems with this page. Thanks for any help in registering.

  2. taichi2012

    Today is Sept 20 and I still have a “approval pending” on my request register for the Trees class. What am I doing wrong–or is the class closed already? Janet Wright

  3. Lori Schoen

    I am also having trouble paying for the Book of Trees class. I Couldn’t pay for the last class I registered for either through Paypal. I had to contact the with an email and they sent me an invoice. I will try again tomorrow. L.Schoen

    1. jeanne Author

      Lori, Paypal has let us know that if you have a PO box listed with your account and not an actual address that they are blocking some payments. We have been working on this with them but please just email us at and we would be happy to send you an invoice and manually add you. It is a problem for a very small percentage and we are sorry for the inconvenience. There is nothing we can do on our end. Thank you!

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