I have said this a million times but it is worth stating again!  Our creative network has the most beautiful artists and I believe our courses are rich, affordable and some of the most art altering that are being offered today.


An artist that has been a part of the popular Studying Under The Masters series is now back with her own course and it is stunning!  I am excited to announce that mixed media artist Kate Thompson will be leading Children of the Wild.


Come and hear from Kate about this course…

This is a week long course (4+ hours of content) filled with precious children and their friendships with animals. I created this class to share with you my love for animals and how they have enriched my life.



There will be 4 complete painting demonstrations. Each painting has its own unique story. The stories were not even developed till after I painted them.



I really take mixed media art to a new level by using some very unusual applications. I combine watercolors, pan pastels, charcoal with gesso. I work with graphite, charcoal, watercolor and inks with linseed oil. On top of all this goodness I apply oil bars with a palette knife. It all works, it really does!



I show you how to develop really yummy substrates for the paintings. One is layers of fabric and lace with gesso all imbedded together for a uniformed and interesting surface. Another substrate using vintage ledger papers, stamping stenciling using transparent and matte paints.

There will be several exercises to get familiar with the techniques before working on the finished paintings. I go over basics such as mapping a photograph to understand proportions. How to start a child’s portrait, creating animals in a light hearted manner. So much fun and learning. I really enjoyed creating this class and I have learned some things myself along the way



The early registration price for Children of the Wild is $32.00. All of the videos have been pre-recorded so you can watch at your convenience and you will have lifetime* access.

Children of the Wild will begin on June 20, 2016.




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