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We have members from all over the world and like never before we see each other and can relate on a whole new level. I wish it wouldn’t have taken this pandemic but I am thankful for all of the ways I am seeing people reach out, encourage, give what they can and to spread joy. 

While we are all spending more time at home on lockdown we wanted to make sure you have some creating to do. Each week we will share a free offering of some kind to encourage connecting to your creativity. Creating has gotten me through some of my darkest days and been one of those “places” where I have discovered myself more, found forgiveness for others and have had beautiful ideas revealed.

I hope during this time that creating can be a place of deep peace, rest and joy for you and your family.

We are offering the course A Guiding Word with Rae Missigman for free until Friday, April 17 at 11:59pm MT. Use code CREATE at checkout. This offer does not allow exchanges or discounts for another course. 

So much love to you all!

Staring at the blank canvas your palms begin to sweat and your mind fills with a list of other things you should be doing. We all know that feeling…

Rae Missigman will take you on a color inspiration journey with her trio of time-proven techniques to confidently add your favorite colors onto the canvas. Master tips to quickly layer color and texture creating a background that’s beautiful on its own.

Use Rae‘s signature Art Marks and mono printing techniques to add personality to the page while allowing a single word to guide the process. Finally, add your word to the canvas to document the journey of Color Canvas and A Guiding Word.

Step by step instruction, Rae shares the timesaving techniques she has perfected to go from Start to Inspired.



We are offering A Guiding Word with Rae Missigman as a free gift until Friday, April 17th @ 11:59pm but you still need to be logged into your account on to access the video. Please use code CREATE at check out. If you have any questions please contact us!

See you in class!

This video is free but you still need to be logged into your account on to access the video. If you do not have an account, you will need to create one when prompted. Access to any and all of our courses, free and paid, all require you to be a member. Your membership is what creates your course page for you to access of all your courses. If you have any questions please contact us!

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  1. Susan Warnick

    I’m trying to use the coupon CREATE for the free class and I can’t get the program to accept it. Please help. Thanks Susan

  2. lisa forman

    When is the class available? I put it in cart and used password but i don’t see class available yet?

    Thanks so much for being so generous with your free classes! This is so important to so many right now.


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