{Print handed out by Shannan Martin at Hope Spoken}

I love a good adventure.

I grew up in Illinois, went to college in Alabama, moved to Colorado, moved to Washington DC and later moved back to Colorado.

When I visit any place that I connect with I am instantly on Zillow or Realtor.com looking at property.

I have a bit of a gypsy heart and I like that about me.

I also work hard, consistently show up to do what needs to be done and I am responsible with this life Kelly and I have created with our children.

Between the two of us I am the one with the crazy ideas and sometimes Kelly reigns me in and other times I am given the green light.

While I was at Hope Spoken I had some sweet conversations with my dear friend Shannan Martin.

Many of the things we talked about would later echo in her small group talk that weekend.

Maybe this message is for you and for a call that is upon your life.

Maybe this message is for you because you need to support someone else doing something crazy in your mind.

Shannan’s message was about changing their whole life to follow the Lord’s call on their life.

It was different, it was scary, it wasn’t always supported or understood, it was constantly changing and many could think it was foolish.

What might look foolish to one is complete freedom to another.

What might look like irresponsibility to one may be the hands and feet of Jesus that no one else is doing.

What Shannan talked about is being open to whatever the Lord has in store for you and be courageously foolish!

Courageously foolish.

I am not talking about a million things that you could read into this.

I am talking about…Shannan was talking about…being open to whatever the path is the Lord has for you.

Most likely it doesn’t look like what you have envisioned. Go with it. Let it change you. Let it change those around you.

If you have those in your life that want to do crazy things that you don’t understand (not self destructive things) how about not being the voice of reason.

This is hard.

Really hard.

How about loving them more than you don’t understand their decision.

How about asking how you can help them?

How about asking them what they need to make that dream a reality?

It isn’t your choice anyways.

What if more of us were being “courageously foolish” with the gifts, dreams and desires the Lord has given us?

What is more of us were able to cast off the “voice of reason” and just love each other and support each other?

This is good stuff friends.

This is the stuff that changes relationships, your church, your town…your life!