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Clay Alchemy with Idania Salcido

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Teacher: Idania Salcido

This Course

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Teacher Interaction: Self-study
Content: 4.0 Hours of Content hours
Lessons: 24
USD $62.00
Techniques: Techniques: Clay, Decorating, DIY, Sculpture
Private Facebook Group: JO Creative Community Facebook Group
Downloadable Videos: Downloadable Videos: Yes
Closed Captions: Closed Captions: Yes (English)
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Course Description

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about ceramics? Idania thinks of magic and beauty. A tactile experience that is also beautiful and functional. Of alchemy and transformation.

Ceramics can be as simple as a rough pot or as complicated as a big figurative sculpture. Ceramics offer a meditative process. Ceramics teach you patience. Ceramics are rooted into our everyday life. Ceramics are history and art.

Idania has been intrigued by ceramics forever. It is surprising to her how such humble material as clay, which gets blown by wind and washed away by water, can be transformed into something so permanent, valuable and beautiful just by the addition of the other 3 elements and the human touch.

EARTH: It starts as clay, one of the most common materials in the world.
WATER: Moisture is what makes clay workable and pliable. Without it it’s just dust.
AIR: It helps the piece harden enough to fire it.
FIRE: It’s the element that transforms the clay and turns it into ceramics.

In this class you’ll go back to being a child and get your hands dirty. You’ll play with clay and experience the deeply satisfactory feeling of making shapes out of it. You will learn the different types of clay, hand building techniques and decorative finishes. Idania will guide you how to fire the clay and transform it into a functional finished piece of art that you’ll cherish forever. Let’s get the alchemy started.

Techniques Taught in this Course

  • Types of clay
  • States of clay
  • Handbuilding techniques
  • Pinching pottery
  • Slab rolling
  • Coiling
  • Attaching handles
  • Alternatives to sanding
  • Using underglazes
  • Glazing ceramic
  • Prepare clay to be fired
  • All hand forming techniques taught can be used with air dry clay if you do not want to use a kiln. The pieces will be decorative only with air dry clay.