Sometimes when I am driving and a person cuts me off or a person almost kills us because they are talking on their cell phone I will say, "Come on lady". 

 It is clean…not too offensive…and honestly I didn't think I said it a lot.

Now onto today.

We were in the grocery store this afternoon…the kind where they have little carts for the children to push. 

 All THREE wanted a cart. 

We were blocking every isle, the kids were racing each other around the store and racing to get to me thinking they would get the next item placed in their cart. 

I was tired…not in the yelling mood:-)  

I was trying to just get out of the grocery store….when my youngest accidently ran his cart into another person's cart.  As she walked away he yelled, "Come on lady"…….if you could have seen the look on her face…

Picnik collagea

Here is the sweet little boy.

My third. The one that listens to everything I say. 

 I am just glad I don't swear at the random drivers that annoy me.