Everyone loves a little sparkle in their life.

One of the prettiest ways to add sparkle is a gorgeous vintage or new chandelier

I have one in our dinning room and have told you I would like a smaller, vintage one at the window seat.

At The Farm Chicks Show I also found some incredible, vintage, chandelier crystals. 

 I have been trying to find the perfect thing to do with them!

Here are some chandelier items that I have found that I knew you would love too.


And Found Furnishings



Wall Expressions 4 You



Lille Barn Too



Teresa Sheeley



Vinyl Vineyard


We just bought this for our bathroom makeover we are about to begin.

Keep in mind….begin does not mean finish.

Just wanted to be clear about that.

We take a LONG time to finish things around here!





Just a reminder that there are a few things left in my shop that have been clearanced to make room for the fall/winter items on their way.  I am also offering free shipping during the sale!