Comfortable In My Own Skin


One of my good friends called me to meet.  She was ready and I said that I could be ready in five minutes.  It was 2:00 on Sunday and I was still in my pajamas.  I raced upstairs, put a hat on my head, perfume (just like a shower…right?), changed clothes, splashed a little makeup on and I was ready.  It really was FIVE minutes.  I'm not saying I looked perfect, but this would have never happened at 16.  At 16 my breast were perky, my stomach was flatter, my skin was flawless and wrinkle free and I would take TWO HOURS to get ready.  I am now 36 and very comfortable with who I am.  I know my flaws.  I know my strengths.  I know who loves me and who I love.  I know what I believe and why.  I know what I want to be today and tomorrow.  I have dreams.  I will accomplish some of them and some I may not……that is ok.  I like who I am.  It is pretty nice to not have to worry about being perfect… never worked anyways!



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  1. mkg

    I love your story – and your photos. We older than 36 can identify, and we hope the younger than 36 are encouraged!!

  2. amy

    can i just add how nice it is to toss on a cute hat–and that is a FUN hat–and in no time you can be out the door. the bad news on my end is that my hats consist of a longhorns and a blackdog cap, and don’t forget the big brimmed gardening hat–not gonna work. love what you did with your photos!

  3. Bethie

    OK, stinkin’ cute hat! You being so comfortable with yourself is why you are so fun to be with, and why people are so very comfortable with you. It is a wonderful thing!!

  4. beth

    hello there cutie !!! just love this , i feel exactly the same – and you look so darn cute in that hat !!! and i agree with the above you need to put that on your profile picture !!!

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