One of my good friends called me to meet.  She was ready and I said that I could be ready in five minutes.  It was 2:00 on Sunday and I was still in my pajamas.  I raced upstairs, put a hat on my head, perfume (just like a shower…right?), changed clothes, splashed a little makeup on and I was ready.  It really was FIVE minutes.  I'm not saying I looked perfect, but this would have never happened at 16.  At 16 my breast were perky, my stomach was flatter, my skin was flawless and wrinkle free and I would take TWO HOURS to get ready.  I am now 36 and very comfortable with who I am.  I know my flaws.  I know my strengths.  I know who loves me and who I love.  I know what I believe and why.  I know what I want to be today and tomorrow.  I have dreams.  I will accomplish some of them and some I may not……that is ok.  I like who I am.  It is pretty nice to not have to worry about being perfect…..it never worked anyways!