I get regular emails asking me what we eat with gluten allergies.

I am trying to do better with sharing these recipes and answering questions when you have them.

I think breakfast can be a hard transition for people because people are used to eating pancakes, cereal, muffins, pastries…etc.

The unfortunate truth is that these foods aren’t usually even healthy.

It is first thing in the morning after your body has been fasting and we can feed it garbage.

The first thing I should tell you about our eating is that we are on a rotation diet….which means we don’t eat the same things every day.

If you eat eggs every single morning your body can actually become allergic to eggs.

Here are some samples of what our breakfasts look like…..

Egg whites with spinach, red onion and feta

Gluten free oats with a diced up apple, a sprinkle of raisins, cinnamon and one packet stevia

Protein/fruit smoothie

Scrambled eggs with salsa

Gluten free pancakes {one time a week at the most}

These are all really simple breakfast ideas but they are safe for all of us to eat.

I know if I were more creative of a cook I could give you fabulous recipes but in the busyness of our day these recipes work very well for us.

I save gluten free almond scones and muffins for afternoon snacks instead of breakfast.

If you have fabulous breakfast recipes I know we would all love to hear them.


{Protein Smoothie Recipe}

I originally saw this on my friend Melaine’s blog and we have tweaked it a bit.

I fill the blender with two-three cups water (sometimes I will also add a cup of orange juice or apple juice)

2-3 cups fresh spinach

one packet stevia

a few tablespoons of coconut creamer

two heaping scoops of our non-GMO protein powder (no sugars and 25grams of protein per scoop)

2 bananas

a few cups of fresh or frozen organic strawberries

1/2  or up to 1 cup frozen cherries

(I  also regularly replace the above fruits with a mixture of strawberries, blueberries, black berries and pomegranate seeds.}

The main thing is to use enough berries to take the green from the spinach out of the smoothie.

This smoothie is so good that my kids will drink it even when we have run out of enough berries..but if you have picky eaters make sure you have enough berries:-)