I have to tell you the backstory of how our newest course can to fruition.  Can you imagine seeing an artist making gorgeous art and then secretly leaving it in the woods for others to find, enjoy and even take?  A story started to weave its way into my world of creating and letting go.  A story of creating, blessing, walking away and then creating all over again.  This creative story made me want to make art for all new reasons.  This also encouraged me to ask her to share her thoughts and process with all of you! Welcome to the brand new online course Nature’s Canvas {painting faces on sticks, branches and driftwood}.  This course is being taught by artist Tania Bain and will begin on June 8th.   The perfect course to inspire your creating this summer and weave your own story of creating and letting go.

  To read all of the details and to register follow this link.


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You may have noticed that beginning in January we began new pricing and also made all of our new online course purchases lifetime access*.  We wanted to also make this available to all of our members that purchased classes before January 2015 and even members whose courses have expired.  You can upgrade any course to lifetime access for $10 per course.  If you are interested in upgrading your account and courses to lifetime please email us at jeanneoliverdesigns@gmail.com with the courses you wish to upgrade. We will upgrade your courses and send you an invoice as soon as possible.   Thank you for helping to make this network thrive and allowing us to add new courses and artists to the creative network!  It is one of our greatest honors to share art with you!   Have a wonderful day! Jeanne