Can You Smell The Bug Spray?

Every year we head to Illinois to my parent’s farm for a few weeks.

We headed home because we were needed this year…or maybe we just needed to be with people we love.

This year our hearts were heavy because of the hurt that was back there….but we still found joy.  We still laughed.  We cried too…but having the children with us really helped.

So even though we traveled to where the hurt was….we know there will be healing.

I drove to Illinois with the children and Kelly flew in after a business trip.  I love when Kelly is able to spend time in the area I grew up.

I love showing him all the special places I love (with the one I love)

Here are some of the moments I captured….

Madolyn spent countless hours rubbing Lizzie, walking Lizzie and then trying to get Lizzie to play with her.  Poor Lizzie…sometimes she just wanted to hang out under the porch by herself.

I should have warned you about the high volume of photos!!

This photo itself is horrible..heck, the focus is on Ben’s elbow…but just look at how he is looking at his daddy!  LOVE!!!!

Do you now feel like you were actually in Illinois with us?:-)

This trip I didn’t see all of my local friends but we will be heading back to the farm before school starts and those gals better watch out…they are stuck with me:-)

We have a busy weekend planned.

We are going to watch Kelly race BMX on Saturday and on Sunday we are going to see Sarah McLachlan with the Colorado Symphony Orchestra at RED ROCKS!!! I can’t wait!

Have a wonderful weekend.

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  1. Ranch Girl

    Your photos are so fabulous! You capture such special moments. Looks like a wonderful family trip. Summer is so great, isn’t it?

    1. jeanne Author

      It is. We have been having the best time. We are busier now than in the school year….but it is all play.

  2. Anne Marie

    You definitely need the bug spray in these neck of the woods…
    Maddie looks beautiful – they are all getting so big…
    the concert there will be amazing…have a great time

  3. Kathy

    Beautiful pics, do you mind me asking what camera you use?
    They’ve inspired me to put my so far indecisive mind into getting one.

    1. jeanne Author

      Thank you so much. I shoot with a Canon 5D Mark ii. I love it. Before this camera I had a Canon Rebel xsi…great camera to start with!


  4. Suzanne

    Jeanne – you still have a water fountain in your town? They have all disappeared around here and I miss them. The water was always cool and refreshing but they’ve been labeled with some type of “ewww” factor. Can you imagine how many plastic water bottles that water fountain keeps out of the environment?

    The pictures are all lovely and represent summer in Illinois so well.

    1. jeanne Author

      I KNOW!!! That is why Benjamin was so taken with it. He has never seen one in the middle of town and he wouldn’t leave it. Water on demand…imagine that:-)

  5. amy

    so many great photos! wow, to the shot of the kids on the brick wall. and maddy with her flower crown.=)

    1. jeanne Author

      She made so many of those sweet crowns that it is only fitting that I get at least one photo of them!

  6. deb hosaflook

    Love your pics. Your children are so precious and you do such a great job of catching the love and the innocence in their faces. Hope you have a great weekend.

  7. Leah C

    Loved each & every photo!! Looks like you’ve captured some beautiful moments…moments I’m sure your sweet children will treasure forever:)

  8. Kathy

    TY Jeanne for your super kind advice. All I need now is a) the photography talent and b) such gorgeous subject matter. Did I mention you have an adorable family? Lots of love from England x

  9. Lori

    Oh Jeanne ~ these photos are stunning ~ of course the subjects are so so sweet. Love the one of Maddy with her crown ~ and the one…. oh ~ I love them all!

  10. Maia

    families are the most precious gifts we are given in this earthly life… you have a beautiful family! so glad you were able to spend some special time with them.

  11. Sanna-Pauliina

    I just found your blog about two weeks ago. I like that you put lots of pictures on your posts, it is nice to see how it looks like in our country.. I have never been in there, or outside Europe. The rural areas look so beautiful there and quite similar to ours 🙂 Still the colours in your pictures are different,..just cannot describe how 😀

    Lot of sunshine to your week!


    1. jeanne Author

      I agree. I currently live in Colorado but when I go home to Illinois I think some areas look very similar to the south of France. So glad you are here! Thanks for visiting.

  12. Seaweed & Raine

    Hey, thanks for taking us along with you on the journey. It is beautiful there, and your kids are gorgeous. You are blessed. Praying that God holds you tight through the pain, washes away any tears, and brings healing through His love.
    P.S. Hope Kelly does really well! 🙂

  13. Amy

    I am sorry that you have family that is hurting. The photos are beautiful. The one with the bird in the grass is great!

  14. paige

    what beautiful images. they all look so lush & dreamy at the same time.
    i may be behind a tad, don’t know if i missed you sharing about the hurt
    or if that was a private thought. but either way, sounds like such a dreamy place, that midwest!

  15. Laurie

    Wow! That is fantastic! Isn’t it great to be passionate about something?
    I love that your husband raced for the first time since he was a kid. Putting
    yourself “out there” to see what you’re made of is such a good thing! Great
    photos too by the way!

  16. kolleen

    just love all these photos … from one illinois girl to another … there is no place like home!!


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