It has been hard for me not to talk about this e-course!

I have been wanting to do THIS course for almost two years now.

Even before my first e-course, Creatively Made {rediscovering the beauty of your gifts}, this course was stirring in me.

The course was supposed to happen now and I know this is true because of the high quality of hearts and talent that are now a part of the course.

January 14, 2014 will launch the brand new art course Studying Under The Masters {becoming an apprentice}.

This course is going to be SOOOO good!

There is so much excitement about this course and I know so many of you have already begun signing up under the other teachers.

If you are hearing about the course for the first time let me tell you more!

There is a lost art of studying the works of others to find your own style.

All of the “masters” were first apprentices and were given the freedom to find their creative voice by literally sitting next to those who inspired them.

The apprentice sat beside them, listening to their descriptions of process, picking up their paintbrush and mixing their paint, creating a series of strokes that created something that told a story, and stirred their creative spirit.

And, with practice, the apprentice became a master in their own right – mixing together the old and the new.

Somewhere, over the course of time (and certainly with current social media) we have lost sight of openly emulating those who inspire us most.

Have you ever taken an online course, gone to a retreat, purchased an art technique book and were taught an artist’s techniques and mediums?

Have you ever been worried about what is your style and what is “their” style?

Have you ever been afraid to create art that was inspired by another artist?  This course is for you!

I want to offer a course that gives you some of the most amazing artists in history and how each of us can learn from them.

And that openly learning from them is a good thing.

 Join nine artists as we become the “apprentice”.

We will share how we became a modern-day apprentice to those who came before us and those who work beside us now.

Through discussion and technique videos, each artist will share their week with a “master” as if they are sitting next to them.

You’ll learn who their “master” artist studied under, who influenced their work and what techniques and mediums they used.

 An integral part of the artistic process was to “copy” the master artist until the apprentice could confidently integrate pieces of it into their own creative process.

In this course, you will watch as these artists “copy” the works of another artist.

You will then learn as they create art in their own style incorporating the techniques and/or medium of their chosen artist.

My hope is that you will leave this course with freedom in your creativity.

Freedom to pull from everything around you that inspires you and how to incorporate it into your art.

The confidence to realize that nothing is new under the sun and how to build upon others that have come before you.

The courage to share who inspires your creative works.

And most importantly, to know that we all learn in the same way.

This is the Art of Practicing.


The Instructors

Katie Kendrick, Stephanie Lee, Kate Thompson, Christy Tomlinson, Junelle Jacobsen, Danielle Donaldson, Teresa Sheeley, Jenny Wentworth and Jeanne Oliver

Next week I will be sharing more about the artists that we will be studying under!

I am so excited for this course and to learn from each other.

Studying Under the Masters {Becoming an Apprentice} from Revilo Designs on Vimeo.

How about that giveaway?

I can’t launch a brand new art e-course and not give away some art supplies!

I am giving away a $300 gift card to Dick Blick!

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Registration is now open!

Early registration price is $48

The price will go to $62 on December 14th.

You can go directly to jeanneoliver.ning.com and register for the course by clicking HERE.

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