A very good friend of mine just recently finished writing her first book.

It was months of writing, projects, photographs and edits.

After everything had been submitted to the editor I know her whole household let out a sigh of relief.

So many things were falling a part in other ways to get a project like a book completed.  What was next?  What needed to get done?

I recognized myself in my friend right away and almost yelled, “STOP!”.  I knew that reflection and it was something I have been working on but I struggle horribly with.  Stop!  You just finished your first book.


Did you hear me?


You just submitted something that a small percentage in this world will ever do.


When your book comes out don’t shyly put your head down and quickly tell people.


Throw a party!

Invite your friends.

Remind yourself, your husband and your children that what you just did has worth and beauty.

Don’t let it quietly slip away and move on to the next project.

How often do we do this?

This is not living in the moment when you are always looking to what is next?

I am so guilty of this.

Guys, this is the good stuff.

This is the stuff your children will hold on to and remember.

This is the stuff that helps spouses see each other.

Really see them and all the gifts they possess.

My mom and dad had gotten married while my mom was still in college.

They got pregnant a year or so later and my mom still had 6 months of college to go once I was born.

My mom couldn’t leave this cute face to finish college:-) and she finished when I was in high school.

A few weeks ago I was thinking about my mom finishing college. I was trying to remember when, what did we do to celebrate or how did we love on her for going back?

We didn’t.

The day my mom graduated from college was just another day.

Nothing special.  No sweet words.  No special dinner.

We didn’t celebrate.

Did my mom just let it slip by too?

We all lost on that day.

We lost the chance to celebrate each other.

We lost the chance to recognize hard work and a wonderful accomplishment.

We lost the chance to be proud of one another.

Life is pretty busy. One thing after another.

If we don’t celebrate our successes, our accomplishments, our gifts and even our struggles…

If we just move on to the next thing and check things off the box…we are downplaying our lives.

We are teaching our children to downplay our lives and theirs.

We are telling our spouses that it is ok to not stop and acknowledge what has been done.


Sometimes it should be done with special dinners, friends over, candles lit and streamers hanging.

Other times it is a dance party in the living room with your kids.

Both are beautiful and worth stopping for!

Celebrate the little moments.

The big moments.

The moments when we barely made it (can I hear an Amen on this one?).

Your accomplishments and of those around you.

Last year my good friend Alexis and her husband had watched many friends have a bad year.

It had been really tough for so many.

They wanted to do something to celebrate what was good.

They threw a big party in their backyard to embrace life.

Everyone dressed up, there was good food, drinks, music and they had taken the time to pause which led of course….to celebrate!


I have to share some music with you that I am loving!

Go check out Medic.

Seriously. Go. Like now.

The best part is that the lead singer (Aaron Wagner) teaches guitar to my kids.

They are so good and they were recently one of 40 bands up to play at Grammy weekend.

I have downloaded every song I can get my hands on.

You can find their music HERE and their newest song HERE (this is my favorite right now).

You can also find all of their music on itunes.