Color and Light {Sneak Peek}

Good morning!

The response to Studying Under The Masters {becoming an apprentice} has been incredible.

This is just a reminder to me to follow those ideas and pricks in your heart to do something new…to stretch farther.

When you follow those callings it will knock your socks off but it will also bless others.

It is OK to make up as you go along.  Isn’t that what we are all doing anyways?

Week two is now live and this week we are being walked through the gorgeous, crazy, colorful and light filled work of Antonio Gaudi.

Junelle Jacobsen has opened up this world of color and light and taken our hands as we explore more of Gaudi and his own creative journey.

I was thrilled when Junelle told me she had chosen an architect as the master she wanted to study under.

The time and thoughtfulness that Junelle has spent to open up Gaudi’s world to you will deepen your creativity no matter what mediums you like to explore.

Here is a peek into week two of Studying Under The Masters {becoming an apprentice}

“I think out here in the sunshine, high above Barcelona, this artist’s passionate heart is always on wild display. He looked at all of these tiny little broken tiles and with his hands (and many friends) somehow made them whole. The trencadis tiling was incredible to behold…so much love given to every tiny tile.

Is this his vision? His representation of God’s healing our broken places? Our loving God breaking and remaking us ~ to show us how beautiful humble brokenness really is to Him.

The path winds through his enchanting garden, showing off his love of nature. I think this is what did it for me ~ to see him putting God’s creation on brilliant display. He was a devout lover of God and it was his devotion that drove his work (not simply madness, as I had thought!). He led an almost monastic existence, consumed by his artistic visions and was so very poor. It was told to us that he sought to artistically infuse his work with nature…bringing shape and form to things that he saw and then he was driven to share.

With so many of his works to behold, I believe this is where I felt the artist’s heart for the first time. This is the park…” (my thoughts after first meeting Gaudi)


If you think you want to be an art dork with all of us …we would sure love it!

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The content will be available for TWO YEARS!

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  1. Susan

    I had never heard of Gaudi or seen any of his work. It is really quite amazing! I am enthralled by the beauty and creativity that fills these first 2 weeks of class. Thank you for the introductions and the inspiration!

  2. Violet @ Create Beauty

    I think it’s so great that you are not only encouraging people to paint and create, but showing how.
    So many people don’t know they have creative ability! Just having the desire is motive enough to take a chance
    and squirt out some paints and enjoy the beauty of what comes!!! and to have instruction along the way is such a blessing.
    When I began painting, I learned by studying others paintings and drawings. It is a wonderful learning experience.

    ~ Violet

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