I am really laughing at my title because I can't stand when people shorten words that don't need to be shorten.

Case in point…


Junior College=Ju-Co


"I am going to play on my puter." 

What the heck?  That just sounds a little sick and wrong!

I think you get the picture and I will now get on with my post.

I don't even know how I got so off track.


We will be heading to Boston and Cape Cod with the children in a few weeks.

We lived on the east coast for many years but this will be our first time in Massachusetts.

We are all excited. 

We studied early American history this year so we are looking forward to Boston and Plymouth Colony.

I am really looking forward to the second half of our trip….sitting on the beach doing nothing, eating lots of ice cream and amazing seafood!

If any of you have wonderful suggestions of what we can't miss.. please share. 

We will be staying in Boston for five days and then the Cape for the remaining five.

Just look at the photo below.

Close your eyes.

Can you hear the water?

Smell the salty air?

Hear the kids fighting over the bucket and shovel?

Dang it…NO fighting on The Cape!!!