I seem to be able to get lots of photos of Benjamin because he is my little sidekick. 

He is usually right by my side and ever so willing to let me photograph him.

The other two…that is a different story.


They are usually running past me in a blur on their way to do something. 

At the farm I was able to pin them down and capture a few shots of them. 


They were hot, sweaty and dirty….and it was perfect because it was real.


I am so happy with how the shots turned out and it really captured their love for one another and the fun they (usually) have with one another.


What you don't know from these photos is how these children have changed me.


My sister once said that I have gotten sweeter with each baby.  She didn't mean it as an insult and I didn't take it that way.

She was just telling me honestly that I am a better person because I have had children.


I was a good friend, sister, daughter, wife….but the truth is I was pretty selfish.


I wanted what I wanted, when I wanted it and honestly I usually got it.

My house was perfect.  The cabinets were organized and I was a little psycho preparing for someone to visit.


Thank the Lord for these babies….seriously…..I can't imagine still worrying all about me everyday.

It is hard being a mom.  Most things are about them…that is what happens.  That is what a good parent does.  It doesn't mean you still don't make time for yourself.  That would be so destructive…but it isn't all about us and what we want all of the time. 


If you have children…stop…think for one moment what it would be like if they were taken away from you forever…doesn't that put things in perspective.

That one horrible thought can bring tears to my eyes.  All the things I think I want to do would not even be appealing if all I ever had was time for myself again. 

I am a better friend, sister, daughter and wife because of the three children in my life. 

They have been a mirror so many times of myself.  That has been hard.  It has forced me to change.

I am so grateful that I have become sweeter with every baby. 

I hope my sister thinks I am sweet enough…because we are done having babies:-)



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