Come On Lady

Sometimes when I am driving and a person cuts me off or a person almost kills us because they are talking on their cell phone I will say, "Come on lady". 

 It is clean…not too offensive…and honestly I didn't think I said it a lot.

Now onto today.

We were in the grocery store this afternoon…the kind where they have little carts for the children to push. 

 All THREE wanted a cart. 

We were blocking every isle, the kids were racing each other around the store and racing to get to me thinking they would get the next item placed in their cart. 

I was tired…not in the yelling mood:-)  

I was trying to just get out of the grocery store….when my youngest accidently ran his cart into another person's cart.  As she walked away he yelled, "Come on lady"…….if you could have seen the look on her face…

Picnik collagea

Here is the sweet little boy.

My third. The one that listens to everything I say. 

 I am just glad I don't swear at the random drivers that annoy me. 


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  1. lorraine lewis

    Jeanne you are a cutie. These are truly sweet pictures with your little boy. They grow up so fast so enjoy every moment. Little Lou Lou is almost 12- breaks my heart she is growing up so quickly.

  2. Amy

    Love all the photos.
    It’s amazing how what we say comes out of their mouths. Embarrassing yet funny!

  3. traci

    that is great. i can just imagine her face. did you have a hard time not laughing. i would have. out of the mouthes of babes.

  4. molly

    Oh my goodness. I am busting up. What a cutie. I am glad we don’t swear either. My girls repeat everything. It certainly makes you concious of what you are saying. The latest from my 21 month old was “Hey Dude!” We couldn’t help but crack up, which promted another “Hey Dude!” and more uncontrollable laughter. Hope you have a blessed day. I love the goofy face photo. You are my kinda Gal!

  5. Laurie

    When my son was little we lived in California (=crazy traffic, ’nuff said) I wasn’t as disciplined as you. When someone cut me off or did something dumb I would usually mutter, “stupid idiot.” Well, one day when he was about 3 we were driving along on a quiet traffic day and he say, “Mommy, where are all the stupid Indians today?” LOL! I was speechless — and learned a huge lesson!
    Thank you for the day brightener!

  6. Rebekah

    Ha! That is a really funny story! I say that same thing, although worse has been known to happen as well. My sons picks it all up. I am sure I will have a few stories of my own.

  7. Allegra

    That is an awesome story!
    I have to say, I’m terrified to find out the things I do and say as Ash gets older.
    Thank you for the morning smile.
    Your photos are precious!

  8. StephanieK

    This cracked me up!! (because I can relate) I am a nanny & take care of two little boys. One day I was driving with the 2 yr old boy with me in the back seat. I was cut off by another driver & I said “Learn to drive buddy!!” Then from the back seat I hear this little voice say “I am learning to drive Steph!!” It was funny, & I was also thankful I did not swear! 🙂

  9. heather

    HaHaHa! How cute is that! My 9 yr. old (and his friends that practically live with us) mimick everything I say. Still. 🙂

  10. LuLu

    Hilarious! and you both are darling…. this is what i say and haven’t relized it until my son who is 3 started saying it to me this week… when the kids are being crazy I say to them, ” settle down you are giving me a headache.” well sure enough I was telling my son to please get in his car seat and whe would listen so i kept repeating myself and he said, “stop you’re giving me a headache!:)

  11. sarah keith

    ha! I’ve had that happen before to. They role play us more than we think they do. love your sweet little picnik collage!

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