I have to admit that coming back from Brave Girl Camp has been an emotional roller coaster ride.

My heart and mind came home so full of ideas, joy, creations, promises, truths.

It has been hard to find a rhythm this week. 

Hard to do school, laundry, pay bills and even create.

I think I have been walking around like a shell of a person because I keep thinking about the amazing women I met. Their stories.  Their pain and their bravery.

I really miss them.


It seems so strange to say that when I was only with them for 4 1/2 days.  I miss the laughter…man…did we laugh!  I miss the creativity.  I think I just miss the chance to be still and listen to who we are.

One of the most powerful writing exercises for me during the camp was the day we made our promises book.


I don't think I have EVER written promises to myself.

It is the only exercise that made me cry. Not because it was hard….because it was precious.

I felt like I was making promises to myself as a little girl….and that I would fight for her…I would support her…I would believe in her dreams.

I then went on to write promises to each of my three children, my husband and then our marriage.


Even if you just set the timer for 5 minutes and write all the promises you can think of that you want to make to yourself and those you love….it will change your heart.  When is the last time you listened to your heart?  Do we even know what our hearts are desiring?  We are so busy that if we don't stop every once in a while…we forget.

If you have been reading the posts that I have written about the camp….you know that it was beautiful.  I knew it would be.  Melody is all about heart…so I knew there was no way I was going to leave without my heart being changed. 

Sometimes you just need a little quiet to hear the truths, make the promises and remember that you were born to fly.

(incredible book created by Melody Ross)

Not endure, not survive….THRIVE!

Even in the middle of pain, change, heartbreak, disappointment. 

We have the power to make the choices that set us free.

I believe that the things I can't handle that the Lord is right beside me holding my hand, lifting me up, carrying me.

You don't have to believe what I believe to know that we can't control all of our circumstances…but we can control how we react to them.

Melody said over and over that she has learned to "Go To Where The Peace Is".

Notice that she didn't say happiness.

Happiness is fleeting.  Peace is real.

Peace is knowing when you put your head on the pillow at night that your words did not hurt anyone that day, lies did not come out of your mouth, you paid attention to your husband and children, you were careful with your money, you encouraged a friend, you made time for yourself, you nurtured relationships around you.


Peace may be saying "no" to a lot of things we have been saying "yes" to.

Peace may be setting boundaries, cutting off relationships, moving into a smaller home, going to work or staying home with the children. 

I don't know what that peace will look like for you. You do.  Look for it. Life is so much better with peace.

This is my last post about my time at Brave Girl Camp…I promise. 

I know I have gotten so many emails wanting to know more about the camp.

Go to to check out the location, times, and costs.

You will not regret it! 

Who couldn't use a reminder that you were BORN TO FLY??


I have to share ONE more thing:-)

The BGC "theme" song was Life Uncommon by Jewel.

The words are incredible.

Kathy sang it a few times and the last night Kathy and Melody sang it together.

I hope you love it as much as I have.