This is a hard post to write because there is so much in my heart that I will never be able to express to you.

I got home Saturday evening and every time I talk about the week I get tears in my eyes.

It was just amazing.

I will try to tell you little bits and pieces throughout the week and hope you get a GLIMPSE into the beauty of Brave Girls.

I flew in Tuesday evening and met my blog friends Lissa and Becky at the hotel.  We were all sharing a room that night.  A bus would be picking us up the next morning to head up into the mountains.


First of all let me tell you….these girls are not just my blog friends anymore…they are my friends for life.

I love them. 

They are real. Creative. Tender. Joyful. Full of grace. Brave. Women of faith.

I am so proud to call them my friends.

We were all comfortable the moment we met each other and I felt like I had known them forever.

The next morning all the girls met outside the hotel and we were taken up the mountain for the next four days that would change our hearts forever…we had no idea what was coming!!!

(They stopped the bus on the way up the mountain at an overlook)

On our way up the mountain Lissa had to share with us a note written to all of us by Lisa's daughter Natlie to warn us about the dangers of ticks and how to protect ourselves.  Could she be any cuter???


When we were almost at the cabin our bus stopped and Melody met us.

We all pulled out a note and bag of bird seeds that had been given to us when we boarded the bus. It was included with a ton of other goodies in our handmade totes…they were gorgeous.

The note said "Worries Are For The Birds".  Melody went on to say that any of our worries could be left right there.  Where we were going was a place for openness, comfort, safety, creating and growth.  She then asked us to toss the bird seeds into the air.  We were reassured that we could pick up our worries on the way home if we so chose…but the birds would have probably flown off with them by then.

Don't you just LOVE that!!!

What a sweet way to start our time together.


(taken on one of our early morning walks)

When we got to the cabin all of the "staff" came out to greet us.  They had the biggest smiles on their faces and they all knew our names.  We all felt so welcomed and loved immediately.  The cabin was so gorgeous and the moment you stepped in the doors you felt at home…how could we not….the whole place was decorated with Melody's amazing art and photos of all of us and the people we love! 


We all shared an amazing brunch and got to know each other a little bit.

We then all went out into the art tent.


Now…this is a good lesson to not judge a book by its cover.

It was an old army tent that had been repaired but when the rains came hard there was some leaking.

Melody's husband fixed it so it wouldn't leak.

It might have looked a little rough on the outside, but girls…it was so gorgeous on the insides.

When I walked into the tent I cried.

This is what we got to create in….



We then worked on three simpler projects to get everyone slowly warmed up to create.


When we came in from the art tent we were greeted with beautifully set tables and amazing food.

To say we were being spoiled would be an understatement!


The first evening ended with a speaker that has forever changed my heart.

I tried to write about it a few times and it doesn't come across right here.

So, I will just tell you the lesson.

We all have pain.

Different pain.

It changes us.

For the better or the worse.

What is does to us it up to us.

We all have a choice what we do with our pain.

Right now in my life I do not have real pain.

I am not bragging…but I am also not embarrassed to admit this.

What I am saying is that I am also not naive.

Pain will come my way and I have a choice what I do with it.

I will not be ready for it.

I will not welcome it.

But I still have a choice.

It was an amazing, full first day.

And the best was yet to come.

I can't wait to share more and I hope I do it justice.