CLEARANCE ON ALL CHILDREN'S ITEMS BECAUSE OF THE NEW LAW GOING INTO AFFECT FEBRUARY 10, 2009. WE ARE ALL HOPING FOR AN AMENDMENT…BUT I AM SELLING THINGS AS IF THERE WILL NOT BE ONE. I do not sell many children's items, but I sure love to buy them. It would be such a shame to lose ALL children's items handmade for children under the age of 12. Please show your support and contact your Senators and Representatives regarding The Consumer Products Safety Commission Act and please read up on it and be informed.




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  1. Tara

    Ahh, if only I had a little girl…I would swoop in and buy all of these! I am sorry this new law will affect your business.
    I will pass this along to my girlfriends who have lil’ girls! 🙂

  2. chas at the wild raspberry

    I’ve been thinking that we need to sell off all our kid’s stuff quickly, too. It makes me very sad to think if this really happens all who will be affected. I’m off to look if you have my girls’ sizes.

  3. darcy & Kara

    So thinking bout you the past couple days…
    We need another night out all us gals!
    Hope all is well, and you are keeping up being your silly self!
    Sorry for the terrible news about handmade goodies, our laws so contradict themselves… our government Oh My…
    Hang in there… and till we meet again!

  4. Tayler

    Your stuff is so cute! I am so sorry for all of you who might be going out of business due to the new testing laws. I will be sure to let people know about your shop.

  5. Rebekah

    These are beautiful! I just heard about the new law a couple of weeks and it seems unbelievable to me. I really hope that it gets turned around or can somehow be made more reasonable.

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