We all love a night out with the girls.


(My beautiful friend Juli. I would like to point out that I was the only one that didn't dress up.  I didn't know…I was thinking paint + me = a mess)

Lets be honest….we all NEED a night out with the girls!

The usual plan is shopping, a movie, or dinner and drinks.

My friend Keri put together a night out that had us all meeting at an art studio and painting.

(our super sweet instructor and the painting we would do behind her)

There ended up being 14 of us that showed up for the class.

We first had drinks and appetizers and then started painting.

Picnik collage1
(This is Keri:-))

I was able to catch up with my sweet friend Juli and pretend we were Bob Ross…paint happy clouds…wispy, happy clouds.

Picnik collage2

I wish the painting would have been more challenging but it was still fun and it was definitely a change of pace.  

(one of the girls did another painting that was on the wall and it turned out great…I love that she did her own thing)

Wasn't that a great idea???!!!!

Today I stayed in my pajamas all day, created tons of new jewelry and watched Christmas movies with Kelly and the kids…..it was the most perfect, relaxing day!!!!